What is Awakening in Our DNA (5 of 7): The Revelation of Oneness

There is a revelation of oneness awakening in our DNA that is accelerating our spiritual growth like nothing before. This revelation was, perhaps, first present for the human species through the short-lived dispensation of Adam and Eve whose mission when awry. During the time that they were operating in full alignment with Source, this revelation of oneness emanated from their bodies as a field of divine union that encompassed the world, imbuing everyone’s DNA with the divine truth that: we come from, are a part of, and will return to, a singular Source.

While the original resonance of this revelation was present on the planet for some time through the lineages of Adam and Eve, this eventually became dormant and the process of blending and integrating all forms of humanity into a singular field/body of oneness became stalled.

At different times, this revelation of oneness has reappeared throughout the ages as initiates have risen above the mass consciousness sleep of time to become aligned with the original divine blueprint for humanity that was seeded anciently. The Ancient Mystery School of Egypt was built around this process of initiation and many other teachers have come to build upon a restoration of the original truth.

The original revelation is still there, emanating out to all times, and the event we are moving into is unsealing the barrier of time within us to give us access to the original truth of our oneness as expressed through Adam and Eve; however, the revelation was incomplete without living examples of what entering oneness with all life would look like.

Jesus was sent to us to be a prime example so that he could train us to be examples like him. To make the work easier for all of us, the Christ within him aligned the whole of humanity with the revelation of oneness through the body of Jesus. Jesus became the vehicle for us to enter the revelation of oneness by making all of us equal with presence of the ONE through him. We are all equals with the doorway.

The reason why these various forms of the revelation of oneness were seeded was to prepare us for a coming planetary/galactic alignment with Source. The oneness of all galactic and universal life is awakening within us, and we were meant to be formed into a singular body/field of oneness in preparation for a great opening that would occur within the very field of matter that constructs the world.

The actual timing of this event is not set in stone and seems to be fluctuating on the timeline, but I can say for certain that 2012 is just another year in the buildup to this event, no more or less significant than 2011 or 2013. When this event peaks is not important, only that we are adequately prepared for great, sweeping changes on the planet that will affect us all.

The universal nature of this event and its inevitable effects on the world demand our surrender to something beyond the ego’s ability to control. There have been many oneness movements in history, but the original movement of Islam was coded to bring the message of surrender. This was the code of Muhammad’s consciousness, but as the resonance of oneness waned from this movement, people began to believe and project that surrender to GOD meant surrender to the religion of Islam or the rule of Islamic law.

The original intention of the Prophet was to build a vibration of oneness in community that could inspire more and more people to enter a growing field of oneness that would eventually change the resonance of the world, restoring balance and wholeness — preparing the world for the coming of Allah’s Peace. This idea was more important than creating a body of laws to govern moral conduct. It was more important that any provisional stance towards the environment that the early Muslims had to uphold while the field of the community was growing.

What is not currently understood is the fact that this potential is being fulfilled in nonlinear ways. The Beloved Community is everywhere, and could never be contained under the banner of one religion. The One Religion spoken of in the Quran is not the religion of Islam, but rather a universal religion that is appearing within all of us as we approach the event of our alignment with Source. The Quran predicts a form of religion that is only now appearing fully as a complete embracing of the world’s diversity through the Love of One for All and All for One.

Muhammad’s surrender to oneness brought the revelation of oneness into form again to further seed a oneness movement that is extending from many different historical sources to feed into the present. It is critical that Christians and the western world learn to see the oneness potential in Islam because the revelation of oneness is awakening inside of everyone’s DNA, regardless of any differences of belief. The religion of the ONE is lying dormant on a genetic level, and all of the messengers of the ONE have been sent to prepare humanity for what is awakening in our DNA.

The revelation of oneness is accelerating our growth because of the growing presence of a unified field. As more people realize and join with the field and the presence of ONE, the field is growing stronger. This field acts like a mirror that is showing each of us where we are not aligned with oneness in our thoughts, intentions or deeds. Karma is accelerating and manifesting more instantaneously.

The ripple effect of our thoughts, intentions and deeds is coming back to us in louder and more noticeable ways, because the field of oneness is restoring the connection between our emotional and mental bodies, and there is greater reflectivity present in all relationships.

What all must realize is that “What is Awakening in Our DNA” is humanity. The whole of humanity is awakening in your DNA. Humanity is coming online as a collective body of intelligence through your DNA. There is a hidden structure to DNA that is arising as a new form of genetic resonance that contains group intelligence, group resonance, and group alignment with our multidimensional nature.

That person that you do not like, or who challenges you, is awakening within you and coming online inside you; and their body/consciousness has codes that you need to unlock your potential for greater love, intelligence and creativity. Likewise, if you are on one side of any form of duality, the opposite side is also awakening in your DNA, and all of the intelligence, love and creativity embodied in the other is becoming available to you through an emerging shared platform for community intelligence. Holding judgments of others actually separates you from a tremendous resource for your spiritual growth, and the oneness that the other’s are beginning to hold with you will reveal where judgments are blocking you from connecting with the growing love in the world.

A new world is awakening in our DNA, and it is now possible to breathe the air of that new world as a vibration of oneness that is growing stronger every day. The Christians will awaken within you. The Muslims will awaken within you. The Buddhists and Hindus will awakening within you. The Atheists will awaken within you, and all will make a great discovery together: that we are ONE.


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  1. Sweet friend so true and insightful as ever…i am going just through the process you described…hope to catch you soon on the phone
    So much love

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