In the Name of . . .

Some people are turned off by the very mention of Jesus or GOD, in the same way that people can be turned off by mention of Allah or Islam. People may have good reasons for such aversions, but  in the interest of oneness it is meaningful to look at how the code of the names themselves can remind us of greater unity.

I always write the word, GOD, in all caps because the word contains a circle in the middle. The circle is a sacred symbol of perfect unity. In 1995, I had a mystical experience during which I saw the circle as the most perfect expression of love in form. I felt the circle in my heart as a form of universal resonance that connected me to the very heart and Source of everything. To me, the circle in the word, GOD, reflects a message of unity with All That Is.

Speaking of All That Is, did you ever notice that the name, Allah, has “ALL” in it? Allah is a name that contains the cosmos within it — the “ALL” in a name that means the Creator of ALL. For some, the name Allah equals the name of a false religion, and yet I like to believe that our Creator knew we would need a little help to get past all our differences. Perhaps there is something hidden in the design of our words that contains a simple code of oneness that will one day become more meaningful to ALL of US than the religions that gave us these names.

The name, Islam, for example, contains I AM. This reminds me that the I AM Presence is what spoke to the prophets. We live in a time when the I AM Presence that spoke to the prophets is revealing itself to all of us as our Eternal Source.  We are all equals in the presence of I AM.

I love reflecting on how the name, Jesus, contains US. It reminds me that Jesus is in US, and that he represents a symbol of perfect love that contains all of us in ONE name. Oh, and the word ONE. There’s that circle again.

Have you ever wondered why GOD is DOG spelled backwards? Have you ever wondered if this means something? Well, what do we always say about dogs? — DOG is Man’s Best Friend!

Now reverse the letters and see the encoded message: GOD is Man’s Best Friend.


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