The Akashic Records

A reader asks: “Do you know anything about the Akashic Records and how one can view their own?”

First of all, thank you for this question. It is one I am more than happy to answer as I have had a lot of experience with reading the Akashic Records.

First of all, the term Akashic Records is an old one, referring to the sum total of all human experience and including all of the cosmic knowledge that has imprinted itself here.  Some channels have suggested that there are special places, like the Hall of Records buried in Egypt, that represent a physical location for where they can be accessed.  I have actually traveled into the Hall of Records in the out-of-body state and found holograph records there that can be accessed by direct, consciousness interface.  (You don’t have to be able to go out of body to connect with them though).

The Hall of Records is quite extensive and is partly made of living memories stored in crystals there, and imbued into stone, but there are many places on the planet that hold memory in this way, and what has been called the Akashic is not limited to any physical location.

There are other halls of records, and many living libraries of spiritual knowledge and historical memory for that matter, all over the universe.  I don’t use the term Akashic myself.  I just like to call them the Living Records because, when you access them, you can remember anything in them as if the memories are your own.  They are living memories from those who were there to witness whatever you are interested in seeing.

So you could call all living records part of the Akashic I suppose, but I tend to specify where information of this kind comes from, like the Living Libraries of Sirius versus the holographic retrieval system of your friendly neighborhood Arcturian Starship, or the records of the angels for that matter.  There are specific libraries of living records inside the Earth, and in the ocean, and then there are the records of your soul or genetic lineage; however all of it can be accessed from within. There is no distance and, there are records inside of everything.

I was once given a Lemurian Seed Crystal as a gift by a woman who owned a crystal shop near Crestone, Colorado. This crystal began to communicate with me in dreams, releasing records that came from the Orion star system. I was blown away. This was my first experience with reading records from a physical crystal that I could hold in my hand. I would not even say that I was deliberately reading them. They just spoke to me. If you are connected the living memory within a set of records, one way or another, the records will find you, or your guides will bring you to them, and they will just access you and show you things.

As far as viewing your own records, there are many ways to access this, whether is it about past lives or things from your childhood, or whatever. I have had many psychic connections with dolphins, for example, who showed me living records of things from my past lives. Once they even showed me part of my timeline in this life as a matrix of choices and effects that were part of what DNA is always recording.

I have also, occasionally, experienced a sort of life review with the Ascended Masters, usually at the completion of a major cycle of learning and spiritual growth. You don’t have to wait until after death, or have a near death experience to have such a holographic life review, though the effect is far more complete when you are there on the other side. Our souls may periodically go through these reviews on the inner plane that can last for days or weeks during the course of our lives, and this is always a profound time of learning and harvesting lessons for the personality. Some people are more aware of this than others.

The key to accessing all of this is to work with the angelic presence and your personal angelic guides. Every person on the planet, or in the universe for that matter, has the right to be ministered to by angels. It is part of your divine birthright, and they can function like your personal retrieval system, your Google Universe if you will.

Of course, any kind of spiritual ability that you want to develop would be greatly supported by practicing meditation, but there are things you can ask for that your angels will respond to no matter what.

Start talking with your angels every day. They are there. They are your spiritual support team, and you can hold a conference with them at any moment to make requests about the kind of things you want to learn about or need support with.

One of the things that I have done quite often is to ask the angels to bring me or show me the records of certain things in history. I have asked for lots of things, though I usually don’t expect to see the records right then and there. I just ask and let go. Usually it comes to me in a dream or meditation later on, or sometimes when I am channeling or journaling, it will come through unexpectedly.

I can’t tell you how many times I have call all of my guides into a meeting and asked if they would help me to reach a new understanding of something by showing me what actually happened, and then a night or two later I had some profound dream or vision that revealed what was missing in my awareness. Sometimes the angels would read to me from a Book of Records and I would see decades or even thousands of years flash by in seconds.

History is a hologram and your body is your connection to the hologram of the Earth. Accessing the records is a lot like reading books except you are retrieving them and reading them with your mind. In some cases, I have actually been given etheric books by the Masters that I learned to open with my mind and read in a conscious dreaming state. Some of this happened while awake, and some parts of this experience carried over into the out-of-body state. The point is that there is no distance and your can access anything in the Library of Creation by thought and intention. It is important to let go of any beliefs that you can’t do this, or that it is just your imagination. Imagination is the doorway to the infinite. We have been trained to think that if it happens in our imagination, it is not real, but this is far from the truth.

The key is just to start asking the angels to bring you the records. They are standing by, ready to feed your spiritual growth in anyway they can. The more you want the knowledge to come to you, the more it will. Gaining access to greater spiritual knowledge will change your consciousness.  It will change your life, so you have to really want this. If you have just a curiosity but want to stay in the comfort zone of present believes, this does not form a very strong prayer for knowledge.

You have to be willing to surrender to where the knowledge will take you. With greater knowledge comes greater responsibility. For example, the more you know and embody the truth that we are one, the harder it becomes for the ego to be selfish. There are plenty of people that would not welcome the knowledge of oneness because they want remain blind to the consequences of selfish tendencies. The angels respect our freewill choice, so if you want the truth, you have to be prepared to be changed by it.  I am quite certain that the truth about history would completely change the face of our modern day religions, and how many super religious people are really ready for that.

So if you want to go down the rabbit hole, I recommend working on achieving a mind-awake/body-asleep state, which is when a lot of these kinds of holographic records will drop into your awareness.  This is the same state I use to go out-of-body, but it is also how I access the Living Records. Cultivating these states of relaxed receptivity, combined with a serious hunger for spiritual knowledge, will take you places.

You can achieve these states in several ways. First, practice meditation. A few suggestions:

  • 1) As soon as you wake up in the morning, sit up and meditate for a while, focusing on taking slow, deep, conscious breaths while practicing clearing your mind of all thought and aligning with Spirit in your heart. Welcome the presence of your angels and invite them to surround you with love and protection. Then, once you feel ready, or aligned with Spirit, or guided, lay back down and relax and focus into your dreams again. Sometimes I get up super early and meditate for an hour in the living room before I lay back down on the couch to see what kinds of visions, intuitive flashes or messages want to come through. I get lots of exciting things happening in this way. The point is to wake yourself up a bit but then slide back into a sleep position so that you can get into that mind-awake/body-asleep state.
  • 2) Sometimes just getting up in the middle of the night while you are still half asleep can help you achieve this state. Set your alarm to wake you up after you have been through a few sleep cycles, but early enough that you still want to go back to bed. After your alarm wakes you up, get up and go to the bathroom or get a drink of water or something. Stretch and go back to bed, this time focusing on your state of consciousness with the intent to remain conscious even as your body is headed back to sleep. Here you are waking up the mind but not the body.
  • 3) Perhaps one of my favorite techniques for the mind-awake/body-asleep state is to take an angel nap in the middle of the afternoon. I will sit and meditate for a few moments, aligning myself with the angels, and then I will lay down for a short nap and listen for guidance. Through all of these ways of creating that ideal state of receptivity, you should be trying to pay attention to the different brainwave states, noting when they shift and how it feels. Start trying to feel, as you are falling asleep, that moment when your brainwave state shifts and takes you into a different focus of consciousness. You are going to learn to control this process, or at least, to maintain a certain brainwave state within the sleep cycle. It is a lot like learning to hold your breath longer and longer, discovering the most powerful way to breath and oxygenate the blood. You can learn to pause within the sleep cycle as you are coming into or going out of a deeper sleep, to be within a focus level that allows you to go places with your consciousness and remember.

Another thing you can do is to work with someone who can regress you into your past lives. I actually did this once as an experiment with a friend who used hypnotic regression. It worked quite well and I retrieved some memories from another life that we were specifically looking into.

Connecting with water is another key. I have been shown in visions that in the future, it will be commonplace for people to access the living records of the water. In one vision, I saw a person placing their hands in a container full of water and communing with the water to explore the living records. At times I have gone to the ocean, or a local lake, to speak to the water, and after making a request regarding the records something just came to me from the Living Water in my dreams. I have also had lots of experiences of channeling in the shower or a warm bath, and I always felt the connection with the angels was enhanced by water. I often take a shower before doing a reading, just to cleanse the aura.

I also highly recommend learning how to channel your angelic guides. Read Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. This is still the best book I know to help people get started with a channeling process. If you have a sincere interest in learning how to read all kinds of living records or access what is stored in your DNA, you can rest assured that your guides already know this about you and are working with you, training you, aligning you will all of the connections you need to make inwardly and outwardly to trigger the expansions in your consciousness that you are praying for.

Just remember to be patient. Sometimes you might be asking for something that it is not time for yet. Just keep asking and letting go of the how and when. The journey of life was meant to bring you the answers you seek, and you can trust that your inner plane teachers and guides already have a plan for giving you the education your soul is seeking.

If anyone else has suggestions or would like to share their experience of accessing Living Records, please comment.



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  1. THANK YOU!!! I just heard the term Akashic Records at an Expo today & was unsure what they were. Thank you for providing details 😉 I really like that you call them Living Records. Sending you love & light!!!!

  2. hi Michael this is rachelle the one who asked about the akashic records l0l i was really happy the fact that you used my question as an entire blog! thank you about that! i will definenly be using your advice on the akashic records and i will let you know when that happens. i really like what you said about the more knowledge you gain the more responsibility. i feel i am at that place right now where i need to make some personal decisions first before any new understanding can take root in me. btw because of you i am inspired to make my own blog! awesome 🙂

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