Contact With the Arcturians

I was lying down to go to sleep one night when an intense vibration entered my body and consciousness. It was unmistakably a form of ET contact. I knew this not only from previous experience but, the source of the energy showed me an image of two of my friends who have had a lot of ET contact. I saw a very brief sort of memory/movie where I saw my friends experiencing the same frequency, knowing that contact was about to occur.

Because I did not know who was contacting me at first, I panicked and broke off the connection. I bolted out of bed and went to my living room to meditate and see if I could discern who this was. The fact that the contact was not being forced was the first sign that it was OK to relax and trust. If this was a truly invasive form of contact they would not have backed off to allow me to adjust to what was being offered. My soul had already agreed, but I needed to get the conscious mind to go along with it.After meditating for a few moments on the potential of contact, I received a telepathic message from the Arcturians. I could actually feel one of their invisible lightships up above my house and they told me that there were six of them. They asked me to go back to bed and relax; they just wanted to come and do some energy work on me to support my ascension process.

I took a few moments to gather my wits and then went back to bed. Almost immediately the vibration came back in and I felt deeply relaxed. An Arcturian healer teleported into the room right next to my bed. He was about three feet tall and childlike, just like the one that had introduced himself as my guide.

I felt the Arcturian healer placing his hands on different parts of my back and I felt a deep infusion of blissful energy. It was the best reiki experience I have ever had. I felt so deeply refreshed and blissed out. At one point I managed to make my arm reach out to gently touch the Arcturian on the arm to feel his skin. He allowed this while he continued to work on me. I guess some part of me wanted to know if he would feel solid, even though I could sense that this was an energetic being that was visiting from a higher vibration of reality.

I remember sending out a telepathic signal to them the next morning saying, “Hey, you guys can come visit anytime you want!” This was not the first time I had received the work of an ET healer, but this definitely one was the most blissful.

Only now do I realize that part of the nature of this tune up was to give me a deeper attunement to the Arcturian frequency that I would be channeling in various ways throughout the ascension process. This was only one of countless experiences with the Arcturians.

During another experience, I had contact with the Arcturians while driving through Arizona. This was a very interesting experience because only myself and one of the other three people in the car experienced the main form of contact, though all of us got to see the display of light in the sky that came afterward.

During this experience, the Arcturians were showing my friend and I how they could split us into two different physical realities so that we could experience meeting them without interfering with the others who were not ready. It was a fascinating experience that involved time shifting in a strange way.

After the realities of everyone in the car re-converged, we saw a light in the sky out in front of us. I only wish I had pictures of what we saw. It was bright and sparkling, and then it shot up into the atmosphere leaving behind an etheric cloud that began to expand out into an image. The image was amazing!

The light was mostly white and glowed like some kind of etheric light substance that hung in the sky, unaffected by wind (there were clouds blowing past it). It formed into an image that looked like an angel, surrounded by a loop that spiraled down into what looked like a double helix strand of DNA. Echoing in the field of this light spectacle I could hear the words “We are the Arcturians!”

This was only the next of many other experiences and visitations. One of my favorite things that the Arcturians will do is to fly-by at night when I am lying face up in bed.

It is like my third eye opens up and I can see right through the ceiling when they are there. My whole body senses the fly-by and it feels like they are just letting me know that they are there. These experiences always leave me feeling more connected to the stars.

On many occasions they have chimed in telepathically to a conversation I am having with someone and they often like to interject little bits of humor and wisdom. Sometimes just mentioned them in conversation links them in, and they show up with a noticeable presence, eager to acknowledge us back.

The Arcturians have really gone out of there way to convey to me their promise to support us to “return home” to a higher vibrational existence. Often when I have seen their ships appear in the sky they are showing up to  let us know that they are well aware of all that we are going through down here, and they are committed to helping us transform this world into a vision of perfect love.


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  1. So glad to hear updates about my star family. Wish I had known of your connection when we were in Mt. Madonna 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with others. I too have had strange things happen to me which seem completely have given me assurance that maybe I need .

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