Feeling Connected to GOD

Lately I have heard a number of people talk about feeling disconnected from Spirit for long periods of time and, a reader just asked about how to connect to GOD from within. Many of us have experienced periods of grace when we felt more connected to the heavens and yet these times do not seem to last. All of this brings to mind a number of my own trials that have borne some wisdom about this subject that I can relate here.

First of all, none of us have ever been truly disconnected from GOD. The GOD connection sources us whether we know it or not. What makes it challenging to perceive this GOD connection is that we have been living on a world where the light was turned down so that our species could, as requested, experience overly identifying with the field of matter, and with our bodies. Countless worlds have ascended from a denser vibration to a lighter one, but humanity decided to approach ascension from the densest vibration possible, and from a state of almost complete amnesia. Pretty radical idea if you ask me, but also likely to create transformation of a scale never before realized.  

So, the GOD connection has always been there but, we have been allowed to experience a period of learning through this rare experience of density, and in the absence of a stronger GOD connection, we have filled the void with all kinds of attachments, additions, egoic pursuits, all so that we could learn one thing: GOD’s plan for our lives is infinitely better that anything the ego can dream up; so why not follow the path of Surrender to GOD.

Even as I write these words, the juice is gradually being cranked up and our bodies are being fed with more light, so why then does it not always seem that way? Sometimes we feel weighted down by dense thought forms about life’s obstacles, or we feel powerless to overcome what we believe is holding us back.

When I first began my training with the angels, I experienced a prolonged synchronistic path where I lived in the loving presence of the angels all the time. I experienced many heavenly contacts and was in the flow of abundance, but then it was like they released me into the density of the world again and I became confronted with karma that needed to be balanced.

Over the years I would re-enter the path of grace for periods of time but was not able to sustain it. Finally, I came to the understanding that I could not have learned all that I needed to learn about the human condition if I was high on light all the time. I needed those periods of density to refine myself and find the balance within the mass consciousness. I needed to learn how to be more grounded and connected to the world I was here to serve so I would not think that my destiny was just to go higher and higher without knowing how to help the world undertake the same journey.

Whether we are feeling our connection to the heavens or are in a prolonged quiet period where there is little angelic activity going on, there is a reason. There is always something to integrate with.  It is all to strengthen our faith, one way or another.

I remember last year when Yogananda told me not to worry when I was in a quiet period where I was not hearing from the Masters much. He said it was because I was being given a break and to enjoy such breaks when they come.

The angels have said similar things about the ascension process. They have explained that in the process of being accelerate to a higher vibratory level, we are given the opportunity to enjoy being who we are for a while before we are called to further surrender to an expansion of consciousness. We are always becoming more of who we truly are, but sometimes this involves letting go of everything we thought we knew, and our whole sense of self can undergo a shift.

The fact is, if any of us experienced nothing but acceleration without any plateaus, our experience of ascension would not be very relatable. Most of the world is not ready for the sudden death of the ego through being catapulted into a new dimension; so those of us demonstrating this are having our ego’s deconstructed and broken down a little at a time. Don’t worry, there will be plenty dramatic transformation, but we have to be well grounded first so that when the transformation comes, we don’t drop the ball on our earthly responsibilities.

Yogananda also told me last year that the reason my ascension process was happening in this gradual step by step manner was for the sake of others. This way, it would be easier to relate to the various stages and trials that most people are going through during the planetary shift. This was his response when I asked him why I couldn’t just ascend the physical body as easily as I can project out of it.

Some of you who have had experiences with heavenly contact before might feel it is much more noticeable when this is not happening, and you describe this as a feeling of disconnection. Some people experience a lot of heavenly contact in the early stages of realizing one’s ascension/enlightenment potential for this lifetime, and it is easy to miss that feeling of exhilaration that comes when you feel angels and Ascended Masters directly acknowledging your potential.

Once you have found the path, you can never leave the path. The path always comes to you, no matter where you are. Not experiencing a lot of heavenly contacts does not mean anything really. It does not mean that you have lost the thread of connection to Spirit. It does not mean that you have done anything wrong, or that the Masters and angels have lost interest in you.

Sometimes people are given grand visions of their potential only to discover that there is a lot more time involved in realizing that potential. I was shown things in my teens that took more than a decade to fulfill, but for many years I wondered if I was off track because I was not able to make the visions come true. It was all a test of patience and trust in divine timing.

If you are feeling like you have been out of touch with Spirit for a long time, it is not because you have done anything wrong. You may be in a process of integrating with aspects of you (soul fragments for instance) that feel stuck in density; and you are living through a remembrance of what felt unresolved from previous life experiences. We are all getting what we need out of life, though what we need for our soul’s growth and what we want are often two very different things.

A soul fragment is an aspect of our consciousness that became stuck in self-identification around some particular memory or feeling that felt unresolved or incomplete — something that made us feel separate from love or unable to trust in ourselves, others, or GOD. The process of our lives will inevitably cycle around to experiences that trigger these fragments to come to the forefront of our consciousness so we can integrate them back into the whole, releasing the attachments, fears, or agendas that created them.

Sometimes it is our soul fragments that feel disconnected from love, and if we have come to embodies these fragments of memory/experience, and to share in the same forms of self-identification, it can feel like we are as cut off as we felt in those other times. No matter how this feels, there is always activity going on in our Spirit connection. We are just more absorbed sometimes with earthly life, and the path of spiritual progress does not always show up for us in the way that we might expect.

In the case of integrating with soul fragments, you must work to develop your capacity for self-love and self-acceptance. This will bring Spirit closer to those fragments of self that have been self absorbed in memories of pain so that a healing can occur.

I can assure you that as the process of planetary ascension unfolds, we will experience increased contacts with the heavens. The doorway to the angelic realms is opening wider everyday, but we must also remember to make showing up for people in the real world more important than heavenly contacts. This is what affords us more grace. When we are grounded in our service to others, we will feel the backing of the heavens.

I remember when I first started having conscious contact with ETs in 1995. After the first few times I had visually sighted a ship and communicated with the beings inside telepathically, I had an out-of-body experience where the ET guides I met informed me that they did not wish to keep initiating contact in the physical. They explained that because of the denial of the ET presence, they did not want to interfere and that it would be best not to keep expecting them to appear outwardly.

They had given my conscious mind all the proof needed that they exist and, until the time was right, the contacts would have to happen in the out-of-body state. Now many people have been awakened by such contacts, but without developing the ability to channel or go out-of-body to make the connection, it can feel like the connection is lost when the contacts stop; but we were only meant to have enough of these kinds of experiences to give us the prove we need to answer our own questions.

As for the question of how to connect to GOD from within: I will address this first by saying that GOD is at work in this very moment to strengthen the connection. GOD is seeking you, reaching out to you, and responding in ways that we may not recognize as such.

Our dreams, feelings of inspiration, and most of our best ideas come from GOD or, rather, our GOD self, which is one and the same. Realize that you are GOD, asking how to connect with GOD. Part of the answer comes from realizing more about what you are.

You are part of the Creator in material form. You are standing at the heart and center of Creation, just like everyone else. The Center is in everyone. GOD is not above you or outside of you. GOD is in the beating of your heart and in the air that you breathe.

A few suggestions:

1) Pray/Ask for alignment by affirming that it is already there. “I AM ALIGNED WITH GOD FROM WITHIN.” Repeat this over and over again in your meditation, like a mantra.

2) Pray for the world and share your heart’s inspiration with the heavens about the most positive potentials that you wish for the world. The GOD within you will speak through the act of prayer, and the most powerful and resonant calls for greater unity will resonate as a shared intention between you and GOD. For example, calling to all human beings telepathically to receive the gift of Christ’s Peace, Love, and Forgiveness, will align you with GOD’s calling to the world.

3) Practice seeing GOD in everything by acknowledging everything as an aspect of GOD. This connects your inner experience and your outer experience of GOD so that they become more reflective of each other.

4) Practice random acts of kindness and doing things that make your heart sing. And on that note, singing and/or chanting spiritual or uplifting music is a great way to connect with GOD from within. When you are doing devotional singing, GOD will be singing with you. Also, I am quite certain the angels like singing along to the Beatles and a lot of other groups that sing about love.

5)Meditation. Yes, meditation is a great way to connect with GOD from within. I do this all the time. I am hooked. I love it. Add some yoga in there and I feel even more spiritually charged but, I did not list this first, just because I did not want anyone to think that meditation or yoga was the number one way to make the connection.

6) Obviously self-purification is an important part of strengthening the GOD connection. It is difficult to find GOD within if you are too busy being led by your attachments. Important to practice letting go of what ever does not serve you. Humanity has been entranced with the world of form, and now it is time to let go of identification with form and to identify more with love and light.

7) Another profound way to connect to GOD from within is through the exploration of the sexual energy. Whether you are doing this alone or with a partner, GOD is too often left out of the equation of the sexual experience. GOD designed us sexually and created the unique forms of sexual energy and the way they can move through the male and female chakra system so we could learn about creation. There is so much to this subject. Even allowing the sexual energy to build through abstinence, like fasting, can help to produce heightened states of connection with GOD, when done with the right intention, and yet mastering the art of breathing prana can make the body more orgasmic regardless of whether you are abstaining from sex or not.

8) Perhaps the most important key to accessing GOD from within is conscious, pranic breathing. Lots of resources you can learn from about this. We can all learn to breathe with GOD, and to share in the Breath of GOD. Pranananda always recommends affirming “I AM SO BLESSED” on the in-breath, and affirming ” I AM SO GRATEFUL” on the out-breath.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head for connecting more with GOD from within. Whatever you do, however you choose to access GOD, one of the best affirmations to work with is gratitude. Just be grateful for life and give thanks for all that you have. Be thankful for the food you have and the air you breathe. Be thankful for your family and friends, and for our home: the Earth.

Building the GOD connection happens partly through surrendering to the planetary shift as GOD directly intervenes to reclaim this world for LOVE, and it also happens through our intention to spiritualize our lives and to build a more disciplined spiritual practice. The more we practice love, the more we will find GOD’s love flowing through our hearts to source our spiritual practice.

Ultimately, what works for you might not be quite the same as what works for others. What I believe will work for anyone is to devote yourself to an ideal that represents GOD in your life, or GOD in action. For some this may be devotion to a GOD-realized being, like an enlightened teacher. For others it may be devotion to a charitable cause, or the practice of living with the intention to send a positive ripple effect out into the world.

Whatever calls you, just trust that GOD will continually reveal to you the GOD truth that you most earnestly seek. How badly do you want GOD? How badly do you want to be transformed into a wholly different kind of life form? In my experience, the more devotion you show to serving GOD, the more aligned you will become with GOD from within.


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2 replies

  1. On point, direct and succint recommendations for living a life partnered with God and love. I especially appreciate the part where you speak about feeling God/Spirit/and the Masters are on the down low, it is these times where we are integrating and demonstrating all we are …at this moment.

  2. Your wise words about the cycle and tides of our experiences was made visible to me this week when I spent several days hiking alone on the Appalachian Trail. Some areas were steady climbs of elevations but at other times the trail would level off for a section and I was so grateful to catch my breath. Then I would encounter “switchback” portions designed to ascend the mountain in a Z pattern that would wind back and forth so as to make it easier on the climber than a straight line up.
    All the while Spirit was speaking to me of our spiritual walk and how much we need these plateaus and switchback seasons, just as much as the “highs” of reaching a summit. How wonderful to come home and see you so beautifully articulate this same message, Michael!
    Blessings and Hugs from North Carolina~

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