What is Stream of Consciousness Writing?

Someone just asked me about stream of consciousness writing and I thought I would post the answer here. The question came about because this person expressed that they were having difficulty hearing the voices of their guides and I suggested not to get too hung up on trying to access guidance in this way.

I am clairaudient, though I did have to practice meditation and do psychologically clearing work to open and develop this ability. For those who have not had much experience with this ability (being able to hear psychically) people often have expectations of what this kind of “hearing” is like. Sometimes your expectations can get in the way of achieving a trance state, but fortunately, a trance state is not necessary for you to receive guidance.

I actually started the development of my channeling process more through writing, and it is a great place for anyone to start if you have not yet gotten a handle on achieving a trance state.

I recommend to everyone who wants to get to know their guides and how to channel them to buy a special notebook that represents the channeling space you are developing. The notebook becomes like a designated meeting space between your mind and the mind of your guides. It is a good idea to dedicate the notebook by writing something on the first page, like a statement of intentions about your desire to get to know your guides, or to find answers to life’s questions.

I can tell you that there were many times when I started writing “Dear Angels” and in the process of writing out my questions, concerns, dreams and wishes, somehow the letter ended up addressing the issues in ways that revealed that it was not just me writing. The guides were jumping into my stream of consciousness and imparting their commentary, and my mind just picked it up because the very act of writing in my special notebook represented a state of intimate contact with the guides.

I imagined that the notebook appeared in their reality, like they were reading the words I was writing as they appeared before them, or perhaps it is easier to imagine that they are just looking over your shoulder.

I remember once I wrote the name “Sananda” in big letters across the top of a page before writing a letter to Sananda, and at the bottom, I asked “Who is guiding me now?”; and then my eyes drifted to the top of the page and I saw how big I had been guided to write the letters of Sananda’s name. Sananda had done this with me, so that I had together we had answered the question that he knew I was going to ask at the bottom of the page.

Stream of consciousness writing is simply writing without the normal filters of needing it to make sense or knowing where it is going to go. You might start with an intention to connect with your guides, but you just let your mind go and start to write. I suggest looking within for a writing prompt. A writing prompt is a suggestion about what to write about. These are often used to generate writing exercises in education. In this case, your guides will give you the prompt and then off you go.

Start with the first subject that comes up in your mind and start writing out it. It could be totally fictional, or it could be processing about a memory or something that is up in your life presently. I often felt guided to draw little pictures, and later I found them to be highly symbolic. The consciousness of my guides would reflect in the images, giving me an attunement to how they think about their relationship to me and the journey I am on.

I filled many notebooks with letters to my guides and eventually I started channeling little paragraphs here and there in writing. These would happen spontaneously, and gradually the process underwent a shift.

This is a great way to develop your channel. Always have the notebook handy incase you get something that is meant to go in it. Record your dreams. Record wisdom quotes you come across that resonate with you. Write about the synchronicities of your life.

When you channel a piece of writing spontaneously for your notebook, it might feel like a breakthrough. Designating a notebook as a part of your channeling space solves some of the initial challenges people face when learning to channel through meditation and via trance state. Your filters are down. Your guides can just contact you when they see the opportunity, not when you are pressuring yourself to make the connection.

Your guides might notice you daydreaming, and your brainwaves get into a good alpha state; so they blast a message through and suddenly you feel the spark to write down some inspiring idea. Or, your guides might send you a sign in the physical world, or direct your attention to something that symbolically reflects a key they want to impart, and suddenly you feel the impulse to write about the synchronicity.

Before you know it, you are writing full-on channeled messages without even being in a trance state. You are writing in a state of inspiration, which is actually how most of the channeled material I produce comes through. Only so much of what I channel comes through in a trance state. There are many ways to channel, so there is no reason to expect that you have to do it the way some others do.

Look for the feeling of inspiration, because that is where your guide will go to meet with you. In the beginning, stream of consciousness writing might be what helps to open the doorway for more your guides to enter your creative process and interact with it, but as your channeling develops, stream of consciousness writing will be the result of the connections you are making with your guides. You will learn to control the process, hone it, and use it as a way to cocreate with your guides.  There are no limits.

And if you are having trouble getting a flow of words going, just start with channeling one. Ask your guides to give you a “word of the day”. You don’t even have to expect you will get what the word is in the moment you ask. Whatever it is, it will pop up during the day and you will know what word your guides are focused on. They will accentuate the presence of this one word, and many meanings will dance around it.

Even discerning a single key word from your guides can become a writing prompt that produces streams of though. And remember, your guides love you and love to cocreate with you. They will enjoy all of your efforts, taking whatever you bring to the table and working with it. All you need is patience, and your channeling will grow and develop into what your soul intends for it to be.


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