ET Contact: The Verdants

For those of you who enjoyed my article “Is the Galactic Federation of Light Fake?”, I am sure you will appreciate some further discernment regarding specific ET races. I intend to share a little about each of the groups that I know by name, even though I have experienced many more ETs groups that I do not have names for.

I first heard about the Verdants when I saw Philip Krapf speak at a conference about their contact plans for humanity and his role as a chosen ambassador. I couldn’t help feeling that even though his mind was convinced of the truth, something felt off about this presentation. I later skimmed through one of his books about the Verdants and read things they had told him that did not resonate with me as the highest truth; some of it seemed dishonest on their part, though Philip was merely acting as a reporter. Regardless of my discernment regarding the Verdants and ET contact, I respect Philip’s courage to speak out.

I set the whole thing aside and did not think much about it as I was becoming more friendly with the Arcturians and was, on occasion, enjoying beautiful transmissions of their love and light. I will talk more about that in another article.

Then something interesting happened back in 2006. A group of my friends sighted an ET ship off the coast of California near Santa Cruz and had telepathic contact with the beings inside.

My friends said these beings introduced themselves as the Verdants, who said they were here to be midwives to our birth, a role that I already knew the Arcturians and Pleiadians were playing.

Shortly after my friends called, the contact spread to my location and I, along with a close friend, experienced a form of telepathic contact with the Verdants. That night I had an inspiring vision about the end of the nuclear age, followed by a telepathic download that came to me from the Verdants in the form of a “Letter to Humanity”. It was an offer of assistance to help bring humanity into a new age of contact with the Galactic Community but, after a day or so, something felt a bit off.

At first, I felt struck by a feeling of love that was in the communication, and the message itself appealed to my peaceful nature. I had known for a long time that I would one day be working directly with ET races to facilitate contact, but I had to wonder if the Verdants were playing into these aspects of my mission prematurely with some agenda of their own.

I took this up with Archangel Michael and he straightened me out. I admit I found this particular contact experience exhilarating at first, which is why other less discerning people might be duped into becoming “ambassadors” for such plans. After all, the Verdants do have a human capacity to love, or to reflect our loving nature back to us, but their benevolence hides a more subtle agenda to gain our allegiance.

I do not believe this is anything sinister, just misguided. Archangel Michael explained to me that the Verdants do not strictly follow a policy of noninterference as some of the more advanced ET races that are working with us. They may even be a bit jealous of the role that was given to the Arcturians to be our ET way showers into the next dimension of our existence; a role that is being conducted in accordance with Divine Will and not through any personal agenda by the Arcturians (part of the reason they were trusted for this role).

Archangel Michael knew how much I had wanted to cocreate with the Galactic Community and revealed that the Verdants were attracted to this, but that this did not serve the highest good. As soon as I let go, I had another encounter with the Verdants that revealed what I did not pick up on the first time.

I could feel that, as I let go of the connection to them, they became even more intent on maintaining it; even reinforcing it by focusing on me to try and re-stimulate my interest. They seemed to suggest that I would evolve quicker through being connected with them, and they informed me that there were several million Verdant guides waiting for the opening of mass contact so that they could meet with those who would accept this “gift”.

Their intention was to pair up with people who were opening as “channels to contact” so as to personally assist people’s awakening into a greater reality but, at this point, I could see that they were following some kind of attachment that was not in the highest good. I took this to Archangel Michael, even more eager to gain from his discernment on the subject.

Archangel Michael further explained that the Verdants are very curious about us and want to experience the revelation that is opening through us by attaching to us as channels. They seem to want to hang around and get cozy with the human race, like they want to be our new best friend, even though they are not admitting to themselves that is not the highest potential.

The Verdants present a perfect example of an ET race that is benevolent and yet has an agenda that might seem benign at first glance, but does not ultimately serve where the evolution of humanity is going. Meeting them and integrating with more angelic discernment has strengthened my resolve that we DO NOT need any ETs in our psychic space to progress in our spiritual evolution.

The Verdants were saying that being paired up with a Verdant guide would help make us more telepathic, but this is going to happen anyway, not at a result of our contact with ETs. We were meant to evolve into a human collective first. It is far more important and relevant to become  integrated with our angelic counterparts than to become integrated with any particular ET race that is visiting us.

Some ETs are using the excitement generated by contact as a way to unground people and keep them from going into resonance with the growing presence of a unified human consciousness. They want to distract us with ideas of mass contact before it is really time. If you have been ungrounded by contact, call upon the angelic presence and practice aligning with them. The angels will connect you back into the core frequency of the Earth.

Also, I have found it very helpful to work with the dolphin consciousness in these matters. They have great discernment regarding all of the ET races that are contacting us. I actually experienced telepathic contact with a pod of dolphins shortly after the Verdant encounter that helped me to further ground my discernment. In my opinion, if we want to have contact with a race that is more conscious than our own, we should seek to love, honor, and protect the world’s oceans as a home for some of the conscious forms of life this planet has known.

Angels, Whales and Dolphins are very close to my heart, and I dearly wish the human race would become more integrated with these families of consciousness and seek to partner with them in the proper stewardship of all Earth’s systems.

As for the Verdants, I will explain the whole situation in a very simple way. Even though I am not that into the whole 3D, 4D, 5D . . . way of describing dimensions; let us say that the Arcturians represent where we are going: 5D and beyond. We are, at present, living in a 3D reality that is ascending, and the Verdants are 4D.

Basically, they want to step in and join with us, “offering assistance” as we cross a threshold into more of a 4D vibratory level on our way to 5D. The Divine Plan, in contrast, is for us to enter 5D without becoming distracted by those that vibrate at the 4D level. The Verdants want to become more like us in some respects, and are presenting the idea that they are a model for us so that we will want to become like them.

They would gladly sap up as much of our attention as possible as we are ascending through 4D so as to steal the show from other galactic races that are contacting us as well, believing that they are, at least, the best of the 4D characters that are showing up to participate in the evolution.

The Verdants can see that we are actually set to blow past where they are at to enter 5D and they seem to want to jump in and climb the ladder with us, inserting themselves as “helpers” in the process, even though we do not need them. It is WE who will be teaching them at some point as we light a pathway into a whole new vibration of galactic existence.

I am sure we will have some fascinating encounters with them in the future and I do look forward to a time when we can meet all of these galactic races as friends and equals, regardless of who is more technologically or spiritual advanced. As long as we become integrated with universal peace, we will be able to extend a platform of galactic cocreation that honors everyone’s true potential.

Until then, be discerning about who is contacting you and why. And if you have any questions, I am here to serve.


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4 replies

  1. Do you have any information about Alpha Centaurians? I was told that my soul, energy, spirit whatever you wish to call it is originally from that planet. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. Thank you dear Michael, for touching lightly yet firmly on a subject that many of us may have not thought of so clearly. I appreciate the encouragement to once again, “listen” with our own grounded heart-knowing, and continue to feel our way forward within the increasing possibilities asking for our allegiance or attention. It is no surprise that we are having more opportunities for contact of all kinds as we become open to this… the excitement about these connections can be a distracting influence away from the whisperings of wisdom and “rightness” of something. I very much appreciate the beings who are here alongside us with wisdom and love, and appreciate also your reminder to ask for assistance from those we know and trust. Blessings and much appreciation, Amy

  3. Thank you Michael for the clarification and affirmation of information I have gleaned and assimilated from many sources. It makes so much sense in so many ways and on so many levels. I’m glad I read this post. You’ve helped me feel more confident about my own abilities of discernment.

  4. We are One,
    Merc chers belles ames de ces transmissions éclairées,
    de L homosapiens vers l Homosiritus..together we are strong.Now in Urantia..New conscience for Humanity!!
    Bernadette de France

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