Channeling the Arcturians


The first time I channeled my Arcturian guide was in 2001, in a little German city called Munchengladbach. It was one of the first workshops I ever hosted and the channeling took me by surprise.

I was already accustomed to leading groups through guided meditations, but this time it felt different. An Arcturian ship appeared over the room and I felt my consciousness aligned with the Arcturians in meditation.

They brought an energy vortex into the center of the room and offered each person an etheric crystal that connected them into the energy of the Arcturian spiral of ascension. I felt these crystals going into our auric fields and it was a very powerful activation. We all felt a shift, and then my guide came through me and began to speak to people about the Arcturian energy.

I felt very blessed by this experience. They obviously wanted to show their support to those who were coming together to align with the ascension energy. One of the things I remembered the most clearly about the session was the comments the Arcturians made about the potential for humans to evolve our sense of smell.

Arcturians have very acute senses of smell. They can take in a lot of information through smell and it is also a source of great pleasure to them. Of course, their higher dimensional reality probably smells a lot better than ours, but still, they said that they would like to help us to evolve this aspect of our physicality.

Last year, I went to Sedona out-of-body to check up on the work the Arcturians are doing there and I was led to a deposit of blue stone that had been brought to our world from one of the Arcturian home worlds. The instant I touched one of these blue stones it was like leaping into a portal.

I found myself flying through the galaxy at incredible speed until I entered a portal and leaped right onto the planet where these blue stones came from. This is a perfect example of why such gifts are given to our world, to weave a web of consciousness between worlds that we can find within ourselves.

The Arcturians have brought many such gifts and continue to place them in key locations around the world, though Sedona is an excellent place to visit if you want to connect with the Arcturian energy.

I know there are a lot of people who would like to know how to channel the Arcturians, or who would like to make a connection to an Arcturian guide. I first learned about the Arcturians in a little book about Sedona and it suggested a brief meditation for contacting the Arcturians. I am quite certain that the signal I sent out was heard because I did begin to experience contact.

Thought I don’t remember the meditation, I can tell you quite simply that all you need to do is ask. Do a little meditation and send out a signal to the universe if you like, asking for a high level Arcturian guide to work with you on your ascension process.

Not everyone is destined to channel the Arcturian guides, but just signaling your readiness to explore the Arcturian energy will begin to open the doorway to this wonderful resource of galactic healing energy. They are very telepathic, humorous, loving, and friendly. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in touch with them at some point. The best way to make yourself available to that is to practice some form of meditation, though telepathic contact can happen whether you are in a meditative space or not.

That is one thing that I have noticed about the Arcturians. Channeling them is one thing, but they are very able to carry on a conversation with you telepathically without you being in a channeling space. I have had many spontaneous conversations with them. Sometimes just mentioning them to a friend prompted one of them to chime in on the conversation and offer a message telepathically.

There are several good books about the Arcturians as well that can help connect you to them. One is called “We, the Arcturians” by Norma Milanovich. My favorite Arcturian books though are by David K. Miller. Both David and Norma have been guests at my previous conferences in Colorado. David is a very psychologically clear channel and I have enjoyed his work. I hope those of you who want to learn more will look into his work.

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  1. Judy Satori is also an excellent channel for the Arcturians and offers many free activations on her website.

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