What is Awakening in Our DNA (2 of 7): Collective Memory Loops

The first time I read that we are evolving from 2-strand DNA to 12-strand DNA I wondered, “How does that work?” Naturally the linear mind divides 12 by 2 and figures that having 12-strand DNA means having 6 double helixes but, as I said in the last post, the term “strand” can be misleading.

Even using the term “DNA” to describe these other levels of coded memory is misleading because we are no longer talking about memory that is chemically based. DNA is an abbreviation of a chemical name, but the other levels of coded memory that are awakening within us are not limited to the size of the physical body. There are forms of coded memory that exist in the field around us, that simultaneously extend from and plug into our bodies at a genetic level.

Our bodies were designed to reflect these other levels of coded memory as resonance, but in order to understand them we must move beyond the idea of helixes. The “New DNA” is not DNA at all in the chemical sense, but rather a multidimensional structure that contains the human biological form within it as an extension of itself. My point here is that you do not need extra physical strands of DNA or more complex proteins to be able to embody these forms of consciousness.

It might be more accurate to say that our universe is created from 12 frequencies of coded memory, every level of which can be found attached to the biological level of coded memory. The bridge between all these levels of coded memory is awakening with us and, along with it, a wealth of living information about our history and our destiny.

So set aside any ideas you had about how many “strands” of DNA or helixes the new human will have. What is awakening in our DNA is a matrix of memory loops that link our bodies and consciousness with forms of memory that encompass whole ages of time. And while transcending the chemical structure of our reality may be part of the Divine Plan, discussing our increasing awareness of COLLECTIVE MEMORY LOOPS is far more relevant to humanity’s spiritual awakening.

One major difference between the old species of humans and the new species of humans is that we are awakening into, and beginning to identify with, forms of collective memory. When I say “forms” of collective memory, I mean loops, which plug into other biological forms. The frequency of the circle is the key to unlocking these loops of collective memory. The key discussed in the last article, regarding holding equality with all beings through our oneness with the circle, gives you access.

Holding equality with all beings in your consciousness brings you into resonance with all the forms of collective memory stored in the circle. Imagine that the universe is filled with invisible discs of living information, and that every kind of living memory has a circle of consciousness associated with it. Now realize that the resonance of the circle itself is a bridge that connects human memory with every kind of biological and multidimensional memory in the universe, but that’s not all.

The revelation of the circle is also a revelation about the cyclical nature of time. We are on the verge of figuring out as a species that time is not linear, and that there have always been feedback loops carrying information from the future into the past and from the past into the future. We are already starting to experience such feedback loops opening in our collective consciousness and it will only become more noticeable.

We are going to be able to feel the building of the pyramids in Egypt through simultaneous time. We are going to be able to feel the building of the Mayan temples and to remember the intentionality with which they were build. We were building these monuments so that we would remember what we knew then. We were in contact with our future selves, and now we are becoming the future selves we were in contact with.

Likewise, we are moving into resonance with collective memory loops that are feeding back from the future. This is a unique time when we will realize that our emerging galactic civilization was the inspiration for many dispensations of teachings in our past, which sparked many movements that advanced human culture to the state we are at now; and these dispensations were inspired because certain portals were opened in human consciousness, allowing information from the future to flow into the past.

This same process is also sparking movements in the present that are linked with the potentials of the future. What is really fun about all of this is that we are going to be able to get to know ourselves and our living history by interacting with it in our consciousness. As we awaken to these memory loops, we will experience link-ups with the past and the future in ways that will enlighten and inspire us about who we are.

We will no longer be studying history in an academic way, but remembering history in a holographic way. Many of us will have dreams, visions, and flashes of other times. There is no doubt in my mind that we were meant to live in an age of global travel where the world would be more accessible to the average person during this time when so many portals to the past would be opening. You may even experience flashing back and forth between time periods; leaping into other versions of yourself in other times as the living memories of those times appear within your present body.

There are even ways in which your consciousness is looping back into earlier ages of your present life, so that you, as the future self, are able to guide yourself in the past. I have experienced this many times in the dream state, and sometimes through mystical experiences in the waking state. We are allowed to give ourselves clues to the path to help us align with the highest potential of our lives. Knowing this, you begin to become more present to the clues provided by your future self.

In summary, what is awakening in our DNA is a connection to many energy loops that contain a resonance of shared memory. These loops of shared memory connect us with an ocean of new knowledge and the understanding of a holographic unity to consciousness in the universe; and the more we remember, the more we awaken.


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