Obedience to Love

In my last post I talked about my obedience training, and how all of my resistances to surrender fully to Divine Will were being broken down. Words like “discipline” and “obedience” do not always connect with people when they think about ascension or the process of enlightenment. Perhaps it would would be more meaningful to talk about where love comes into the picture of obedience training.

When Jesus called people to love their enemies, he was calling them into alignment with a form of love that is universal. As many of the people who heard this continued to fall into the gravity of his heart, this message created a shift in their consciousness, opening the community container for love to include even those people that were feared and hated by the community.

This was a compelling message and, the love behind it was so powerful, it commanded obedience with the will to bring all of humanity into the love vibration. Jesus was commanded by Divine Will to love his enemies, and he was teaching by example when he inspired others to do the same.

Likewise, I find in my obedience training that I am being commanded to open my heart more and more to those who have wronged me in the past. I can feel that I am part of the way that Christ’s love wants to reach them. I think of the man who robbed me at gunpoint about 5 years ago.

Perhaps I met him so that I would remember him when my heart became merged in Christ so that Christ’s forgiveness and love would be aided to reach him even more through me. Perhaps my compassion for him is having a nonlocal effect.  I never held it against him, but I like to believe that the more my heart grows, the more love I can send to everyone that I have ever known.

For me, obeying Divine Will is the same as obeying Christ’s love. I am bound by the gravity of Christ’s example and must constantly focus on self improvement and self purification; a divine directive that was close to Prophet Muhammad’s heart.

Obedience to Divine Will means constantly recognizing every non-loving thought or expression and converting it or refining it into more loving and empowering patterns of thinking and behavior. This has to be done to reach the threshold of one’s transcendence into full alignment with the Christ Consciousness, and the refinement must also continue after.

I have had many visions of an all consuming flame of GOD’s love that is constantly stepping closer to humanity, as I take my own steps toward meeting and merging with it. I can feel the all consuming flame that seeks to purify the mind of all forms of duality, and the transformation I am experiencing through obedience to the Will of this Flame is happening very quickly.

I will try to describe more of this process as I experience it. We are all experiencing having our ego’s broken down and deconstructed as we surrender to the gravity of our divine selves. My hope in blogging about this process is that some might find in my writings a meaningful reflection of themselves.



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  1. Thank you for your article. My personal lesson in experiencing the shift to Divine Love falls into the story Abraham and Sarah. They lived through to their elder years to have their own son. At one point, the Lord asked Abraham to give up the one that he most loved. His son was the one person whom Abraham loved the most. But through obedience and a self sacrafice, Abraham agreed and prepared Isaac for the ritual. At that last moment in 3D time, Abraham was stopped and given an animal to sacrafice in place of the boy. My story is similar though it did not go into requiring the use of an animal (thank goodness!). I had met someone and formed a kind of “love” in a new friendship, not a physical 3D kind of love but more of a spiritual connection.. a rememberence of something from long past. As time went along, I realized it was becoming near obscessive and I knew I needed to break this “hold” I was forming. At the same time, I heard the question, “Would you give up your new love for me?” “Well, of course”, I thought. I was put to test. I wrestled through about 2 or 3 days of working to break my ego’s attempt to hold on to this new experience of spiritual love because I’d never felt this way before. I was euphoric days on end. I was on clouds at work, no issue could bother me. But it still wasn’t right. My ego started dreaming up fantasies that were never going to happen. So, I let it all go and prayed for peace. I broke my ego’s hold on wanting to control this new spiritual love and since then, the love I DO feel has been balanced and it includes All the people around me, not just the one or two. There is no jealousy, no pushing for results. It is a freedom – freedom that I no longer expect life to be my way or else. I let it go. I’ve accepted that a person will understand me or love me the way the way they want to and I’ll return the same. If a person doesn’t fall in sync with me, that’s just as good and I’m not offended by that any longer. There is a true emotional freedom in loving Un-conditionally. Thanks for your time. Namaste~

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