Vision of the Islamic Antichrist (Dajjal)

I thought since I discussed a concept of the Devil in the last post, I would address the subject of the antichrist in this post.

Last year I had a vision of the Islamic antichrist, predicted by the Prophet Muhammad. He is to be the final human deceiver in the end times, according to Islamic eschatology. This was a fascinating vision that paralleled things written in Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian teachings about holographic inserts and fake religious dramas that will be perpetrated on humanity in the Middle Eastern portals.

There is a high degree of connective energy between dimensions that is opening up in many of Earth’s portals, Iraq being one of the main focal points of this kind of energy. I sometimes speak of energy as being either relational or dimensional.  Relational energy is energy exchanged between the inhabitants of a common plain of vibration, like our physical reality; and dimensional energy is energy that creates reflectivity between dimensions.

The dimensional energy opening up in Earth’s portals is of particular interest to me because of how it may facilitate the development of inter-dimensional communication. Dimensional energy will help us to use modern technology to communicate with our friends and loved ones who have passed on.

This increase in connective energy between many plains of vibration also can be abused to more easily create and project holographic illusions, and there are some beings who wish to exploit this kind of energy, especially in the Middle East.

What I saw was the coming of a man who is in allegiance with an ET group that is hard at work to lead humanity astray. This man may, in fact, be a hybrid. Some of his DNA may come from the ET group that handles him, though he will also be a willing follower, convinced by the ETs that he is a prophet who is “in contact with the heavens”. Having some of the DNA from this group of ETs makes him more adapted to the resonance of their consciousness and easier to control.

I saw how the ETs were projecting holographic illusions around him and in his presence that many undiscerning people thought were miracles. They projected a light around him that made him seem as if he glowed. At one point he walked into a large arena where many people had gathered to see him, and the ETs were making things appear to the audience that further entranced people will the illusion. They made flowers appear and other objects that seemed to have some symbolic religious significance.

The idea was to get thousands of people at a time from these gatherings to open their minds to receive direct telepathic messages commanding them to OBEY the messenger. All the time this was going on I could read the Dajjal’s thoughts and he only cared about expanding his image as a prophet for the power it would give him. There was an aura of self flattery within him as I saw these illusions being projected for him, and he even began to believe that he was creating them.

Contrary to what the Prophet said about him, this man did not have one eye. I am reluctant to give any physical description because I don’t want people to try and identify this person based on such details. The holographic illusions that will surround this person will make it easy to identify him. I can only say that he looked like a normal man.

The description Muhammad gave of him being blind in one eye may have been spiritually symbolic of being closed to true perception. Whatever the original meaning of this description was, I do not believe it referred to a person with such an easily recognizable physical feature, and yet I am quite certain that this was the man Muhammad was predicting. I am certain because I am in touch with the spirit of Muhammad and feel informed about such things.

The man I saw is the final deceiver that will himself be deceived about having a prophetic role, but it is the ETs behind him that are the real deceivers. They want to stimulate whatever religious convictions serve their interests to stir up conflict and controversy in the Middle East portals, to keep people from aligning with Christ’s love from within. The idea is to mesmerize people with outer displays of illusion to possess their minds and keep them entranced with the outer so as many people as possible will miss the opportunity to align with the doorway to the New Earth that is opening in our hearts.

In the vision I saw many people being deceived by the Dajjal, but not so many that I was concerned that this could not be shifted. I am not worried that this challenge will throw off the divine plan in any way, but it will certainly create an awesome test of discernment.  The illusions will be very compelling for many people who are in despair, and who want to believe in some sort of a savior.  In my opinion, waiting for a savior or believing that someone else will do it for you is one of the worst things we can do with our time on Earth.

The world will be saved through the Grace of GOD, and through those who surrender to GOD and start showing up unconditionally for others, making service to others an example of how to live. These two things go hand in hand. GOD is counting on all of us to rise to the occasion. No one person can lead us out of the mess we are in.

I know that Christians have their own views of the antichrist. I believe that the person I saw fulfills multiple religious prophecies and warnings about an end times deceiver. The ETs who want to deceive us will not be sending several such figures. They want to try and get as many people as possible to believe in one way of thinking, based upon the illusion of a savior who can connect us with benefits of receiving the support of this ET group.

I hope that even the small number of people reading this will refer back to this article when these dramas start to unfold in the Middle East so that we can help generate a big planetary conversation about it. The vision of this man was so clear to me. It is not the only one I have had.

Also, Marshall Vian Summers received messages about such a person in his Allies of Humanity Briefing Report, Book One.  When I read this, it confirmed a scenario that I was shown many years before. We need to be very alert in these times. Some of what I am describing here may still be years ahead, but it is also worth remembering that there are true and miraculous things unfolding through the Grace of GOD and through the surrender of GOD’s servants that such deceptions are designed to mimic.

That is a whole other story.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this vision …alll you said i sense is true my friend …again you words so discerning and insightful Love Will connect with you when i am in africa on the inner plane Xxx M

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