My Foundational Teachings

I realized the other day as I was sending out press releases for this blog that I did not have any kind of article stating the basic truths/potentials I am stewarding and teaching people about. For those coming to the site who are new to my work, this article will relate a basic framework for the underlying themes and messages.

Because of my abilities as a seer and out-of-body explorer, I often just write as an investigator and witness; sharing a rare, multidimensional and more well-rounded discernment about the unseen and unknown for the sake of other seekers who are formulating their own grasp of the Big Picture. Seeing the Big Picture has been my mission since I was a child, and I was blessed with investigative abilities that would make my exploration of historical importance.

As far as original teachings go, I can say a few things here that will introduce my work more completely, though I am quite aware that the greater part of it is waiting for the audience to be more fully assembled. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, but it gives you a very good idea of who I am.

A basic framework for my ministry was laid out a decade ago after almost a decade of exploration, and that framework is still the same today. It began when I was contacted by the Angels of Peace and witnessing the birth of the Global Peace Council as a worldwide, psychic event.  The Global Peace Council is a group body of human resonance formed around an agreement to transform the world from within, making peace with the world from within one’s self and facilitating others to do the same. There is a form of global intelligence that resonates through this new peace consciousness that anyone can tap into as a resource.

The Global Peace Council activated on the one year anniversary of 9/11 when the Angels of Peace inspired me to lead a global meditation. My partner Susan remembers that when 9/11 happened she aligned with a simple prayer in her heart “Let peace being with me,” and that is the  very essence of the conscience behind the formation of the Global Peace Council. Lots of people are part of this that have never heard of the Global Peace Council, but if I told them what it was they would say “Oh ya, I am definitely part of that council.”

The work of the Global Peace Council and the Angels of Peace is the work of all the peace projects in the world, from efforts to teach peace and nonviolence in schools to the individual peace work people are doing silently and through facilitating conflict resolution work with others. It is a councilship that is sourced in Spirit and able to globally overlight efforts of conflict resolution everywhere by way of an omnipresent peace consciousness. I am here to teach people how to access this within themselves and to engage in a process of self refinement that will make a real difference in the world.

Added to this is a vision that I have seen many times of the Arrival of peace consciousness globally, creating a permanent shift that affects everyone alive. So my first foundational teaching is that global peace is more than just a possibility, it is an immediate destiny, and the vehicle to many necessary reformations in the world. I have already seen the day when all nuclear weapons will be deactivated and peace will rain from the heavens as we inaugurate the new paradigm in a public and very noticeable way. The angels will be inaugurating with us as they sing and vibrate healing tones into the world to lift us fully into the new paradigm.

For me, peace is the foundation of everything I am here to build, and everything I do is connected with building peace, from tithing to writing publicly to the individual counseling work I do. Peace is in the frequency I transmit.

When the energy of the Global Peace Council came into being, this directly led to a reconnection for me with an ancient directive given to humanity, modeled in many ways by indigenous cultures whose ancestral spirits I am connected with. That directive is to “Become the Stewards of the Earth”, and of all life. It became quite clear that peace and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. The coming Gift of Peace will allow us to reallocate resources used for war to the restoration of the natural environment, and yet it is also true that committing to our roles a guardians and stewards of life will foster peace. The whole concept of a Garden of Eden was seeded in human consciousness as a vision of what our future could be, not as a fable about the past.

Part of the reason for the conflict in the world comes from the way we are treating the environment, and so spiritual peace making with the world must include environmental stewardship. On that note, I firmly believe that we must move beyond the focus of sustainability and make the regeneration of the environment our business. If all we do is try to sustain our way of life, we will fail. Remediation must become our livelihood.

As I began to align with this inner divine directive and calling from the Creator to “Become the Stewards of the Earth”, the focus of stewardship was revealed as an extension of the new peace consciousness because life on Earth was created to represent and be a living extension of life from the surrounding local universe. There are representations of life here from many other worlds and to dishonor the life here is felt as a great injustice to the Galactic Community.

I saw that in order to realize peace on a galactic scale, we must treat each animal and plant species as a representative of a Galactic Peace Council, which is part of what all life on Earth was intended to be. Earth is a model for Galactic Peaceful Cocreation. Fostering peaceful relations with our ET neighbors begins with a more enlightened relationship with the Earth itself, and doing so provides the best protection from interfering energies that are using the weakness of our duality for interests that do not serve the highest good.

If we want to be protected from the policies of civilizations that interfere with emerging planetary cultures such as ours we must align with the focus of civilizations that are the unconditional guardians of life, who have no attachment to owning or controlling access to the kinds of physical resources that are so abundant here.

I have known for a long time that there are real challenges that await us as humanity opens to contact, and the denial of the ET subject has hindered our capacity to respond to these challenges appropriately. The subject has not been left in the best of hands and we are hurting ourselves by pretending that we are not responsible for what is being done in secret. We have a responsibility as global citizens to address all of the issues regarding the challenges of contact in an open public forum, with the full compliance of the government.

The second foundational teaching of my work is that our evolution depends on fulfilling are divine directive to be the Stewards of the Earth, and the third is that we must embrace the challenge of contact as representatives of Galactic Peace.

This is what I call the Three Agreements of Galactic Peace. First, a community agreement on the part of each individual to ameliorate global conflict by making peace from within and taking responsibility for what we put out in the world. Second, a sacred contact with the Earth to be a Guardian/Steward. This is an agreement we share as a civilization to sanctify the Earth — part of our heart connection with the Earth herself and with the Creator. Third, a community agreement to not extend conflict into space, or take weapons into space.

Our induction into the Galactic Community come through the awakening of a resonance with a Galactic Peace Agreement that reflects through these three agreements or commitments. This trinity of focuses make up what I think of as three planetary councils that we all may participate in: The Global Peace Council, the Council of Planetary Guardianship, and the Galactic Peace Council.

This is a three in one vehicle to the transformation of human consciousness into a higher form, more compatible with the Galactic Community we are emerging into and safer for all life. It is a path to freedom and the proper assimilation of the responsibilities and maturity we must carry as galactic citizens before we will be able to leave this world, thousands of years from now, to go and seed life on other worlds. The Galactic Peace Agreement is also the vehicle for a new age of space exploration.

So there you have it.

Foundational Teachings:

Peace is our Destiny!

Guardianship is our Role!

We are part of a Galactic Community — one that expects a certain level of maturity from us!

I teach the universal nature of love as the very essence of life and the nature of our Creator. I teach an unfolding process of always refining one’s self into greater love. I teach that we are multidimensional beings living in physical bodies and our exploration of the universe begins with a deeper examination of the self, seeking GOD within and seeing the reflection of the ONE in everything around us. Finally, I teach people about the reality of the Afterlife and of angels and spiritual guides, how to tap into divine guidance and utilize it in everyday life.

These are the very basics. I care deeply about peace potentials in the world, and about transcending duality and the old paradigm mentalities the have divided and conquered the world for personal gain. I see the world’s wealth as common wealth and promote the idea of a new economy based on world improvement where sharing knowledge and love as the new currency.

One day we will cocreate with the world’s wealth as a whole and unified consciousness, egolessly building and cocreating what serves the highest good. Such a world cannot be created through simply changing the way government and business work. It must come first as a shift in consciousness.

A few other tidbits that make my work stand out:

1) We have been deliberately deceived about human origins and have also obscured this to ourselves with a denial that is fading through the dawning of a reconnection to the hologram of history.

2) The revelations given to humanity by the prophets were incomplete, and in many cases there was a sealed portion set to unlock when we reached the Event Horizon of universal awakening that humanity has now reached. I am a witness that a oneness plan behind the world’s religions and languages is revealing itself that can take us out of duality and into a global unity that is not based in any one religious tradition, but is Sourced by a direct experience of revelation from the Creator.

3) The coming Gift of Peace is a platform for collective brain evolution, both of which characterize the first of four global shifts in consciousness that will happen over several thousand years of future history, leading us to our eventual transcendence of physical reality.

4) Ascension, often promoted in a fashion similar to the Christian rapture, contains many distorted concepts: exclusivity and escapism. Old concepts about first wavers and second wavers and being beamed up into a starship have polluted the conversation about this human potential, obscuring that it is something accessible to all through a global shift that is affecting all life on Earth. Ascension, as the raising of vibration, occurs through equality and inclusiveness as we are called to ground our service to others over any kind of spiritual ambition about becoming a master of light. We must ground the light of the new paradigm through kindness and charity. In other words, we must make Oneness our focus of Ascension; bridging everyone into the Ark of Wholeness that is our global ascension vehicle.

There is so much more, but this is a taste. Hope you will enjoy the free subscription to my writings and help connect more people with this message stream.

Many Blessings,



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  1. ‘And when he sees me in all and sees all in me,
    Then I never leave him and he never leaves me.’
    Lord Krishna ~ Bhagavad Gita

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