Meeting My Arcturian Guide

Before I share any more Arcturian updates, I thought I would post a few entries about how I came to be connected with the Arcturians.

When I first met my Arcturian spiritual guide I was out-of-body. I had been drawn into a meeting space somewhere on the inner plane where there were many other lightworkers. Then, a woman tapped me on the shoulder and said there was an Extraterrestrial being that wanted to meet me.

She took me over to see this being that stood about three feet tall. He had two arms, two legs, and no hair. His facial features were very slight and his eyes were dark. His skin appeared to be of a very light tan, almost yellow, and he seemed almost childlike in some way. (There are also taller Arcturians and both kinds will often appear as plasma-like balls of light.)

“We are the Arcturians,” he said at one point, and he asked me to come with him. From there, it was like he pulled me into his jump-field as he teleported us both to Sedona where I was shown how the Arcturians were bringing glowing crystals of light down from their ships to anchor into certain key places on the land to help raise the vibration of the Earth.

I know that I mentioned this meeting before in a previous blog entry, but I did not say much about what happened after. This first meeting was interesting and sparked my curiosity though it did not create any lasting emotional impression. I chalked it up to another interesting inner plane experience and didn’t see where it was going.

Later on I started to experience a lot more of the frequency behind the Arcturians. My guide was probably giving me a soft introduction to lay a foundation for what was to come. As the years unfolded, I began to experience more and more contact with the Arcturians as beings of love and light. Their angelic nature was just not so apparent to me in that first meeting.

I remember quite vividly the first time I was pulled aboard an Arcturian Mothership while in the out-of-body state. I found myself inside this vast multidimensional light ship where I had a vivid and memorable conversation with my guide during which he introduced himself for the first time by name.

His name is Tybot, and I was shown this spelling in my mind as the vibration of the name imprinted into my consciousness. During my time on the ship we talked a lot about animals and the Arcturian concern with preserving Earth’s biodiversity.

I especially remember his focus on the plight of sea turtles and how important they are to him as representatives of life from other worlds. It was as if I could follow his stream of thought like a current of energy that took me down into the ocean temporarily as we were observing the sea turtles.

Tybot once showed me that the ship he lives upon is most often stationed in the Rings of Saturn, though he occasionally makes visits to Earth in smaller ships. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen one of these smaller ships.

If Tybot is around, he often will make a brief appearance as a ball of white light in the sky. Sometimes I have seen what looked like a shooting star streak perfectly through the center of my field of vision, just when I am thinking about the Arcturians. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

If you are interested in the Arcturians then stay tuned. Lot’s more to share, including a vision of global contact.



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  1. Enjoyed this one too. Headed to Sedona in October . My son and I are both Arcturian starseeds.
    This will be his first trip to Sedona. Can’t wait. Are you familiar with the Group of Forty ?

    • That’s awesome! The Arcturians are so present in and around Sedona. And yes, I am familiar with David Miller’s
      work. He was a guest channel at some of my early events and I was planning on recommending him in an upcoming

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