The World That Might Have Been – part 2

Before I talk about the America that might have been, or the Atlantis that might have been, there is more I want to say about the Islam that might have been. In the first article I shared a vision about what the spread of Islam would have looked like in a single ancient city if the movement had maintained its original resonance of oneness.

One day, after a period of intense inner reflection and truth searching in the presence of Archangel Gabriel, he showed me a full vision of the Islam that might have been.  I saw before me the whole of Eurasia, and I could feel the presence of the Muslims and their influence throughout the land. It was incredibly inspiring!  If Islam had reached its full potential it would have been a more unified and more fully realized companion to a diverse garden of faith; stabilizing the world ancient world as it aligned with a future of peaceful cocreation.

When I saw what was originally intended, I understood the necessity of catalyzing global change through such a movement. There was no way to communicate to our ancient selves about many of the historical potentials that were planned; like the invention of computers and the Internet, but the seed of these things were part of the original movement of Islam. GOD worked backwards from the intended result, and gave us the first part of a progression of events that could help lead us to a Global Awakening.

In the vision I saw a great many more hospitals, universities, libraries, houses of wisdom, and a greater diversity of professions in the ancient world. These innovations spread further and faster in this alternative version of history, and the presence of the Muslims was more well received. Part of the divine intention of this movement can be understood through the effect that the Quranic verses had on the barriers that existed to the sharing of knowledge.

The Quran was a tool for spreading a language system that was intended to be a knowledge sharing platform between many cultures and many lands. It became a standardized system that was needed for preserving and spreading knowledge that had been, and was being, seeded in many places. One of the best examples of this legacy is the fact that the western world adopted the use of the Hindu/Arabic numeral system, an essential precursor to binary code.

While some parts of the plan were achieved, many others were stifled, both by resistance in the world, and by struggles for power from within the Muslim community. As I observed the vast holographic vision of what might have been, I tried to search for the points of greatest deviation; to see when and how they might have occurred.

The angels told me that they literally cried when Baghdad was sacked by the Mongols in 1258 AD. A massive part of humanity’s potential was destroyed with this one event. Much of the light of our future potential was extinguished from that region of the world, disrupting a fragile connection in the Iraq portal between our destined future and the versions of us in the past that were the best equipped at the time to help align humanity with the Great Awakening. This was not the first time this had happened in the portal of Iraq, just as it would not be the last.

But the light of the future that calls us is persistent, and the light continued to seed itself throughout the world. Even if Islam had fulfilled its highest potential in Eurasia, America would have still been the platform for the formation of a whole new human identity. In some ways, the potentials that were missed before have an opportunity to awaken again in America.

The stage has been set for many great historical potentials to converge and become fully realized. Perhaps having a window into what might have been can help us to see more clearly the world of light that is still seeking to emerge. Now is the time to ask ourselves, “What will our legacy be?”



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