The Records of Another World

As I have gained more experience with surfing the web of our emerging new Galactic DNA, I have stumbled upon some fascinating information that is highly relevant to the challenges our world is facing.

On one occasion, I tapped into the holographic records of another world that fell to the influence of an alien civilization that succeeded in conquering that world and acquiring all of its resources.

It was like watching a speeded up holographic movie that contained all of the relevant information about the direction of that planet’s history. I could feel changes in the overall direction of history, missed potentials, the introduction of certain thought forms that influenced the civilization; and I could even feel the lives of certain significant people who were attempting to mount a resistance to this Intervention.

What I witnessed on this other world reveals frightening parallels to the warnings being given to us through the work of Marshall Vian Summers, and the Allies of Humanity briefing reports. It was like watching what could happen to our own world as if it had already occurred.

I saw an elusive alien presence that contacted this other planetary species at a time when they were vulnerable. The aliens hid their true intentions while enticing the civilization with the promise of solving a great mystery and gaining access to “ET knowledge” and “ET technology”. They kept people guessing outwardly with mesmerizing displays of light in the sky, while secretly contacting their governments to establish “diplomatic relations”.

They tempted these governments with the promise of advanced technology while gradually gaining a foothold to operate in the world on their own terms. They began to provide technological advancements that caused the civilization to become more and more adapted to the alien plan to convert the civilization into a pattern that served the alien agenda.

Throughout this vision I could see how the people were loosing themselves through giving power to alien technology. They were becoming possessed by it and were forgetting all of their natural potentials, including the technological potentials that had been in store for them through alignment with the Divine Plan.

Their creativity became stifled as the alien plans to create a frequency controlled society were accepted as some sort of solution to the problem of disunity. I watched as diversity of thinking waned and people were overtaken by the idea that a technologically facilitated unity was some sort of landmark achievement in their planet’s history. Little did they know, other worlds had been enslaved like this before.

Imagine if our world continued to become addicted to cell phones until everyone had one, and then a technology was introduced that allowed cellular technology to become wired directly into the brain so that you could surf the web and call people with your mind. Of course, we would be giving up a natural ability to become a psychic collective of our own, along with access to our emerging galactic DNA and the records of the whole galaxy and universe, but hey, at least we would be unified within a sort of video game-like reality that caused us to disassociate from the pain of physical existence.

Of course, we would never know the bliss of our physical existence either, but that is exactly why are are being contacted by these same kinds of ETs before we enter bliss. They are trying to head us off at the pass before we enter the field of our 5th dimensional existence.

If we never awaken enough to read the records of the galaxy, we will never see what they have done to other worlds before ours, which is why they want to distract us with technological potentials that seem to offer us a path towards an artificial unity that seems better than the state of war and turmoil we are currently experiencing. Nevermind that GOD is willing to give us the Gift of Peace unconditionally; the aliens hope to keep us distracted with disempowering ways of thinking just long enough mold the emerging collective consciousness into a perfect fit for the technologies they plan to introduce.

That is what I saw happen on this other world. The most shocking part of their history was the fact that messengers were sent to them by GOD to warn them, and they were ignored.

I watched as history zoomed in to the final group of messengers. There was one primary messenger, and many who had been sent to aid the new message, and yet they were all considered by Spirit as if they were one messenger because, as a group, they were stewarding a message for all.

The messenger group was trying desperately to wake people up to what was being lost and to alert people to the hidden agendas of the alien presence, but people were becoming lost quicker than the messenger group’s influence could counter. It was like watching a whole world choose to become a Borg collective, subservient to the alien collective that was controlling them, while the messengers stood and watched their world fall way.

I felt their incredible frustration and sadness. They became outcasts and were literally the last true people standing as the rest of their species became something very different. The whole civilization became enlisted in the goals of working for technological enhancements, trading the prized physical resources of their world for the newest feature to the technological system they had become dependent on.

It would be like the equivalent of trading gold for apps.  The apps don’t reveal anything new to us about our existence. They only provide more distraction while we are being raided for our planet’s gold.  The trick of the aliens was to convince their subjects to value apps more than the physical and biological resources of their world. These people became nothing more than technologically enhanced resource collectors, mining their planet for every last scrap of material valued by an ET economy they didn’t understand.

They built a technological prison for themselves, all the while thinking they were gaining freedom. In the end, when the aliens were done using them to mine their world for resources, they were left with nothing; a declining technological civilization with no ability to expand into space and no ability to sustain itself on the planet. The lucky were taken to be workers on other worlds, thinking that they had graduated to another level of existence.

Part of the reason I am writing this is because I have seen a probable timeline where the same thing happens to us here. These same plans are already underway, but this time the odds are stacked in our favor. Just as the inhabitants of the world I saw may have given themselves over to the aliens so that we would learn from their mistakes, we were meant to resist and endure beyond such challenges, defeating them so that others can find the strength to defeat them.

We are creating a new record for the galaxy, so that one day others who reach this same point of awakening will be able to read the records of how we defeated the alien collectives that were assaulting our world with frequency controlling technologies.

Resistance is not futile!


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  1. So articulately written Michael. Thank you so much!
    This needs ot be shared and so I shall! xx

  2. God bless you Michael. Wonderful and valuable work you are doing. Thankyou.

  3. mahalo Michael, I hadn’t thought or seen ahead to this possibility, at least not at this point in the game. I thought we had resisted enough already, not getting chipped the embedded body tech. not really going mainstream but I guess it could still happen. I think if people do think about the “Borg” although fictional, it would scare them into not doing it. But I have to say when I visited my neice and nephews recently they had, I think too many tech. gadgets doing all kinds of things for them that we used to look up in a book, or ask someone. something to watch out for.

  4. Aloha, Michael,

    For me, you are describing a timeline that is dissolving, as the consciousness and feelings of love are integrating into the collective. We have all worked very hard to assist the planetary ascension in unity, with the assistance of many.

    The picture holds much meaning for me, too, as I wrote my 2nd Oneness House newsletter on October 2, 2007. “The Sonic Light Transfiguration of Earth and Harmonic Activation of the Unified Field.” was written to document a meditation we experienced on Kauai, HI on September 28th in which we saw the transformation of the earth and her crystalline ascension into freedom.

    Shala Mata had the same picture of a diamond blue earth in her article, “”The Ascending Cosmic Pulse” on October 1, 2007, as I had seen in our meditation.

    The shared visions and messages are wonderful to note, and now you have presented this beautiful artwork again before my eyes. As we are seemingly repeating a visual near that date in 2007, we have some some work still to do perhaps?

    Blessings to all as we are all diamonds now, heavily pressured by heat for a long period of time together!

    Mahalo ke akua. Mahalo nui loa.

  5. Many thanks Michael for this article. The scenario you describe has a shocking similarity to the warnings contained in the Allies of Humanity Briefings, by Marshall Vian Summers, which in fact you mention. Furthermore, the part about the Messenger: “…There was one primary messenger, and many who had been sent to aid the new message, …” resembles what is true today. There truly is a Messenger, and many are helping him in his task, most are in Colorado but many, like myself, are also working remotely in many other parts of the world, translating, advocating etc. These revelations given to the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers over a period of 29 years…hard to believe, I know, but true…are a New Message from God that spans 9200 pages of text and 820 recorded “Angelic Encounters”.
    Unfortunately here too, many people are still ignoring it.
    Blessings to you.
    Nasi Novare Coram


    Steps to Knowledge

    STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE takes you on the journey of discovering Self Knowledge, the mysterious source of your inner power and authority. Following this Knowledge leads you to the essential relationships that you will need to find and to fulfill your purpose in life

    God has place within the heart of each person Knowledge, a deeper mind, a connected mind, a mind that truly knows the will of the Creator, and the resolution to our many problems. This is the answer to our prayers for deliverance.

    As the people of the earth face global unrest, environmental decline, energy scarcity, food deprivation and shortages of fresh water, the future is in our hands.We face the forces of natue. We face the consequence of human history. WE face the result of our own actions. And we face interference from other intelligent life in the Universe.

    So as we face a difficult future, we don’t have to make it okay. NO MIRACLES, NO MAGIC,just the most powerful force in the Universe, and it lies dormant in your heart, waiting for you to find and build a bridge to it in your experience. This is Inner Knowledge. A blessing for sure. Take care happy peaceful people, you are greatly appreciated in a world where it is so needed.

  7. Michael, amazing the parallels between your vision and the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity. Speaking out this way is important to achieve the shift of the odds in our favor. We can’t just hope all will be well. Those people assisting our Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, are carrying a heavy weight, fighting against the odds, knowing that warning and empowering humanity are what will tip the scales. There isn’t much time.

  8. This is really some vision, Michael. And from what I am learning as I gain a Greater Community awareness, a true one vision you have received, depicting one avenue that is present for the human family. We are at the fork in the road. I can only point to the New Message from God ( being received by The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers as a training to give humankind back our freedom and our future. May those who have been sent into the world to aid the earth at this time find this revelation, receive it well, and prepare so humanity may emerge into the greater community as a free and united race. The Steps to Knowledge have been provided for this endeavor.

  9. Technological advances that are being manifested are extremely powerful. In a fear based society they, like any other creation can be used to amplify that mindset. Or, they can be used as a very powerful tool to speed along the shift in consciousness that is occurring. A shift in mass consciousness occurs as a result of shifts of individuals in that mass, until that point of individual shifts outweighs that which is not. Powerful tools of communication amongst the global population will obviously be a very helpful tool. So I say, bless technology, and all that is, especially you, the reader. Anything can be seen as fearful, or perfect, just as it is, how do you choose to see? Love, light and bliss, Ronnie.

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