The World That Might Have Been – part 3

In a different version of our present, the culture of Atlantis is alive and well. All throughout this alternative world there exists a powerful energy grid that not only links together many resources of free energy, but also the consciousness of the people are united through a telepathic world wide web. The power that sources the Atlantean technologies is the same power that sources their steady acceleration of consciousness through the ages.

The Atlantean legacy was that it powered technology with the light of Source Itself. The universal energy that the Atlanteans had learned to tap was understood as a force of consciousness. It was understood that all forms of energy were alive with an intelligence that willingly moves into cocreation with the human realm when honored.

We tend to think that inventions like the incandescent light bulb were the work of clever inventors, but the Spirit of Electricity was working in Thomas Edison’s lab. The energy knows what elements and designs work best to channel its potential.  

A great many of the cultural innovations the Atlanteans developed are also part of our timeline, just as we are still working out the dark side of Atlantean greed and secrecy as our culture flirts with global disaster. What interests me about the influence of Atlantean culture is not how its past is echoing into our present, but how the alternative version of Atlantis that was not destroyed can impact the present reality.

There was once a great alliance between many families of consciousness in Atlantis, and this is what supported the human realm to gain and maintain access to Source’s energy. When all life is honored, Source empowers our role as stewards, but Source will not allow us to destroy the things that we have not learned to appropriately value. On our timeline, Atlantis was destroyed to protect the Earth. At least, that is one way to look at it.  We allowed it to destroy itself, and yet we knew that this was only one of many probable versions of Atlantean history.

In the alternative present of Atlantis, those same alliances between many families of consciousness still exist, and the resonance of those relationships could potentially bleed through into our version of history, carrying with them a knowledge of our potential that hovers around us in this “World That Might Have Been”.

Our scientists could potentially discover that matter is alive, and that there are elemental beings within matter that specialize in helping civilizations such as ours to design technologies that empower human freedom. Such beings are holding blueprints for humanity’s success as a sustainable, non-polluting civilization, but we must align with the right intentions to be able to meet them in our consciousness as cocreators.

This path of discovery with the consciousness of matter is already underway, but the most powerful way we can bridge ourselves into the knowledge of the other versions of history would be to engage a more conscious relationship with earth’s cetaceans. Their consciousness is a gateway into these other timelines. This is part of how I have come to know of the other timelines. In this case, I was able to travel out of body into the alternative present of Atlantis through the consciousness of the whales I am connected with.

The whales and dolphins were one of the families of consciousness that were once aligned with humanity in a global grid of collective psychic awareness. Even though a new psychic grid is forming through the Internet, and through the telepathic web of the incoming waves of psychic children, this grid is not complete without the other families of consciousness whose cooperation is being modeled in the other Atlantis.


I have foreseen a day when whaling and the slaughter of dolphins for their meat will end. I saw a day in which many activist groups were celebrating this achievement, which marked part of the shift in planetary consciousness; and I was aware that all of the whales and dolphins in the world knew what had happened. When this day comes, a part of the grid that we embodied on the other timeline will be restored, and a great healing will begin.

Right now, there are forces trying to disrupt our connection to this alternative world, because it holds so much potential. The pollution we put in the world’s oceans, including noise pollution, is like a barrier to the awareness I am describing, but this barrier was meant to be healed.

The worlds that might have been are still a part of us now. Even the most perfect and flawless  application of Christ’s teachings over the centuries is still calling us to align with the world that Jesus originally intended to create. The opportunity to enter that world is ever present as a potential inside all of us. We waver, at times, in and out of alignment with that world, but more and more we are being called to stand in the light and represent the truth that we are unconditionally loved by the Source of all power and life.

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  1. Thanks Michael, I eagerly await the stopping of whale hunting and dolphin killing. Sure hope that also includes freeing all captive dolphins too? That world will not come soon enough.

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