Fear Entities, Attachment Entities and Language Entities

A few nights ago I had an interesting experience with what I am calling an “attachment entity”. In brings to mind the discernment I have been developing over the years about how different kinds of entities will seek to attach themselves to people as sources of energy.

While out-of-body, I began to hear the thoughts of this entity that was representing itself as a spiritual guide, but something felt off. The entity was not guiding but misguiding.  It had been listening to my thoughts about what I wanted to manifest and was then showing me images of what I wanted so as to get some of the attention, and thus, energy, that was flowing into my attachment. My computer had just broken down and I was a little out-of-it trying to figure out how to afford a new one.

This entity was very skilled at reading the attachments in people’s minds and then attaching itself to the images; taking on the form of one’s attachments as a way of entering a person’s consciousness. Such entities then feed you with images of your attachment, trying to make the image more present in your mind so that you will focus on wanting it and giving it more power, thus feeding the entity with a source of energy and power.

This particular entity was going a step further and was trying to pretend that it was a guide that could lead me to what I wanted. Being out-of-body I was able to change my focus of attention and watch how this entity would try to adapt by showing me some other image of reality that reflected a bit of my thinking, while trying to lead me astray. It’s sole purpose was to try to get me to think of it as a guide that knew me, but it’s illusions were like walking around in a hall of mirrors.

I quickly realized that my franticness around wanting to manifest a new computer had left some part of my field open to such entities and I got up, meditated, and clear the attachment. By the end of the day a new computer had manifested effortlessly, thanks to the support of my mother. I am glad I did not give any more power to that kind of frantic astral energy.

Entities that live on the astral plane are often frantic to get more attention and energy flowing into their reality. They are parasitic in nature, though only as harmful as we empower them to be. Still, most people are very vulnerable to astral entities and its important to learn now to discern their influence so it can be cleared.

There are three kinds of entities I am discussing here, and probably many others, but this should give you an idea.

1) Fear Entities read the fears in people’s minds and seek to enter your consciousness by taking on the forms of your fears, beaming images of them back to you to stimulate you to release fear and emotional energy towards the image.

I have explored some of the regions of the astral plane where such entities dwell and they are all walking around wearing just about every kind of mask that would seem scary to us. They appear to us as monsters, or even as people that have abused and frightened us. They take on forms of creatures from dark astral movies that have caused such images to become embedded into people’s subconscious minds.

Ultimately, the key to clearing fear entities is to release your fears. No amount of psychic protection is as powerful as simply becoming fearless, though invoking angelic protection can definitely help while you are doing the rest of your inner clearing work. Sometimes, when you find that your fears have attracted a fear entity, it is helpful to really declare your space by acknowledging the presence of the entity and telling it to leave. Sometimes just being discovered is enough to make them leave because their game is up.

We all have a certain amount of responsibility to help clear up the astral plane by clearing ourselves of fears and attachments, which is what creates part of the astral plane to begin with. We have made the Earth and humanity a home for such entities from all over the local universe, because our resonance allows such beings to come and dwell here invisibly. Humanity’s denial of oneness is a home for those who seek to hide in the illusion of separation with us.

2) Attachment Entities, as I mentioned before, read your thoughts and show you images of what you desire, or are attached to.  They can even torment people with images of things they want but cannot have, and they will never tell you that what you are attached to is not serving you.

There is a subcategory here related to addiction, where entities — some of which may even be people who have died but do not know they have crossed over — will become attached to, and try to feed your addictions. If you have a food addiction or a smoking addiction, they will show you images of what you want to try to get you to light up, or stuff a donut in your mouth, because they are getting rush from your attachment, which reflects their own unresolved addictions left over from life on Earth.

3) Language Entities are the most interesting to me because of the way they have gotten involved with the religions. Language Entities attach themselves to words and phrases in our minds that are energized with belief. By focusing on these words and phrases, they try to make them more present in people’s minds, getting people to identify more completely with their convictions as a way of feeding more energy into the language construct.

When you meet religious people who identify more strongly with their convictions than they do with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Whole human family, there may be language entities involved. Language Entities love to promote the idea of hell. They tell people that they are the chosen ones and that anyone else who does not believe as they do are going to hell. They emphasize dualistic concepts, images, and polarizing language that keep people separate from the truth of our oneness.

Language Entities can also attach themselves to passages of scripture in people’s minds if they are able to twist the meaning into something darker or more exclusive. They mask themselves with something that makes them seem wholly, even claiming to people that they represent the Word of God, but they are just trying to get you to breathe fear or polarizing energy into the way you relate to others through the filters of religious language.

I even discovered a host of Language Entities that were attaching themselves to a group of people who were studying the Urantia Book, feeding a belief these people had that their truth, via the Urantia Book, was a higher truth than any other truth. Sometimes language entities are just looking for a way to feel superior through us, and they will try to attach themselves to any passage of language that gives people that feeling or feeds our egos in any way.

I imagine there were many language entities that got stuck in the minds of the Nazi’s who listened to Hitler’s speeches. Hitler was full of these entities and gave them a voice. I could write volumes about this subject but I think you get the idea. There are all kinds of invisible entities that will seek to attach themselves to us and get our attention and energy flowing into their illusion of power.

The average person knows little about this, and even if you are not able to discern the presence of such entities, you should be able to feel when something is off. If you are not feeling balanced and centered, and you feel disempowered, afraid, or scattered; it is important to clear your connection with the astral plane.

Call in angelic protection and ask for help to let go of whatever you are focusing on or holding onto that does not serve you. Most astral entities can be cleared by letting go of fears, attachments, and affirming more positive and empowering intentions. “I am in my center of power and I am not afraid.” This aligns you with your Higher Self.

All these entities are doing, really, is testing us into our true power and helping us become more refined. Sometimes we need to tighten up the container of our auric field so that our fears and attachments don’t create room for entities to interfere and mislead us or distract us from more empowering focuses of attention.

Just remember that all of the light and love and power you need comes to you from within, and all of the resources you need to support and sustain your life are manifested through your direct channel to GOD, without you needing to seek desperately. You have more support within you and around you than you realize, and GOD would never give you a task greater than what you could handle.

One day we will have cleared all of these entities from the Earth and they will have transformed or left for some other journey. For now, we must be very discerning about what we are attracting with our resonance.



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  1. excellent points! i noticed the same thing the other day! mine was attached to my solar plexus!! it was latched on… hard as a rock!!

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