Local Trade Routes in the Galaxy

On the morning of October 12th, 2012, I was out-of-body, exploring the local trade routes that ETs use to travel back and forth between worlds. Having just read, “Life in the Universe”, by Marshall Summers, I wanted to continue my investigation of his material with a little soul traveling.

The book asserts that there are very well established trade routes and travel corridors that are used and controlled by the ET nations of the local galaxy, and that most of the advanced civilizations in our sector do not deviate much from these routes. To do so can be dangerous and disorienting, and most prefer to work within secure parameters that are well managed.

While out-of-body, I found myself connecting with the resonance of some of these trade routes and was able to follow the pathways with my consciousness. I sensed precisely what the book describes: that our solar system is in a hotspot area of the galaxy where there are many ET civilizations who are aware of each other; that we are near to a number of these trade routes which pass near our system; and that we are isolated from many parts of the Greater Community because of the way the space around us is controlled and managed by certain ET governments.

It is definitely true that it is easy to become lost and disoriented in space without good navigation, and it is far easier to work with established pathways to established destinations, but many of the rules described in “Life in the Universe” don’t seem to apply to a disembodied soul exploring the universe, and I know there are whole civilizations that have graduated from physicality to become radiant beings of light.

I have the sense that there is a segment of the galactic spectrum of consciousness being left out of the Allies of Humanity briefing reports. I know for certain that there are civilizations that are of such a higher vibration they would not be the least bit concerned about the protocols of working within managed space, nor would they become lost if they were not tethered to the established galactic highways. I have seen the way the Acturians traveled, for example, to come and be with us, and they did not get turned away because they were not willing to be trading partners within the consortium of ET nations that manages the space we live within.

The Arcturians do what they do to serve creation despite what any of the trade collectives think. They are free to move about the hologram of the galaxy because they have graduated from the physical reality of “Life in the Universe”. That does not take away from the relevance of where Marshall’s book wants to take us. Integrating with the sobering reality of how galactic space in our region is managed is very important, and very relevant to our times, but I also have a window beyond these times that puts all of this information in a different context. I have seen parts of our destiny in the galaxy thousands of years from now that reflect our potential to completely transcend the physical conditions that so many galactic civilizations are struggling with today.

Marshall’s book also does not focus on the potential our awakening holds to shift the consciousness of the surrounding systems, and that is a big part of humanity’s purpose in the galaxy. The galaxy itself is evolving, and we are at the heart of the shift. “Life in the Universe” wants to steer us away from the idea that we are the center of creation, and for good reason. Our ideas of GOD are still influenced by a smaller view of creation, left over from previous centuries, and yet our world is central to a shift that is being catalyzed.

I have been told by several ET civilizations that the keys to the future history of the galaxy were seeded here on Earth, something I know to be true.  So while it would be naive and egotistical to view our world as the center of creation, there is a new potential for reality at-large that will extend from us if we fulfill our destiny.

During my exploration of the local trade routes, I leaped forward in time to view one of our future missions of space exploration along one of these interstellar pathways. This was many decades in the future, after our world had become unified and we had begun to build spaceships capable of faster-than-light travel. We had secured permission to travel to a local star system where there was life that we would be allowed to observe. I do not know if we were going to be allowed to land, as there were issues of biological contamination to consider, but we would at least be allowed to observe under the supervision of others.

I had leaped onto the ship as it was in transit between stars and could feel it moving at tremendous speed. There was a fairly large crew on board, more than a few dozen people, and they were busy entertaining themselves on the long flight. The most interesting part was the knowledge about what we were going to observe. The system we were going to had their own version of mammals, reptiles and avian life. This same association of lifeforms was apparently found on a number of worlds, and this was going to be our first chance to observe such animals in their native environments.

This potential future indicates that we will not remain confined within the boundaries of our solar system, and that we will learn the rules and protocols of space travel in the local universe. We are not going to just insulate ourselves from contact with the Greater Community as “Life in the Universe” recommends. There are certainly ways that we must learn to restrict our engagement with the Great Community for security reasons; however, there will be opportunities for exploration. It appears we will be able to take advantage of those from a firm foundation of knowledge and love, so that we are not too influenced by alien cultures that do not share our same values. The key to all of these opportunities is our shift into universal peace consciousness.

(Just a side note: Some months ago I had a telepathic conversation with some familiar beings on an ET ship and I asked them if I would ever be able to travel with them to see their world. Their response was very interesting. They referenced the work of Einstein, who is apparently famous on many other worlds and noted in their records of galactic history; and they said that even though the trip would not take very long in their ship — traveling much faster than light — it would be more than a decade later on Earth when I returned if I were to go with them. As much as I love to explore, missing out on a decade worth of everyone’s lives here on Earth would be undesirable, and I realized how much I love everyone here.)

I am not going to go into all of the points from “Life in the Universe” that I found interesting or relevant. I will say that I have independently confirmed the greater part of this material and found it to be true, however there is much more to the truth. This is a foundational set of teachings for the new paradigm, but it would be incomplete without the other divine revelations that have been, and are being, seeded. Many of these have yet to be revealed, or to reach fruition; but until the other pieces are revealed, “Life in the Universe” is a teaching that is worth integrating with.

Despite the incredible potentials of our etherial future, it grounds the truth of a physical reality that we will be living with for some time.  Read it with an open mind.


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