The Examples

In one of my channelings this last year with my partner Susan, I heard the Masters referring to us as Examples, and they talked about “the Examples”, meaning those of us on the planet who had come to live the teachings of the Masters.

The fact that they referred to a whole global group of people as “the Examples” really struck me because it emphasized the very essence of what GOD intends for us to be.

More than anything, humanity needs good examples of how to be. We need to see mastery being demonstrated in many ways and many forms. The deepening of this realization made me even more focused on self examination of my example in every moment, and more dedicated to being the best example I could be.

Looking back at some of the major religious movements in history, this aspect of the original movements became diminished very quickly over the centuries. Having the right beliefs became more important than spreading the teaching of compassion by example.

Compassion, the Teacher, has appeared many times and in many forms throughout history; always to train us to become better human beings. At this stage in human history, we are capable of fulfilling the original purpose of many religious movements, without religious beliefs and differences getting in the way. We are capable of becoming united in the purpose of teaching compassion by our Examples without that teaching being branded.

My commitment to my self, to GOD, to my family and to the world is to be the best example I can be. It takes work. It takes commitment and devotion, but it is one of the most inspiring things I can imagine choosing for my life.

For me this unfolds by constantly recognizing opportunities in everyday life to be an example of love, peace, generosity, kindness, and to always be willing to examine when I am not being these things. It is a constant process of refinement, but one that never fails to produce results.

I hope you will see in yourself the same potential, to be one of “the Examples” that made a future history of unending love and peace a reality.


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