What is Awakening in Our DNA (1 of 7): The Creation Pattern

We have heard a lot about “New DNA”, “Multidimensional DNA”, “12-strand DNA”; but what exactly is happening to our bodies? I have heard a lot of concepts over the years that do not resonate with the highest vibration of truth. I have even witnessed a ridiculous competition between people regarding how many strands of DNA they embody. (One guy told me he had 64.)

One thing that I have going for me in this process is that I am very aware of the subtle changes happening in my body and DNA. I have even been able to feel the beginnings of a process of global genetic shifting; so my aim is to give you some of the best information I have about this subject; information that is truly relevant to our awakening.

Forget about trying to figure out how 12-strand DNA works. I can confirm that it exists, and that we are awakening into it, but the use of the word “strand” is a little misleading because it does not really apply to the way DNA is structured at the Source.

We will need more of our dormant brain potential to fully awaken before we can truly understand how 12-strand DNA works. I have learned enough from my own work with multidimensional guides that I am quite certain that no one has presented a complete or fully realized concept of this, but there are certainly plenty of people that will tell you that they have it all figured out. I honor everyone’s process of realization, and there certainly are some concepts that may be stepping stones toward a greater awareness, but this series of articles is about describing aspects of our 12-strand DNA that anyone can wrap your head around. It’s time to get real about what’s awakening in our DNA.


One of the things I have loved doing over the years as a channel and multidimensional soul  traveler is to look for confirmation of what other channels are presenting. Sometimes I discover that something is missing or incomplete, and sometimes there are distortions, but there are also incredible truths that I am more than happy to confirm.

I first read about the Flower of Life in Drunvalo’s books. Though I discovered some inaccuracies in parts of his story of humanity’s origins, the actual Flower of Life information is very good, and the whole package was really a landmark achievement that helped our understanding of what’s awakening within us.

Drunvalo relates some of the ancient Mystery School teachings from Egypt about the first movements of creation that formed the Creation Pattern; from the first circle to the revelation of Metatron’s Cube. This is a very good description of what is awakening in our DNA, and I will explain why.

When GOD revealed the Creation Pattern to Metatron, from which all universes are created, this first revelation of creation codified all light. Every vibration of light in all universes extends from this Creation Pattern. Metatron’s Revelation extends to all of us, eternally echoing as a resonance in our DNA.


The challenge is that humanity has been distracted — entranced with the world of form and polarized in our consciousness. The extreme polarity of masculine and feminine energy, and the duality that has resulted, prevents most people from accessing the alchemical union of tantric energy that links the human brain into the field of creation as a whole; but this is rapidly changing.

The whole of creation was created from within the Flame of Divine Union. Masculine and Feminine are ONE and equal through every level of creation. Becoming aware of the Creation Pattern begins with the choice to embrace the equality and oneness of masculine and feminine. Through this choice, healing occurs as the feminine Kundalini energy of the Earth is arising to release us from the old conditions of the patriarchal age.

The Creator is sending forth waves of energy that are restoring balance and awakening a field of global consciousness through the balancing of the masculine and feminine energy. Holding equality in our consciousness is a key not only to facilitating humanity’s awakening, but also to unlocking the Creation Pattern within us.

The very first pattern ever created was that of a perfect circle – an eternal symbol of our equality with the unified field. The actual event of the creation/realization of the first circle is still echoing eternally into every moment of creation, and it is possible to remember this because this event is happening all the time. It is not that is happened in some ancient time — it is always happening because all time was contained within this original happening.

Some people who have actually had this experience of remembering the first movements have not made the connection that the memories are coming through the channel of their DNA. DNA is what links your consciousness with this original movement of creation. The first circle is like the first cell in the multiverse.

I have actually experienced the echo of the first movements that led to the creation of Metatron’s Cube many times in my awakening process, and there may be many points in one’s path of initiation when one is initiated into new levels of this awareness.

What is unique about the times we are living in is that our world is crossing a rare threshold in the pattern of the universe that is reconnecting everything with the original Source of all time and light. It is like reaching the Event Horizon of the singularity that contains the universe, and this is stimulating a reconnection to, and reawakening of, the Creation Pattern in our DNA.

What all of this means is that we are coming into contact with the vibrational origin of language. The very Language of Creation began with Metatron’s Cube, and when we understand the relationship between language and creation, we will understand the creative power of speech that was given to our souls.

Attune to the vibration of the circle in your consciousness and you will harmonize your vibration with the highest form of DNA. Can you see how the word “strand” doesn’t really fit into the circular way that DNA is encoded from that level?

Everything is in the Circle. Everything is part of the Circle. And when you embody the universal equality of the Circle, EVERYTHING is literally in your DNA.



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  1. A reader asked “how does one attune to the circle in your consciousness?”

    As far as “attuning to the circle” the way to attune to anything is by your INTENTION. Intend oneness with the circle of life and you will be there. Holding equality with all beings is the next key to attune to the vibration of the circle. It is a little like humbling yourself in relationship to everything, even the tiniest animals crawling around on the ground below. Size is an illusion. There are also activations happening to humanity that bring people with an intention of unity into the vibration of the circle, and the article is just aligning you with these incoming activations. Just agreeing with the information presented in the article and being open to it steps you into resonance with the kind of consciousness I am describing.

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