What is Awakening in Our DNA (3 of 7): The Code of the Prophets


Before I write more about what is awakening in our DNA, it is important to explain something about why our DNA is shifting. We are approaching an event that is causing a shift in the field of matter itself. This event has many effects. It is stimulating the rise of the Earth’s Kundalini. It is stimulating a reconnection with the galaxy from within, and even a reconnection to Source.

All of these effects are changing the resonance of humanity by taking us out of the illusion of linear time so that our brains will remember how to process circular/cyclical fields of information that are connected to our bodies. The multidimensional event we are moving into is characterized, in part, by the completion of many cycles of time and the opening of many new ones.  Such a rare event might only happen once in the history of a planetary civilization, and the effects will echo for millennia.

As the quantum shifting progresses, many seals are being lifted that connect us with other time periods when codes of light were seeded. This is the time when the work of humanity’s great prophets and masters will come to fruition, taking us beyond religion and into a new realm of possibility.

What we did not fully realize in all those other times when teachings linked with the future were being seeded, is that the world would experience an event that would unlock the teachings of the prophets within us.  The prophets even explained things about this that we did not fully understand, but NOW we can understand it.

Through humanity’s advanced teachers, gifts of healing, love and light were given to all of us; imbued into the very matter that forms the construct of our world, and these energetic gifts have been lying dormant until we reached the right time reference.

Revelations were seeded that had the potential to expand to include everyone in them as a new form of human consciousness. We tried to preserve knowledge of these revelations through religion, but religions naturally began to exclude nonmembers.

Now as the field of matter itself is being “resurrected”, we are being lifted in vibration — lifted into alignment with the vibratory level at which these revelations were seeded. The scriptures merely provided clues to these hidden revelations. The universality of these gifts and dispensations to the planet go beyond what any competing religious group can imagine. It is time for humanity to graduate from its religious studies and see that the dispensations of love and light given to us through the prophets are ONE.

The code of the Prophet Muhammad’s consciousness was not just for people who self-identify as Muslims, just as the Body of Christ was a gift to bring all of humanity into love, regardless of religious affiliation. As the portals open, we will inherit the dispensations that were given, and the code of oneness held by the prophets will become ours.

There are literally portals opening inside us that link us with the times of the prophets. We will be able to feel the truth of Christ’s ascension. We will be able to feel the victory of light that was pouring into the portal of Mecca as the original resonance of oneness that inspired Muhammad became strong enough in community to take hold there.  We will be able to hear the calling of all of humanity’s messengers over the ages to enter the oneness that is dawning.

So many codes of light have been seeded. Some of them are part of our ancestry, and yet the most profound of these gifts carry the potential to change the genetic resonance of anyone living in these times. The flood gates are opening and an ocean of new knowledge is flooding in.

What I can tell you is that if you look within your own heart for the code of the prophets, it will be revealed to you, because the dispensations of love and light that were give to us through them was unconditional. It does not matter what you believe, or whether or not you participate in any form of the religions created from their teachings. The truth of all things is right there in your DNA, and Christ’s love will show you the doorway to read the story of humanity through your own heart.

It is all right there. Even the illiterate will be able to read from the book of humanity’s DNA.



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