Humanity’s First Galactic Mission

This morning, December 30th, 2012, I found myself thousands of years in the future, witnessing humanity’s arrival in another solar system where we had been guided to an emerging civilization. We had graduated from the greater constraints of physical reality and were less bound by time and space. We had become a singularity through surrender to the vehicle of our oneness, and that vehicle of love had translated into a unified body of light, through which we could travel the galaxy as beings of light.

The event I had been called to witness represented our first mission of pairing with an emerging world to act as midwives to their birth, in the same way that other ET cultures, like the Arcturians, are assisting us now. I watched as we moved into a position near one of the gas giants, where we could observe the planetary civilization without being detected. A state of wonder, compassion, and inspiration appeared to emanate from our collective body. Watching emerging cultures such as this was like the new reality TV.

The planet we were observing had attracted us due to its cries for help. It was an isolated world, not so near to the trade routes and well worn highways of the local galaxy. They did not appear to be bothered with the interference that we are currently dealing with from less spiritually evolved space-faring races that are interested in the planet’s resources. We immediately began to probe the hologram of this world with a discerning Eye, looking for evidence of previous contact and analyzing their current state of affairs while looking for signs of their oneness potential.

This was a world that was already in the throes of resource depletion, over-population, and environmental degradation. How fitting a match for us to assist a world with problems so similar to the ones we had overcome; and that was how we began to realize more fully the meaning of the lessons we had chosen for our history. It is so rare for civilizations reaching this stage to make the evolutionary leaps that we are beginning to make now. Too many have survived only after destroying a major part of their potential, or have chosen a path that restricts freedom to the point that the soul is literally squeezed out of the planetary consciousness. If we could find the balance and preserve our creative spirit, so could they.

From the out-of-body state, I observed the starship of our future selves from miles away in space, feeling our reactions as we peered into the lives of the other world. The civilization we were observing was humanoid in appearance and their culture had many features similar to ours at our current 21st century stage of evolution. There were large nature parks, for example, that were protected from the material expansion happening all around, and yet even these areas were being compromised in various ways. Immediately we sensed what some of their more critical problems were as we assessed the long term risks and consequences of their practices along the probable timelines.

Problem Number One: The polluting of the water system. This was the most critical issue from our more enlightened view. Without long term access to clean, fresh water, there was no hope to preserve the species and the biodiversity needed to sustain the life of the world as a whole.  I could elaborate greatly on this but I did not see any of the details of how water was being polluted on this other world. We need only look at our own world to see the kind of mistakes that other worlds are making. Interesting to see how so many emerging civilizations face the same or similar physical challenges. Brings a new level of meaning to the Buddha’s foundational teaching that life everywhere is in a state of suffering. We can now see this as containing the seed of a galactic/universal message.

What is interesting is that our enlightened selves saw this as the number one problem, which means that this could be the most pressing issue that we currently face. An economy based on unsustainable material growth, which produces mountains of unnecessary waste and cuts corners at every turn to put profits over the health of the natural environment is to blame.  That, and the fact that we still fail to think about the long term cumulative effects of the kinds of chemical products we are pumping into the environment.  There is an ongoing BP oil spill pumping away from every corner of the globe; we just don’t perceive it as such.

In order to survive the challenges of this century and ascend into the heavens, we must perfect an economy of values that are less materialistic and less vain. Having constructed the means to supply everyone’s basic needs, we should be starting to take profit out of the equation of certain segments of the economy so that we can simply make life easier for the masses, freeing people to focus less on working for survival and more for goals that give something back to the causes that most inspire them.

Problem Number Two: Uncontrolled Breeding. We saw in their world a society that had not yet tackled the problem of sustainable population growth. They appeared to still be living in some form of patriarchal age, where the male element of consciousness was valued disproportionately to the feminine. Though this patriarchal age appeared to be waning, women generally did not feel equal power and this lack of balance impeded the awakening of the kundalini energy. When the kundalini energy awakens, the wisdom of controlling the sex urge also becomes more present, and the power to procreate becomes more guided and aligned with the oversoul of the civilization. Many galactic cultures have gone the way of institutionalized control of the population, but this is not the only way to achieving balance. The awakening of wisdom and knowledge, and the blossoming of a culture based on the sharing of frequency over sense gratification holds potential for humanity; something we were meant demonstrate for other worlds.

In our own world, there are many discussions going on within webs and hierarchies of power about how to control the size and growth of the human population. Some within the secret government believe we are headed for a catastrophe that should be allowed to happen while they ride out the changes underground. Others believe that the population needs to be reduced in a more controlled way, to better manage the resources that the underground wants to maintain access to. My personal assessment of what is needed to slow population growth is greater equality and opportunity for women. If women have more opportunity for education, careers, and leadership, they will be less likely to allow their roles in society to be reduced in a variety of ways that can lead to early or more frequent pregnancies. This feels true to me of our world, and the one our future selves were observing.

Problem Number Three: An economy based on unsustainable growth. A close examination of these three problems will show how interconnected they are. The success of an economy based on exponential growth is married to the exponential growth of the population. Limiting population growth, however desirable considering the issue of resource depletion would stunt the growth of the material economy. As long as the economy is addicted to material growth, the increasing population will only amplify the levels of pollution and overall environmental degradation produced by the economy. In all cases the solution comes down to a change or revision of values.  In our own world, sacrifices will have to be made to achieve balance. There will be a perceived loss of certain freedoms that were part of our culture before; however, the freedoms that we can preserve through material sacrifice will define who we are as a spiritual culture.

Ultimately, it is Spirit that will be the vehicle for our ascent into the heavens. It is our creative spirit that we take with us to the stars, not the physical things that we created along the way. So if we have to sacrifice some of the materialism that is destroying the environment, this is a small sacrifice to make when you see the future of universal freedom that awaits us.

My last observation of our future selves centered around the incredible compassion we felt for the other culture. We wanted so much to step in and help them fix their problems, and to know that they are not alone. This we knew we could not do, for it would interfere with their destiny and potential. If we were to step in as helpers in a direct way, that culture would come to depend on us and to disempower themselves to us instead of looking within to discover their own knowledge. We knew it was critical of their potential that they learn to take responsibility for themselves and to care for themselves as the conscious stewards of life on their world. Only then would they be mature enough to gain the freedom that we had attained in that time reference.

I began to imagine the plans that we might formulate for assisting such a culture. We would do so silently, invisibly; gently directing various currents of thought that were genuinely theirs, but accenting such currents by focusing conscious attention to what potentials we knew held promise. This is what I was thinking about as I awoke, and how there are others doing the same for us now. I imagined that we might contact the collective of Ascended Master energies of that world, offering to send forth some of our most advanced souls to incarnate and help shift the focus of the culture from the inside.  There are so many amazing stories yet to be written about our exploits in the galaxy. One day, the children of future worlds will read from the records about that first world that we had the privilege to assist during their time of need.


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