Regenesis! — A Message From Our Future Selves

This morning I traveled out-of-body and into the future by more than a decade. Could have been as many as two decades but I wasn’t sure. What stood out during this experience is that I was able to talk to people about the planetary shift and learn some thing about it from their memories.

Secrecy was gone. A new age of space exploration had begun. There was peace in the world and a unity consciousness that was continuing to nurture everyone’s spiritual growth, but the most exciting part of all was what they said about the environment.

Our future selves were describing to me how the energy of GOD had entered the world and healed the environment. There had been some kind of miraculous restoration of the environment that defied scientific explanation.

I have been aware of this potential for some time but this was an amazing confirmation. What this means is that we do not have to fear that we will destroy the Earth, or the Earth’s capacity to support a large population of humans. There will be a divine intervention. What this does not mean is that we can just keep polluting and destroying right up until this intervention occurs. My sense is that the intervention did not happen because we forced it by being stubborn and continuing on a path of destruction.

The intervention began as a series of trials that brought us out of the old paradigm consciousness that pollutes. The miraculous healing of the Earth came as we passed those trials and became worthy.  In other words, we still have to make an effort to change, and we must be prepared for the inevitable great waves of change that will soon wash over our world.

The changes could be catalyzed in many ways and I have definitely seen the potential that the sun could play a role. In one of my visions, a solar flare knocks out all of the electricity on the planet for weeks. It doesn’t have to happen this way, but it is one scenario being considered to help wake everyone up.

I felt incredibly inspired after having this trip to the future. There are a lot of people writing about where we are at and what the future holds and it all sounds more bleak when you don’t have GOD in the equation. I have always been able to see and trust that GOD is in control of this process, and so I worry less and have less fear about what is unfolding.

Yes, there is a climate change happening, and we will experience many devastating effects from this change before a new paradigm is born, but don’t buy into the fear that the climate change is going to destroy us and that there is nothing we can do. We will remain intact as a civilization through the shift and everything we do to affect change is important. The real climate change is that we are shifting from a climate of fear and duality to a climate of oneness and unity.


Categories: Out of Body Experiences, Prophecy, Psychic Observations

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