What is Awakening in Our DNA (6 of 7): The Twelve in One

The Revelation of Oneness would be incomplete without the teachings of Jesus that were sealed until the time of humanity’s awakening. There were many pieces of the puzzle that could not be presented openly because we would not have understood and, it would have distracted people from the parts of Jesus’ teachings that were more relevant to the times leading up to the quantum shift that is now underway.

All of the revelations given to us by humanity’s great prophets and teachers were incomplete, and in many cases there was a sealed portion of these revelations that has been waiting to come forth at the right time, when the great diversity of humanity would be able to receive these keys as a global audience of equals.

In the case of Jesus, one of these keys relates to the “Twelve in One”. This interrelates to what I was sharing in the first part of this series about the awakening of the Creation Pattern in our DNA. The Twelve in One is a major aspect of the Creation Pattern that is awakening inside us, and our bodies are literally connected with the resonance of this universal truth at a cellular level.

Humanity is part of the Twelve in One consciousness that formed the universe. The Whole Universe was formed within the resonance of this pattern. There are Twelve Rays that emanate from the ONE, cocreating the form of creation with the ONE. These are the twelve frequencies of DNA that I spoke of in the first article, and it is possible to experience these twelve rays of the Creator’s consciousness, just as one may experience directly the consciousness of the ONE.

This teaching about the Twelve in One is echoed loosely in the concept of the twelve disciples, or twelve apostles of Jesus. This may have been part of the idea: to seed the concept of the Twelve in One; though this concept barely contains any truth regarding each person’s direct relationship with the Twelve through the body’s DNA.

If you come from a Muslim background, I should point out that the Quran did not introduce this teaching for a very good reason. The whole point of the Quran was to clear from people’s minds all of these old concepts about a multiplicity of gods and goddesses, to penetrate the fog in humanity’s mind and get people to align directly with the ONE from within. The Quran seeded alignment with the ONE and made this the imperative focus leading into the quantum shift we are now in.

If the concept of the Twelve in One had been seeded openly, it would have confused people and led to more of the same. People would have deified the Twelve and it would have led to all kinds of mental constructs that did not serve humanity’s process of GOD-realization. People might have eventually entangled this revelation with concepts like the Twelve Olympian Gods of Greece. We would have seen the Twelve as something outside of us instead of something that is awakening in our DNA.

That is why even Jesus’ teaching about the Twelve were sealed until the end of the age. We had to learn what DNA is first before we could begin to understand what it is connected to universally.

The Twelve are not gods. They are El. They are part of a pattern that makes it possible for there to be cocreators with GOD, which is what we all are. We are cocreators with the ONE through the Twelve in One. The Twelve in One pattern of consciousness is found throughout creation. At the highest level, the whole universe exists within this pattern, but the pattern also echoes through every level of creation.

At every level we find that there are Councils of Twelve, surrounding a 13th being that represents Christ, the Emissary of the One. This is true of our planetary Spiritual Hierarchy. Within the Halls of Shambhalla, there sits a Council of Twelve, the same one Dannion Brinkley described meeting with in his famous near-death-experience.

I am relating this information because not only is the resonance of the Twelve in One pattern of creation awakening in our DNA, but there are unique gifts being extended to us from our planetary Council of Twelve.

Currently they are extending to us a platform of shared genetic resonance through the arising field of oneness in the world, and this platform is making is more possible than ever before to share healing codes and healing energy. This healing platform is facilitating all of the resources of healing energy in the world to combine and become more available than ever before. And I resources, I mean people who have become conduits for healing energy.

Think of it as an energetic world wide web for all healers and all people who are choosing to engage this influx of healing energy for their own self healing process. It is getting easier to tap into healing energy through this healing platform and the empathic/telepathic healing network it supports.

Our channels are combining through this platform and healing network, which is directly connected to our DNA. Anyone who is a healer is getting a major upgrade, and anyone seeking to heal something within themselves is getting extra support.

One of the ways the planetary Council of Twelve works is to make new healing codes or potentials for change available to us to choose from. Whenever people are gathered with the intention to shift their DNA or consciousness into alignment with higher potentials, the Council of Twelve will seed the choices of what potentials are available to choose from, which can resonate across the healing platform.

Whenever new potentials become available because enough people embody a resonance to a new way of being, the Council of Twelve will broadcast these potentials as choices for people to link with so humanity can more quickly and easily adopt successful patterns. Here we are talking about the beginnings of collective evolution!

The platform itself is a form of gathering so that anyone can participate remotely just by meditating, or accessing the codes they need through prayer and intention. Sometimes our interactions on the Internet are helping to facilitate this.

When we see in others a reflection of the codes of consciousness we need to evolve, we can now more easily align with the reflection of that person within and reflect what they hold until we have changed our resonance. The healing platform makes this more possible now than ever before.

All you need to do is listen for what the next choice is that connects you to a more empowering way of being, and the Twelve will connect you across the platform to others who are already modeling those choices so you can align with them and reflect what they are holding in their bodies and consciousness.. This is how we are changing the resonance of our DNA, to integrate with more of our human potential.

If someone has healed themselves from a certain form of cancer that was caused by the same kinds of negative affirmations that you embody, the Council of Twelve will connect you with the healing codes needed to help you change your affirmations and live in greater hope and abundance regarding your health. So much of this new form of health empowerment is about changing our affirmations, and the healing platform connects you with the strength of others that have already done it, making it easier for you to change.

This is only the beginning of what is awakening in our DNA, but what a powerful beginning! We are in the process of not only restoring many ancient libraries of knowledge in our DNA, but building new ones that are relevant to the times we are living in and moving into. Our DNA is the most incredible resource we have for transforming our lives and cocreating with the Divine.

Our DNA and our Divinity are inextricably linked.


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