The Devil Insight

I witnessed something incredible while out-of-body the other night.  At first I was on the inner plane, observing the physical world from an angel’s eye view.  Then, I noticed a lot of energetic movement taking place. There were illusions being created, popping up in some places and then being moved around to others.

I was perplexed. What was causing these scenes to appear and shift around. It was as if someone was staging these illusions for the sake of others, and then putting them into place to have a desired effect.

I began to track the manifestation of these illusions. They were vast, and the activity was global. Someone was creating a hall of mirrors for masses of people to walk through, distracting whole groups of people with similar inclinations. Then I came to the source. It was a being of some sort, playing a game of illusion.

This being was similar to some of the astral entities I have seen that can take the form of people’s thoughts, attachments and fears; but this being was more powerful, more masterful, and commanded far more attention. Its sole purpose was to lead people astray, to keep people distracted and deceive them by reinforcing ideas that keep people separate from GOD and from oneness with the rest of humanity.

If I had the sort of Christian psychological belief/filters that are so common in the world, I would have thought that this was the Devil, but I saw something in this being that such filters don’t allow you to see.

I stood face to face with this architect of illusion, knowing that this being had once been my adversary, appearing as such in any form that I needed it to appear in, to teach me about the responsibility that comes with having power. This being had provided distractions, enemies that matched my fears, and grand visions of potential achievement to gratify the ambitions of self will.

But that night, I saw only my own reflection as an emissary of Christ in this being, and I watched as all the energy I had once given this being began to retract, back into my center of power. All at once, I had a stunning revelation. This being was not a devil at all, only a servant of self will.

I began to observe more closely the way people’s consciousness was interacting with this being, now free from its illusions. I saw the Presence of GOD as an omnipresent force of love and divine guidance, as if this Presence was there behind everyone’s back. So many had turned their backs to this Presence and were in denial of it while being entranced with the world of form and sense gratification.

I saw that it was not “the Devil” that was preventing people from turning to face the Presence of GOD, but human self will. I saw people willfully choosing distraction, giving power to the architect of illusion, sheltering the adversary with fear. I saw the Devil for what it really is, a self created means of living in denial of the ONE by staying distracted and drawing power from the belief that we must fight against some external enemy.

I saw that this architect was not evil, only a master of illusion, feeding people with the illusions they asked for to keep them in denial, hiding from the I AM Presence, as if such a thing is even possible.

The architect of illusion is serving a great purpose, but it is humanity’s dark side that is the real problem. We asked for such a mirror so that we could increase our discernment through evolving out of ignorance. The most shocking part of this vision was watching how people thought they were escaping responsibility by denying the ripple effect of oneness, and yet facing our oneness is the only way to become free.

Denial traps people in the lowest vibration where all kinds of astral entities pollute the fabric of human consciousness, seeking to hold people back from the light of truth by feeding our fears and attachments. This could all be over in an instant if enough people would realize that  the only enemy we face in the world is ourselves. We project the illusion of an enemy onto others. The ego believes you are in competition, and that the world is in conflict with who you are. Not so for the master of truth, the Christ within.

The only devil in the world is one people project through the denial of unconditional love in their own hearts. This construct allows people to make GOD into something more conditional, more limiting, more exclusive that GOD really is. The “Adversary” as he is often called, is only there to hold space for our projections of an adversary, until we are able to see these projections as a mirror of our own dark side. That is when an awakening occurs.

The wisdom borne from this process will light a new pathway for other worlds, as humanity’s new peace consciousness become a galactic phenomenon.

I am a more enlightened person than I was a few days ago. Deep down inside, I already knew this truth, as do we all, but to see to it dramatized through this multidimensional vision helped crystalized the insight more completely than ever before.

One day the architect of illusion will be released from his role. He is really an angel, not fallen, just disguised. And one day, we will create from the world even more vastly than he does, but with a more inspiring purpose; sculpting from a multidimensional landscape with our enlightened minds, and yet ever knowing that it is all just an illusion. We will become the architects of illusion, who know that only love is real.


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  1. Brilliant again my friend ….i had a few encounters with these kind of beings …and i. Call them the dark lords….i was impressed by their humbleness to sign up for this job…..yoou know someone had to hold all that which we fear hate and abandon…and fight against…they did it …luzifer appeared to me almost 20 years ago and showed me this and more….love you heaps and will fly out to south africa….in 2 days …pl hold a light of protection over us ….it is pretty rough there atmthe moment after the police has shot the 36 miners and there are riots and protests all over the country…streets are also closed….well we will make it …glad that this time i am not travelling alone and kiara is with me…and in the beginning marcus, qala and some others… Love Mirjam

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