The World That Might Have Been – part 1

One of the most fascinating things I have learned from the angels in the last few years is that there are many missed potentials in history that have continued to play out as alternative timelines.

At times it has been difficult to accept the world we live in versus that ones that might have been; but the lessons I have learned from these visions hold promise for the future. If we can understand what potentials we veered away from in our reality, and how they were stifled, we may have the opportunity to recapture them at the crucial point in history we have now reached.

Many of these visions centered around the religious movements that were seeded by the prophets. There were amazing historical potentials being catalyzed through them in their own times, but so many of these potentials were missed. Why?

In many cases there were nefarious forces, invisible to human beings, that sought to lead us astray, and it worked.  I know this to be true of the early Jewish, Christian and Muslim movements. Some of the truths concerning these distortions were shocking to my senses when I learned them, not because they were hard to understand and accept, but because I knew that so many religious people are way more attached than I was to the stories and beliefs that were handed down to us.

My mind was well prepared for the shifts when they came, but I could not imagine how some of this information would go over with people who have been taught to believe that a deception is the absolute truth. I am not going to go into what the deceptions are at this point, but I will tell you something about what might have been.

Only a couple of months ago, I was shown another vision from an alternative version of history. This vision centered around a small city somewhere in Eurasia, many hundreds of years ago. This was about the coming of Islam to this community.

I saw the spread of Islam as a spreading of oneness, which it primarily was in the beginning. In our version of history, the angels tell me that the resonance of oneness that was seeded through Muhammad’s ministry lasted for almost 300 years, though it immediately began to wane after he was gone. In the alternative version of history that I was witnessing, the movement of oneness had stayed strong.

I saw the coming of the Muslims to this community where there were both Jews and Christians, and many others. The Muslims came bringing the full strength of the inspiration in the Quran, and they opened the way for trade and organization on a level that was greater than the community had seen. They brought in architects and skilled builders, and they began to remake the community, building schools and a well organized marketplace that were a resource for all.

They honored both the Jews and the Christians as part of the same spiritual family, and not only did they build a beautiful mosque; they also built a beautiful Jewish temple, and a Christian Church. They did not place one above the other.  The mosque was larger only to accommodate the larger numbers of people coming there, but they ensured that those who practiced in the Jewish and Christian faith weren’t left behind with all the changes that occurred. The Muslims sought to preserve the cultures the found, and bring them into unity.

Over time, I saw everyone growing more prosperous together, and the knowledge and wealth of this city increased. At the end of the vision I saw Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all talking together in the common areas; having lively discussions and philosophical debates and sharing in each others endeavors.  There was peace, equality, and mutual respect for each other’s differences. The city had become a vision of diversity, tolerance, and intellectual freedom; an excellent symbol of what was originally intended by Muhammad and the revelation of potential that spoke through him.

This vision showed a version of humanity and history that would never have spawned Islamic terrorists, or Islamophobia. This was a humanity that was far better prepared for the new revelations that are coming. The truth is, there are distortions in the stories that were handed down to all three of these movements, and all of them were equally affected by them.

The Quran, for instance, tells that the Torah was corrupted, but it does not specify what was changed. This was by design. If the whole truth had been given to the Muslims, it would have led to many imbalances historically. Only now that the world can listen as one are we becoming ready for a big picture regarding the nature of the deceptions that have perpetrated themselves on the religious movements of the world.

These were all movements towards oneness, equality, and freedom of frequency. They were not perfect, but for each group of people that were visited by divine revelation, it was the next step. The world that might have been would have been far more prepared for the changes that are coming. In fact, the world is ill prepared for what is coming, but it is not too late to achieve the Dream of Peace.



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  1. I totally agree that we have missed different outcomes by just our group consciousness not being willing to make a leap and let go of limiting beliefs. I have felt these at critical times and it is sad to see. I do believe we are given a new opportunity everyday to choose again but no one person can do it alone. It is going to take many people who can take that leap and believe in peace and all that we would like our world to be. I was so sad one day when I was talking to my nephew and he said he didn’t believe we would ever have a world without war. 😦 I told him not as long as you think that way.

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