How Do I Work With the Violet Flame?

One of my clients recently asked that I address the subject of the Violet Flame for the benefit of all. At this stage, I am welcoming all questions and writing prompts as I continue to develop this new blog as a resource for people on the spiritual path.

Before I address how to work with the Violet Flame, it might be more relevant to address working with Saint Germain. Saint Germain was my primary guide for many years until he passed me over to Kuthumi for a time, before I was then passed to Pranananda. Saint Germain was also Pranananda’s teacher all the way up to his enlightenment, and he is still one of the main Ascended Masters I hear from.

Many years ago, while conducting a workshop in Crestone, Colorado, Saint Germain appeared at the foot of my bed and began to give a transmission of the Violet Flame.  He had come to give everyone in the workshop, myself included, an attunement to the Violet Flame, and this appearance was his way of introducing what the theme of the day was to be.

Even though I had worked with the Violet Flame before by invoking it into my meditations, I got a stronger dose of it that weekend than ever before. It made the whole subject even more real for me.

What the Violet Flame does is to transmute old energies that no longer serve us; to cleanse them and spiritualize them, updating the old and bringing it into the new. Sometimes the Violet Flame can produce a healing release of old energies as they are burned up and transmuted back into unconditional love, however it is not simply a magic formula for healing.

It might be more accurate to say that the Violet Flame bridges the old and the new together in a way that facilitates healing. For instance, suppose we had an experience in childhood where we shut down emotionally as a response to some kind of energy that felt threatening or dishonoring and, we have experienced this kind of emotional shut down being triggered over and over again in our adulthood. Over time we begin to see passed this, developing wisdom and insight about what this was about, and we reach for the experience of greater unconditional love, the love of the higher self or greater self.

The Violet Flame comes to us as a dispensation. It is not a way around doing the kind of meaningful resolution work that Saint Germain teaches us about. There is a reason why things happen to us that create unhealed or stuck energy. When we are willing to do our homework, the Violet Flame can do more for us, helping to bridge the gap when we are close enough to the transformation that our efforts are worthy of grace. It might seem to those who have experienced it like a magic formula for healing, but I promise you there was some form of worthy effort that came first.

The Violet Flame can also help us to realize the path to healing. Take the example I just described two paragraphs above. If we had not even realized the source of our unhealed energy, invoking the Violet Flame could actually bring us the awareness of what needs to happen to aligned us to receive it as a healing dispensation.  It doesn’t just help a healing process to complete, and can reveal to us what needs to be healed and changed so that as we realize new potentials and choose them, we can then aligned with the completion of the healing in the Violet Flame.

One thing that might give you hope if you feel you are struggling against certain patterns that seem difficult to change — we do not have to transform every bit of the patterns we took on to become clear of them. The weight of certain self imposed limitations act as a catalyst to get us to muster the strength to change but, once we have become strong enough to begin moving our energy differently, the weight of our psychological limitations can be lifted off gracefully.

I can remember a time when I was working with Kuthumi on changing a certain pattern within myself and once I reached the moment of transformation, when my mind began to become more unconditional, Kuthumi lifted the remaining weight of the pattern off. It had felt like a dense, heavy mental energy, but I learned through this experience that I was not alone in shifting any of the patterns I was working through. It is really a team effort, and we mostly only need to reach a point of changing our tune before grace can help us along by removing what we experienced as an obstacle before.

Most of these patterns we are working on healing are collective in nature and though these collective patterns may seem to have a resonance stronger than our own, it is really just a test for us to change our resonance. We don’t have to change the collective pattern, just the way we were relating to it.  Once we become unconditional to the pattern, we no longer need it to test us.

Also, many of us often get stuck in the resonance of consciousness our parents were in. As children, we felt a lack or disparity in their consciousness that we wanted to change. We sacrificed ourselves and our alignment with Source to meet them in their more emotionally shut down state, and then we became stuck trying to change something that we were not meant to change. The child in us might have reasoned that, if we could heal our parents, then they would have a greater capacity to love us and our families would feel more whole and more reflective of how we all feel in heaven; but there is a flaw in this form of child logic.

We heal the family by first healing ourselves, and we heal ourselves by first accepting everyone exactly as they are. We accept that no matter how unconditional our love was for our parents when we were little, it was not our job to heal them and so we cannot blame ourselves for failing to heal them. Most people are walking around in a maze of parental projections, projecting the unresolved feelings of childhood onto their partners, their bosses, their children, their finances, and even onto GOD. Finding your way out of this maze is part of the path to enlightenment.

My standards for what healing my family looked like were very high as a child, and it was not until I let go of this more as an adult that my angels were able to come in and explain to the child in me that, actually, I did bring some healing into the family, just not as much as I would have liked. I was not even able to hear that message before, because I held myself to a different standard, and for a long time I felt unresolved about failing to do something that was not really mine to do. Each person has to take responsibility for healing themselves, and then the role of each person in the drama can have the maximum impact.

The same goes with the Violet Flame. Like I said, it is a dispensation. We need to put forth some effort to heal ourselves by becoming more unconditional, making an effort to change. This is what warrants such a healing dispensation. When we have changed a certain percentage of a pattern, the rest can be gracefully burned up and transmuted. That is part of how the Violet Flame works.

Invoke it to help you see what needs to be healed.  Then focus on it as a source of healing energy that is helping you to change your resonance and release into it all that does not serve you any longer.  If you are not sure how to work with it, ask Saint Germain.  Knowing his name is as good as having his cell phone number.  He is always available to focus on you in a loving way to help you see the higher potential of your situation.

Most of the healing sessions I have done with people were done with the Violet Flame without me even asking for it or invoking it. Saint Germain just showed up with the Violent Flame and everything just flowed from there. So don’t think that you have to constantly invoke the Violet Flame to get it to come to you. This reinforces the idea that you are separate from it and that the Masters are not aware of what you need.

Working with the Violet Flame has more to do with making yourself available to something that is constantly there, wanting to flood in at every moment of opportunity created by your willingness to learn and grow and heal.

Two key points on working with the Violet Flame:

1) If you are going to work with the Violet Flame in meditation, make your focus Saint Germain. Invite Saint Germain into your meditation to work with you and focus on celebrating the gift of the Violet Flame healing energy for humanity. Don’t invoke Saint Germain like you are summoning something that is separate from you. Invite Saint Germain to your meditation like you would invite your best friend over for tea.

The energy of celebration is key because it connects with the higher vibrations of the emotional body that are aligned with healing energy. Focus on celebrating that there is this beautiful healing energy available and hold an intention to be dressed in it. Just as you put on your clothes in the morning, imagine putting on the Violet Flame like a meditation robe that links you with the energy of Saint Germain’s ashram on the inner plane.

The key is to hold an openness to receiving Saint Germain’s teachings, aid and support, to align you with the healing opportunities that will come to you through working with the Violet Flame. Saint Germain will help you to receive more of what the Violet Flame has to offer, but be prepared to receive instruction. When you show up in the inner plane ashrams of the Masters, ready to learn, they will take notice and come to instruct you. All you need to do is hold the intention of being willing to learn from them, and your spiritual form will appear within the ashrams on the inner plane.

2) There is actually a global dispensation from the Violet Flame taking place. The world is being bathed in this energy, and it is literally the energy of the new paradigm. Perhaps one of the best ways to align yourself with this energy is to become more of a conduit for others. The more you include others in your prayers, the more you will align yourself with heavenly aid. If you are just praying for your own healing, it is not as powerful a calling as when you pray for the healing of your family, or love ones, or the people in the area where you live.

Intend for more of this healing energy to reach everyone that you are connected to, and imagine sending it to others. This is a great way to work with the Violet Flame. Wherever you are, imagine that you were sent there to be an anchor for the Violet Flame and practice holding an intention for this energy to ground more fully and deeply through the whole surrounding area.  Visualize your neighborhood being bathed in the Violet Flame.

Working with the Violet Flame is not a process of just using it as you would imagine it being used. It is about learning how the Violet Flame wants to work with you. Cultivating a relationship with Saint Germain is a great way to move into this. He is the steward of the Violet Flame, and one of the primary teachers for the new age.

Visualizing it in your meditations can help the conscious mind begin to accept the presence of this energy, but the deeper connection comes through aligning your intentions with that of the Master. Choose to become a student of the Violet Flame and the keys to how to work with it will come to you through your training. 

The Violet Flame is helping to transmute the energy of the old paradigm to make room for the new paradigm. It follows that the same is true of the way your divine self is imprinting into your physical form. There are older versions of you that need to be repatterned until they fit, or are more aligned with what is coming in. The Violet Flame can bridge the incoming new consciousness with that of the old, so that the new can work more gracefully to shift the old into alignment with a higher vibration.

There is no one perfect method for “working with” the Violet Flame, but what we can always do is ask Saint Germain: what do we need to do next to repattern ourselves? As long as we are doing what is ours to do and not ignoring or avoiding any of life’s lessons, we will afford ourselves the maximum benefits of the Violet Flame and all of the healing dispensations of the Masters. Our efforts to self-improve will never go unnoticed.

It is also worth mentioning that you cannot just invoke the Violet Flame to “burn up” emotions that you are repressing. Often when we feel stuck energy in our mental or emotional body, it is due to repressed energy. In this case, working with the Violet Flame can help you to become aware of what is being repressed and why, so that it can be honored, processed, and released.  Tried to get the Masters to help you “get rid” of something or some part of you that needs to be felt and integrated with will only reinforce the separation inside of you that needs to be healed.

If you liked this article, please consider reposting it, and if you want more personal instruction for your spiritual practice, my readings come highly recommended. I often receive key guidance and instruction for aiding people to develop their spiritual practice. Sometimes these readings can take you in an exciting new direction, opening new doorways to spiritual growth.  I am here to serve.


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  1. Beautiful. Thankyou very much Michael. God bless

  2. “Tried to get the Masters to help you “get rid” of something or some part of you that needs to be felt and integrated with will only reinforce the separation inside of you that needs to be healed.”

    This bit is by far the best nugget I’ve found around. You are not supposed to get rid of the energy, but feel it. Thanks for your artile.

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