Encounter with Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar

This morning I had an amazing encounter on the inner plane with both Yogananda and his Master, Sri Yuketswar. I had found this image of both of them just the day before (Sri Yukteswar on the left and Yogananda on the right).

My journey on the inner plane began with a telepathic conversation with Pranananda. I had been interested in knowing more about his activity and service work on the inner plane at night and he invited me telepathically to come and see.

I found myself out-of-body, observing Pranananda’s activity on the inner plane. He showed me that he sends beams of love to different populations to test the waters and see if there is a good response. If there is enough receptivity and excitement about receiving more love he will plan an appearance from the inner plane to share a greater transmission of his love with the community.

Pranananda is constantly bringing more love into the world and attuning people to love as the frequency of the new reality. Even just looking at his picture can attune you with the profound love that emanates from him (much like how looking at the picture of Yogananda and his Master linked me in with them this morning).

After observing that Pranananda had decided to visit a community somewhere in the southern hemisphere, I assumed that I would show up there and observe; but I was mysteriously drawn into another place where I joined with a group of about 50 people who were receiving a visit from Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar on the inner plane.

The group met inside a small building with a large open room where we formed a procession that moved passed them as they greeted people and blessed them. This was a profound experience for me because, only one night before, I had a dream where I was rejected by my earthly father who passed away some years ago.

This was merely a symbolic dream, not a real rejection from the soul of my father but part of a process of initiation whereby an initiate’s resonance with the separation consciousness of the parents is broken so you can come into proper alignment with the oneness of Divine Mother and Father.

I did not experience this rejection as something hurtful. In fact, it felt freeing. I felt a deep freedom from any sense of obligation to be like my parents or to heal them or prove my love to them. The full meaning and impact of this dream was realized when I was embraced by Sri Yukteswar, whose love felt very much like the love of Divine Father.

I can’t believe I waited so many years to finally read my copy of Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. The lineage of Masters he hails from feel like family to me.

I was also embraced by Yogananda, who chose to appear to me as he was when he was at the stage of spiritual growth that I am at now, as if to convey a message of brotherhood and equality. This was very different than previous meetings because I had already experienced the vastness of his presence and mastery.

Part of the purpose of this whole experience was to connect me with the work that all of the Masters are doing from the inner plane. I started by observing Pranananda’s work, and then was shown that Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar were doing the same thing. They regularly come to visit their disciples, devotees and other interested people who are open to receive their love and blessings.

All of these visitations take place on the inner plane, and some people may experience them as dreams, though I am certain they also show up at certain physical events and meditations as well. Yogananda once told me that he likes to tune in to the conversations between Susan and I and a friend of ours who is a disciple of Yogananda.

The most significant part of this experience was a stunning realization about the affect of the self love affirmations I had been doing the day before. I had reached a point of realizing a need for greater self love and had spent a couple of hours quietly working with affirmations of self love. I kept working on shifting the pattern of denying my work until I felt a change in the resonance my consciousness.

That night, while lying in bed, my partner Susan felt guided to roll over and embrace me and whisper in my ear how much she loves me. A couple of hours later I was on the inner plane, in the field of the Masters, basking in their love.

If you read my first post about “A Visitation from Yogananda“, the Master gave me an experience of his self love that helped me to attune to this part of the soul’s potential. Now I have taken the next step. Since waking up this morning I have felt more and more of this love sinking in and it gets easier all the time to maintain this as a focus in life.

It is amazing what a powerful affirmation the universe gave me for holding the worthiness to be loved. All of the love of the Masters and the human family was waiting to flood in, I just had to give it more permission to be there.

I woke up into a world of love this morning, meditated for an hour and then spent an hour watching one of Pranananda’s teleconference presentations online. I could not more highly recommend these as a spiritual resource. Just watching the videos attunes you to the omnipresence of his love and the love of all the Ascended Masters.

Though they cost some money, it goes to a good cause and they are totally worth it. It costs $30 a month to participate in both of the monthly transmissions and to have access to the whole video library, and the charge is tax deductible.

I hope more people discover this as a resource for aiding spiritual growth because the insights in them are invaluable. I just love being able to feed my spiritual growth with such things. I hope this article has fed you in some way. At the very least, as a reminder to affirm that you are worthy to receive love and all that life has to offer you.

“I AM worthy to receive love and all that life has to offer me.”

“I AM worthy to be loved and honored as a precious child of GOD.”

“I AM worthy to receive all of the love and support I need to thrive and be at my best.”

Many Blessings to all of you,



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2 replies

  1. Wow, Michael- I am enjoying your sharings. I didn’t realize you were a devotee of Yogananda- I am too- brought to him by Christ Jesus himself. There is Babaji and, of course, any Master or Mother that is brought into my sphere for blessing and communion. Jai Gurus!! All merging in this day of restoration of all things.

  2. Yogananda and Babaji, the lineage is also most dear to my heart. Thank you Michael.

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