Arcturians in Our DNA

Before I complete the seven part “What is Awakening in Our DNA” series, there is an extension to this that I know all of you will find fascinating.

The whole galaxy is awakening in our DNA, but not just the consciousness of ET civilizations that are part of our galactic heritage. I mentioned this element in part four of the DNA series, but there is much more.

The New DNA is a container for the consciousness of the galaxy itself, and so it is able to reflect in a mirror-like fashion, the consciousness of any civilization that is part of the hologram.

One night I had an experience of traveling into the memory of the body to explore what the galactic level of this New DNA connected us with. I found myself traveling at enormous speed to another star system where I could see and feel the presence of many other planets.

Two of these planets had life and were developing civilizations of intelligent, humanoid beings. As I observed, I saw the records of these two world speed up to reveal a pattern of awakening that reveals part of our own potential.

I was not sure to what extent these two civilizations were related historically. They could have been colonized at the same time, or perhaps civilization on one planet colonized another. What was interesting was the moment of awakening.

I actually saw and felt one of these worlds awaken into oneness and, at that point, they made a commitment to unconditionally support their sister world to awakening into oneness. As the records of this solar system’s history accelerated I felt the second planet enter oneness and both began to explore the galaxy together as a singularity. They are the Arcturians!

What is significant about this witnessing is that the Arcturians discovered a part of their purpose through awakening the second world. If they had just awakened as one world and moved on they would not be who they are today. Realizing the plan to awaken the second world brought their purpose into focus, and they discovered something about their role in the galaxy through what happened.

Seeing through the experience of their own solar system how they could be midwives to the birth of another world gave them all a revelation. They decided that this is what they wanted to do for other worlds: help them awaken into oneness.

I have heard reports of people seeing two different kinds of Arcturians, the shorter ones and the taller ones. This is probably due to the key difference between the two Arcturian home worlds.

Gudrun Miller painted this picture of a male and female of the taller ones. She does the artwork for her husband David’s channeled books with the Arcturians. Probably the closest representation in film would be the beings in the movie Cocoon. The Arcturians glow with an inner light and radiance that is very warm and loving.

Gudrun also painted this image of one of the Arcturian Crystal Temples that resonates with me. I have definitely felt a connection to these temples during some of my contacts with the Arcturians.

The most exciting part about the vision was the knowing that our New DNA connects us to the records of other living worlds. We are going to be able to surf the web of the galaxy by just reflecting inwardly to read the records of our bodies. The New DNA connects us to everything!


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  1. Aloha Michael, Mahalo for this info on our DNA. It resonates. For the past four months I have been facilitating two groups here on Kauai around the information brought forward by Richard Rudd and his book, The Gene Keys. We have found this information very powerful and quite timely in terms of what is happening within our DNA at this time both as individuals, and as humanity as a whole. The work is based upon the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and their corralation to the 64 possible combinations of our DNA. You might enjoy checking it out. Your continuing service is much appreciated. Blessings, Michael

    • Aloha, Michael,

      Please read my message about a meditation we received on Kauai in 2007 in the message above. It also applies to the Gudron artwork here. Seems the work we all started back then is continuing in oneness! Mahalo nui loa to all!

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