Is it Highest Good?

I learned a long time ago to always ask if some potential I am considering is “Highest Good and Right Action.”  At first I just asked if something was in the highest good, and then I heard a friend add “Right Action” to his check-ins with guidance, and this made even more sense.

You see, the ego can justify all kinds of things as good, but if what you are considering doing is not in the highest good, then it is probably less than aligned with Divine Will.

Asking guidance whether or not something represents highest good and right action is a great way to check the ego and see if you are trying to justify something that doesn’t really serve you or others. Only wanting what serves the highest good becomes a way of clearing egoic influences. It is much easer to discern your guidance when you are able to ask this question sincerely, but you must also be willing to let go of whatever course of action the ego has become attached to.

Remember, the ego can find all kinds of reasons to justify something as good, so we must be really honest with ourselves if we are to find the discernment and clarity we need to tell the difference between a subtle egoic agenda and true guidance. The ego is great at disguising itself as guidance. You have to really want all of your egoic agenda’s to be unmasked, and then a great healing can take place.

Several years ago, my old friend Dr. Joshua David Stone paid me a visit on the inner plane and gave me a message from the Masters. He said that, “from here on out, it is very important that you always defer to the guidance of the Masters”. He was referring to the fact that the ego can become even more clever about maintaining its hold as you get closer to becoming free from its gravity.

The Masters need to see a constant commitment to remain in alignment with Divine Will before they will take you higher. When Jesus said “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.” — JOHN 14:6 (KJV) , he was not simply talking about having allegiance with the person, but rather, obedience to the Law of One that he embodied, which is the foundation of the Holy Spirit. In order to attain the One (and return to it), we must enter the oneness of the Holy Spirit, and in order to enter oneness, we must enter the Law of One in our consciousness.

The Law of One says that we are all One, and anything we do to another we do to ourselves. It is such a simple truth, and yet it takes constant work to see past our blindness of this one truth. This is all about becoming responsible for the ripple effect of our lives.

When something is not highest good, it is usually because someone will be affected in an adverse way. If not you, then someone connected to you. It is also really easy to become attached to the ideal version of an outcome, not realizing that this may not be what we are aligning ourselves with. What our hearts really want is to always find that optimum path where everything flows, and if we constantly seek the highest possible truth of our guidance, we will find that path; we just have to let go of attachment to what it may look like.


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  1. Hello Saryon,

    Can you elucidate how we ask the Masters if our action or planned action is the highest good on a daily basis? A small prayer, asking for guidance?
    And how do we tune into their answer?
    I am especially thinking, if I am working on something and need to take a decision but am not sure if it represents the highest good and right action

    Thank you so much!

    • I used to ask “Is it Highest Good and Right action to . . . ” and then I would fill in the blank and listen for a response. Now I do it as a statement of truth. I will state “It is Highest Good and Right Action to . . . ” and then fill in the blank. Say what you are thinking of doing as a true statement and then feel if it feels true. Or, listen for a yes or a now from the Angels and Masters. You should be able to at least feel if there is manifestation energy flowing through the statement, resonating and filling it with light, or if it falls flat you should be able to feel the lack of energy. It is always good to do really important check ins with an intuitive partner for conformation, and I often do these with people in the private sessions I do to give people a read on things they are considering.

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