What is Awakening in Our DNA (4 of 7): The Truth of Our Origins


As we open the book of our multidimensional DNA to read the story of LIFE, the truth of our origins will be revealed. We are going to remember a lot of things about how humanity came into being, and the truth of the human condition.

What is awakening in our DNA is the truth that we are a part of a galactic family, but also that our species was blessed to receive the very keys to the future history of the galaxy. These keys were seeded in a variety of ways, one of which through the ancient arrival of a pair of divinely created human beings that we call Adam and Eve (a far more ancient event than is religiously believed).

They were not the first human beings but were the first of their kind. Humanity already existed in a certain form, as hybrids with several kinds of ET DNA mixed with that of primitive humans whose evolution was augmented by ET intervention. We are, presently, a mix of these lineages.

Perhaps one of the most important things to understand about this subject is that we have been deliberately lied to about our origins. We were lied to by ETs anciently, and there has been an effort ever since to obscure the truth.  Our own denial of oneness is partly responsible for this. We partly inherited this from our some of our ET brethren, and yet humanity chose to create our own experience of the denial pattern so that we could demonstrate the healing needed to restore wholeness to the galaxy.

After looking at many different sources of channeled information about human origins, I found that I could not make the memories I had of ancient history fit into anyone’s version of the truth. I struggled with this for a while because it meant tossing out and setting aside the work of others who I valued, but I had to do this to reach for something new — something that was not channeled, but rather a reading from the story of the body itself. I began to read from the various resonances of my own DNA the story of our origins.

Understanding that we were lied to anciently and, at many points in history, is key to unraveling the truth in our DNA. Becoming aligned with the truth of our own bodies is a process of discerning these lies and breaking our minds free from the resonance of them in the mass consciousness, i.e, awakening from the matrix.

As we engage in this process it will become apparent that the lying ETs were deliberately trying to prevent us from becoming conscious of what is in our DNA because, if we did, we could become more powerful than they are and they would lose control of their experiment.


I began to read from the various resonances of my own DNA the story of our origins. What I discovered is that the answer to all our questions has been there all along. The idea that any book could contain more truth than the massive amounts of historical, living information in our DNA is a distortion that has heavy implications for any book-based religion.  The emerging truth in our bodies will eclipse all of the Genesis stories that came before. We are going to remember what happened consciously, and these collective memories will become available to an emerging telepathic environment.

A thousand years from now we will remember this time period as the time of the Great Flood — of knowledge that is.


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