New Blog Design – General Update

I am excited to try out a new blog design that should make it a little easier for people to access the content they are most interested in.

Though I have many plans for new articles, videos and channeled recordings, I am always open to new ideas. My recent article about the Galactic Federation of Light was all inspired by a question from a subscriber.

Part of my intention with this blog is to give people the opportunity to interact with me as a channel and soul traveler. Feel free to ask questions. I can’t promise I will answer all of them with a blog entry but my best intention is to help feed your spiritual growth and exploration in one way or another; if not through a reading then through the content stream.

Also, the word is starting to spread about the quality of my readings. Just a reminder that everyone who books at the $100 rate can have that rate for a year after the next price increase. Don’t know exactly when that will be but, I am excited to see this aspect of my work growing again.

WHAT I WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING . . .  is to write for a larger audience. I would greatly appreciate it if you would invite friends to subscribe or at least come check out the blog. Go to your favorite article of mine and use the “Send To” options at the bottom to forward them on to others.

This website is a resource for people on the spiritual path and I want to build the audience so that more will benefit from the offerings.


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