The Future of Global Warming

On Dec. 23, 2012, the morning before Christmas Eve, a window opened in my consciousness that linked me with the future and I found myself in the body of a man who was visiting a submerged group of islands.

I don’t know who this person was.  It could have been my own future self in this life, or that of a future life, but I was far more interested in exploring where we were. It was immediately apparent that I was seeing many decades into the future because the ocean levels had risen significantly.

The grouping of islands before me had been fairly well populated during the time when they were being gradually inundated with the rising ocean. There were several distinct city centers that had been gradually reinforced over time to protect from rising water.  The scene suggested a gradual evolution of these small cities over decades, rather than a more rapid change that would have caused the complete evacuation of the islands. I call them cities because some of the buildings were much taller than you would find in a small town but, in terms of population size and land area, they could be rightly be called towns.

Apparently, the rock foundation of the islands was considered solid enough as a foundation that the rising water was not the problem it would have been on other types of islands with more sand and dirt. Over time, structures had been build and reinforced around the main city centers, and civilization had retreated back, yielding to the water and becoming more oriented to the city centers.  I could feel the submerged land around these city structures as much as 20 feet below the surface, and the structures themselves had been build up to be like artificial islands, resting on the submerged islands.

There was one main city center on the largest submerged island, and a couple of smaller, similar structures on neighboring islands, but the most fascinating part was the extensive sea farms that extended around all of the population centers.  There were even small outposts that had been constructed on some of the smaller submerged islands, not unlike a floating oil rig that was tethered to the land beneath the water. These had large extensions for sea farming that stretched into the surrounding ocean.

They were farming seaweed, sea veggies, and shell fish, and I am sure they used some form of desalinization for part of the their water supply. It was a very unusual sight. It seemed like a great experiment in sustainable sea culture. The whole thing felt very organic in its relationship to the natural environment.

I had the sense that the rise in the ocean levels had occurred slowly enough that humanity had been able to adapt to the changes. Our whole civilization had restructured itself, in part, from the experience of climate change; the rise in ocean levels being a key part of the engine of change. In my previous post about “The Geological Forces of Evolution”, I spoke about the conscious, living forces that are controlling or influencing the rate at which certain Earth changes occur, so that we would have time to adapt. If the ocean levels were to rise too quickly, it could be catastrophic.

We could destroy ourselves before making the leap to the next level of consciousness, and yet without certain physical catalysts, we would not progress. There is a delicate balance being played out, and there is nothing to fear, but we do need good information to help us prepare and deal with the changes that will inevitably come.

During my visit to the islands, I approached a group of people and had an interesting conversation with them. I was fully in the body of this man and his consciousness had retreated somewhat to give me control so I could engage the people for more information about this time reference. I began speaking to a group of people that I came upon by announcing that a window had opened in my consciousness that linked with the past.

I became aware that, as a result of my writings in this time period, people in the future generally are aware that these kinds of window open, allowing the future to fold into the past; and that this is an important part of how we are creating our reality. When such windows open, it is important for the people surrounding these events to recognize the opportunity to transmit valuable information into the past so that we can help ourselves in the past to understand our highest potential. These consciousness events are part of a series of feedback loops that connect many different time references together.

The people understood exactly what I was talking about and were prepared to answer questions about their time reference. If they did not understand my reference to a window that had opened into the past, they would not have been poised to act as informants.  I can remember many times when I have leaped into a body somewhere in time and tried to ask someone what year it is, only to be laughed at, creating a missed opportunity for time traveling investigators like myself. In situations like these, you can’t expect people to entertain the idea that they are talking to a different time reference in human consciousness that has folded into their reality through an open channel. Nice to know I was able to change that for the future we are aligning with.

After introducing myself to the islanders, I began to inquire about the rise in sea levels and what kind of Earth changes had happened on the timeline. Previously I had seen futures where the sea level had risen up to 15 feet, but I had the sense that it was even higher in this time reference. I understood that I was more than 60 years in the future, though I did not hear any specific date spoken. What I do remember hearing about before I woke up was an issue regarding the tectonic plates.

The islanders said that the weight distribution of the rising ocean levels had produced so much strain on the ocean floor that the increased pressure resulted in a cracking of the tectonic plates in one or more areas.  This kind of strain could create an increase in earthquakes and tsunamis, though I had trouble absorbing and holding onto the specifics.  I felt there were some specific historical events that related to this information, but I was not able to bring back that information.

Communication with the future can sometimes be disorienting, especially when there is so much that can be unfamiliar. Sometimes the information you gain access to does not stick in your consciousness. The humans from far in the future that I have channeled have talked about this problem. They have to construct the thoughts they are seeding into the past very carefully so that they will be comprehensible to our minds. It takes skill to bridge the gap between minds that are linked between different time references, and this can only be learned from experience.

I did get a glimpse of the islands from out of the body before returning and it was quite a sight to see. The main city was like a stone fortress protecting many interconnected building structures. It might have held a population of over a thousand. Perhaps one day I will attempt a drawing, or have a more skilled artist work with me to create images of the things I see on these trips to the future.

I immediately began researching sea farming to see if there is a modern precedent for these kinds of structures and I found some fascinating information about the emerging sea farming industry. These two images below remind me of  what I saw.

Ocean Farm

Future Farm


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  1. Mike! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAD SAW!!! Those hexagon looking platforms! in my vision I saw that the people in the reality that I had experienced were VERY much oppressed and could be shot ON SIGHT if they misbehaved in the slightest of fashions! However, upon entering my experience I felt I was at the very least 200 – 400 years into the future.

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