The Geological Forces of Evolution

On the morning of October 14th, 2012, I became aware of something called the Super Continent. I was on the inner plane and my guides were showing me some kind of an energetic super structure that links the continental plates together. It was like a giant, more flexible, continental plate that all the others are connected to and resting upon. No doubt it is paralleled in the physical crust of the Earth by certain layers of matter (perhaps in the form of magma), and yet it is also made of conscious energy and a confluence of forces both physical and electromagnetic in nature.

So I was seeing something real and physical, but I was also seeing the hidden energetic dimensions of this structure as an extension of the beings who work within it and through it. This Super Continent is under the control of a very large collective of nonphysical, elemental beings, some as large as countries, who collaborate and coordinate to fulfill a divine plan.

What they were showing me had to do with Earth Changes, and specifically with the rising of the sea levels of the coming decades. I believe I have been shown that this will occur; however, the rate at which this will occur is being carefully managed by such conscious, elemental forces. If destruction, due to a rise in sea levels, happens too quickly, we will not achieve the degree of unity needed to solve certain crises as one. Apparently, there are minor adjustments that can be made through the Super Continent to influence how the volumes of water melting from the icecaps are being absorbed.

For instance, a rise in sea levels puts more weight and pressure on the sea floor, which can cause displacements where the floor is being forced down by the weight. This increased pressure in one area could cause a ripple affect that reaches other areas through the super structure in some way; even causing earthquakes; however the increasing volume of water does not simply equal a rise in sea levels. There are several ways that the Earth might adjust to this change, and there are conscious forces managing this.

The main key that I was shown is that the elemental beings that make up the Earth are very aware of the timing of events and potentials, and the relationship our evolution has with the changes taking place on the Earth. They work consciously in support of our spiritual awakening, both catalyzing change at times while holding off change at other times until there is an optimum alignment between our capacity to unify and the transformational potential behind certain geological events.

I came away from this vision with the sense that what is happening regarding Earth changes is more  managed than I ever thought. Nothing is by chance. There is a lot of planning that goes into the role that geological forces are playing in our evolution as a species.  Geological events don’t just happen randomly. Even though there may be aspects of the geological cycles of the Earth that cannot be stopped by elemental beings, they seem to be capable of making meaningful adjustments as things unfold.

Recently I found myself having an interesting conversation that parallels all of this, regarding the timing of the event of humanity’s awakening. I was speaking about a cosmic event that is impacting the Earth, part of a universal cycle that is beginning to exert a force of attraction that is drawing us back into alignment with Source, and our journey to return to Source. I mentioned that a lot of people thought that this process would peak in 2012, and we would see humanity’s awakening into cosmic consciousness, but truthfully there is no way to predict the peak window of transcendence.

I explained that the Creator was probably modulating the arrival of this event of cosmic alignment in our DNA, so that the timing of the peak window would match our potential to achieve the greatest possible unity with each other and the Earth in this process. If the event arrives too soon, it could cause the world to split very fiercely between those who are choosing the light and those who are in denial of oneness, which we are already seeing to some degree. If it happens too late, we might destroy ourselves before we can unify through the effects of this event. The idea is to find the optimum timing that will produce the greatest harvest of people choosing what is highest good.

The event offers us a rare opportunity to easily change our resonance with the Earth through the way she is affected by the event, achieving a lasting unity that can serve as a foundation for a brighter future. We are in for an awesome ride, but the timing of the event is probably still being finalized due to all of the random factors that make some of history’s potentials hard to predict, even from an angel’s eye view.

The key to remember is that every choice we make can make a difference. Even if the loving choices we make are not witnessed, they ripple out into the world to reveal the potential of an emerging new paradigm of love. We just have to keep choosing the world of love and we will see that world emerge from inside us. Whatever Earth changes occur in the world, they will simply be part of how the obstacles to loving service are removed.



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  1. Hi Michael, as usual you have sent a message of affirmation that resonates on all levels. This is particularly so as we’re coming up to date changes that everyone is focussing on rather than the heart centre that you speak of here. Thank you for bringing me back to earth.

  2. Beautiful writings, michael. I LOVE your work and articulations. Thank you.

    On 11/24/12 1:26 PM, “Choose Peace Now!” wrote:

    > peacekeyper posted: “On the morning of October 14th, 2012, I became aware of > something called the Super Continent. I was on the inner plane and my guides > were showing me some kind of an energetic super structure that links the > continental plates together. It was like a giant,” >


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