Reclaiming the Sacral Chakra

Many of us chose to shut down, displace or shield the full presence and power of our sacral chakras in childhood, so as to protect ourselves from attracting unwanted energy. For some, this was about preventing further distortions, confusion and boundary violations that may have been part of our family dynamic.

Either way, there are many people who have lived their adult lives with something missing that needs to be reclaimed. Now, there is a new platform of healing support being extended to humanity from the Ascended Masters that is helping all healers and lightworkers combine forces to help accelerate each person’s access to healing energy.  It is like a Psychic World Wide Web of healing energy, grounded by all who seek to empower the healing of humanity.

There is more access to healing energy now that ever before, and it gets easier every day to call up the healing support we need through the support system of humanity’s emerging unified chakra system.

In this conference call recording, I facilitate a healing/clearing of the mind/sacral connection and much more. This is not about just reclaiming the full presence and power of our sacral chakras, but our nature as Light Itself. For many of us, the way we shut down our sacral chakras may be connected to the experiments of the Nephilim in Egypt, and this is also addressed on the call.

This is the last in a series of four calls, but the first of many more such healing projects being offered through this website. The presentation starts just a few minutes in.

Love and Light,



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