A Galactic Alliance

Last night on the inner plane, I found myself talking with a group of people about the extraterrestrial presence in the galaxy. There seemed to be an opening within this group to impart some information about the connection between Earth’s animals and the Galactic Community.

We had been communicating telepathically with a group of seals and sea lions near the ocean somewhere and they were telling us that our fishermen should practice releasing a portion of their catch instead of trying to net as many as they possibly could. They explained that the fish are their food source too, and that releasing a portion of the catch would insure that the schools could continue to repopulate, providing fish sustainably for both the human population and the ocean-dwelling animal population. By only thinking of ourselves, we are actually risking the sustainability for everyone.

At some point in our discussions, a man asked me about an alliance between myself and a group of ETs that are squid-like in nature. He apparently could feel this alliance in my presence and wanted to understand more of what he was sensing. I sometimes have a more vivid impression of such galactic associations while on the inner plane than I do when I am awake, and in the moment that the question was asked, I felt a connection with the Starship Commander of a specific ET ship. I could feel the vast presence of a benevolent squid-like ET, whose people were keenly interested in the outcome of human history.

I explained to the man that I was very familiar with a great many of the Commanders within the many galactic fleets that travel within this sector of the galaxy, and that I had been gradually building alliances with Commanders whose people supported human sovereignty.

The man was perplexed when I mentioned the issue of human sovereignty because he assumed that contact with ETs could only be beneficial for humanity. He did not yet have my discernment and so I took the opportunity to explain about the fact that there are some ET groups actively involved in eroding human sovereignty so they can take over management of Earth’s resources. The man was shocked at his own lack of knowledge, having previously promoted the idea of ET contact without realizing that there are many that we would not really want to invite here, given a deeper knowledge of the agendas that surround our world.

He asked what I could tell him about what is really out there and I began to explain: “We live in a relatively densely populated sector of the galaxy where there are many star nations that coexist and interact with each other in space. Some of these civilizations have humanoid forms that are similar to ours, and many of them have bodies that are similar to various types of animal species. Some of the ETs are only semi-physical lightbeings and exist in a higher vibration of physical reality where they can easily teleport and extend their awareness telepathically over great distances, while others are physical like we are and have material needs much the way our current technological society does.”

I explained that the alliances I had been building were part of an effort to build humanity’s psychic connection to the resources of knowledge in these more spiritually evolved star nations, so that we could benefit from their knowledge through our emerging connection to a galactic field of consciousness that is part of what is awakening in our DNA.  I have had many connections telepathically with several galactic species of cephalopods, who were involved with seeding animal representations of themselves on Earth anciently.

Most human beings do not realized that the animals on this planet represent forms of intelligent life in the local galaxy, and that each animal species on our world is like a multidimensional portal into the life of other worlds. DNA, as a frequency, has the power to link worlds together across vast distances through a shared resonance that space organizes around because it is literally the backbone of the multidimensional universe. DNA contains portals and pathways that can link knowledge systems together that belong to interrelated families of consciousness.

(I wish I could just teach this to the whole human race all at once and upgrade the planetary knowledge system with what I have learned these past two decades of exploring out-of-body.)

My alliance with the squid-like ETs began back in 1999 when a baby squid swam up to me in the ocean and asked me telepathically “Don’t eat us.” Previously I had enjoyed eating calamari on occasion, but I stopped and never did again. I was not yet fully vegetarian at the time, but this was a pivotal moment in that journey. Soon after I made this promise to the cephalopods, “never to eat them again,” I began to experience telepathic contact with the oversouls of all the cephalopods on the planet, which began to link me with other worlds where they are among the primary guardian species; like whales and dolphins are here, and like we are meant to be.

These beings carry immense galactic knowledge, and every time a human being orders a plate of calamari we are damaging our connection to that resource, just like the way our Navy’s use of Low Frequency Active Sonar is disrupting the bridge of consciousness between humans and cetaceans.

In 2010, there was a movie called “Monsters” in which the monsters were giant octopi. After watching this film I fell asleep that night and went into a state of contact with the collective consciousness of all cephalopods on the planet. They spoke to me with one voice about how offensive this movie was for portraying their species as monsters, and how backwards it was to show humanity having to defend itself from them when we are the ones that are waging war with their environment.

They brought up how the practice of bottom trawling was destroying their homes and murdering their people all over the planet. We are waging war on innocent species, just so we can make money and enjoy an edible delicacy that we do not need.  People have begun to unite around preventing the practice of shark-finning, but bottom trawling is just as destructive and wasteful. We rake through mile after mile of the ocean floor, tearing up everything in our path and killing everything that gets in the way, just to collect a small percentage of certain species.

The readership of this blog is very small at this point, and I could not hope to make a difference in the practice of bottom trawling, but I am calling on all of you to help me strengthen this new galactic alliance by encouraging people not to eat calamari, octopi or cuddle fish. Encourage a boycott of these food products. All you need to say is that these are among the most intelligent species on our planet and should not be eaten. You don’t have to tell people that they represent other worlds of cephalopod-like ETs that support human sovereignty. Just say that a good friend had a memorable encounter with a baby squid that changed his outlook, and decided to convince people to leave these creatures alone.

You don’t have to preach to anyone either, or make them feel like they are wrong for wanting to order the calamari. Just set an example with the choice you are making, and let people know that if they order some as an appetizer that you will not be having any.

I could have entitled this article “Cephalopods for Human Sovereignty”, because we have many allies amongst the cephalopod-based star nations. The ancient ancestors of the Maori people in New Zealand once held a special connection with these beings, long forgotten, but this memory has been revived through me.  It is helpful to remember when you feel overwhelmed by humanity’s ignorance, and how far we have to go, that just making a simple personal choice, like not eating animals, creates a resonance that goes out into the world to influence others invisibly.  Every choice has a ripple effect, and there are many great nations in the universe that can feel these choices and are inspired by them.

May we learn to ingest their knowledge instead with the alertness of our expanding minds, so that the fruits of their experience can feed humanity’s growing desire to learn; and may we one day take our place among the wise stewards of the galaxy.


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  1. All animals are sentient beings that have the same emotions that we do. Please go vegan for the animals, our planet and your health.

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