The Fourth Initiation

Ahhh, the 4th initiation.  Many of you may be going through this one, though if you are not, it is good to be prepared.  And if you have already passed it, I hope the review in this post is worthwhile.

I came to understand in my early twenties that there are seven levels of planetary initiation that one may pass through in your journey to become a fully GOD-realized Master on the Earth.

The process of these initiations has changed somewhat over the centuries, but certain elements remain the same. Having passed through a number of these, I can describe what they were like and how they were attained.

I first learned about the seven levels of initiation from the work of Dr. Joshua David Stone, and later explored one of the original sources of this information through Alice Bailey’s book, “Initiations Human and Solar”.

The first three initiations involve activations of alignment between the incarnated personality and their own soul.  The First Initiation activates alignment with the physical body and the soul’s path consciously, and the Second involves alignment of the emotional body the the soul’s plan for spiritual growth. These happen when a person become willing to develop mastery in their physical and emotional bodies.  A deepening commitment to spiritual growth on these levels activates the alignment and usually people start to have “awakenings” — visions of their potential spiritual growth.

The Third Initiation is called the Soul Merge and involve alignment of the physical, emotional and mental body with the soul’s consciousness, completing a three step activation process. While the first two initiations may not be noticeable, the soul merge usually represents a more distinct feeling of awakening for the individual. One becomes aware of a spiritual aim in life and begins to be guided by a spiritual destiny.

A long time can pass between this stage and the Fourth Initiation, though in my case I learned about these initiations early on and was actively pursuing the dream of become a GOD-realized being in the physical.  The Masters had just begun to enter my life and I began the Fourth Initiation by making a commitment to living a life devoted to serving GOD and purifying myself to become a pure vessel for GOD’s work.

What brings one to the doorway of each level of initiation is a deepening commitment to selfless service. Each doorway is a humbling.

The Fourth Initiation usually begins with a feeling a peace and an experience of grace — a taste of what is to come when one has passed through the trials of the Fourth, but taking the beginning of an initiation is not the same thing as passing it.  It is only passed fully by taking the beginning of the next initiation.

The Fourth Initiation is the initiation of sacrifice. They say that this is the initiation that Jesus was taking on the cross, while the Christ within him was taking the Sixth Initiation — that of ascension. In the past, many who reached the Sixth Initiation either left their bodies or their bodies might have been burned up or transmuted into light. That is not happening now. Now those who reach this level are being asked to stay in their bodies to help increase the vibration of our physical reality so as to make it easier for all to attain these levels of consciousness.

The Fourth Initiation is the point when an initiate is tested into a willingness to let go of the ego. It does not mean that the initiate is tested fully out of ego — far from it — but a certain willingness must be demonstrated to fully enter into the Mystery School of the Masters. To achieve this, the initiate is stripped of many of those things that hold value to the ego but have no relevance to one’s spiritual growth. This is the initiation that Buddha took when he experienced the revelation of nonattachment.

The beauty of this process is that it has been demonstrated before by the prophets and masters, and it is like stepping into an already existing resonance of Master.  Even my own passing of the Fourth Initiation has made it easier for those seeking this degree of mastery.

My entrance into this initiation was memorable. It happened in a cave in Mt. Shasta, though for most people it might not involve such a memorable and ceremonial beginning. Soon after the testing began. I should mention that, at the time, I had a lot of purification work to do. The Masters who achieved this anciently had to do a lot more to attain this level than we do in the modern age. Some are coming into this level of spiritual testing still struggling with addictive patterns and all kinds of self sabotage that is being healed along the way, and for some this initiation is really the beginning of spiritual purification rather than a pillar of achievement in that regard.

In my case, I watched as everything valuable to me in the material world was stripped away. I used to go to raves at the time and I had all of my fun, flashy clothing stolen from a laundry mat (symbolic of the egoic identity I was being called to let go of). Next I had my favorite backpack stolen along with a silver ring that was in it — given to me by my best friend that had died. I had considered that ring my most treasured possession.

Finally, I had a car of mine reclaimed due to a paperwork issue that the seller was not willing to resolve with me. At the time I had almost nothing and the car was the nicest one I had ever owned. It seemed like the best chance I had of starting to build a new life and I did not have credit to get something like that again. It was a unique opportunity that fell through and I was super attached to that car.

I had reached a point when all of my plans and personal designs for achieving my dreams were failing and I did not know how to move forward. I was being demanded to let go of the car and I feared being back to nothing.

I found myself being called to pray in a field near my mother’s house where I was staying, and as I made my move to surrender to the inevitable, I found myself praying some kind of a prayer that I feel was symbolic of the admissions that every initiate must make at this level. It is a little like when a person admits they are an addict and begins to recognize the need for the intervention of a higher power.

I heard myself praying something like “Lord, though I am blind and I cannot see what you have planned for my life, I recognize that you are a better planner than I. Please reveal to me the steps along the path you have planned for me, and help me to let go of whatever I am holding onto that is getting in the way.”

I was basically admitting to GOD and myself that I was blind and that I was ready to take whatever steps GOD would lay before me, even if I did not understand them and could not see where they were leading me. It was all about trusting blindly.

I knew I had to let go of the car, and I went in from this meditation and made the phone call to arrange for it to be picked up. I was devastated, and yet the moment I let it go, I felt more free. Something told me that if I let go of everything in the material world, then anything I truly needed would come back to me, and it not for me to decide when or how or what.

That was the night that I passed the initiation, and when I when out to the field to pray again, something that became my nightly ritual after that for quite some time; I experienced a tiny flame being lit inside my heart. This was the completion of the Fourth Initiation through the taking of the beginning of the Fifth.

The Fifth Initiation is the initiation into the I AM Presence, when one begins to be overlighted directly with the I AM Presence of  the Masters and one’s higherself. It is the beginning of the journey home into the Flame of GOD’s Love. This is when one’s spiritual education with the Masters really begins.  The initiate is welcomed into the outer halls of Shambhalla and one begins to experience increasing contacts with the inner plane ashrams of the Masters.

After that moment of surrender for me, all kinds of things I needed showed up without my planning. A friend hooked me up with another car so that I could start work at a new job that was exactly what I needed. It was not as nice at the car I let go of, and was a bit humbling actually, given that I used to make fun of him for driving it, but GOD has a sense of humor and I was learning to laugh at myself more.

I decided to write about this because I occasionally do readings for clients who are struggling through this initiation, which can be a harrowing experience until you see that GOD is just stripping away things that you don’t need and no longer serve you. Of all who plot and plan in this world, GOD’s plan is the best.

No matter what you are struggling with, a session with me and the guides will help bring you peace of mind and valuable clarity that helps you to move forward with life. And if you are overseas, I do readings via Skype, so you can’t say that long distance charges are a reason not to do it. I am here to help, no matter what stage you are at in the awakening/ascension process. Let me be part of your support team!

Please help spread my work to your contacts. I know there are many more people out there that would benefit from my writings and videos, as well as the readings.

Hope all of this was helpful.

Love and Blessings,



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2 replies

  1. I didn’t know about the initiation process, but after reading this it would make sense that I may be going through The Fourth Initiation. Thank you for posting this 🙂 Many Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! The past year or so has been so challenging – losing my car, my office, my financial security net, my closest friendship and my sense of freedom. My place also got burglarized. I felt like Job and couldn’t understand why despite my purest spiritual intentions and my best efforts, everything in my life was falling apart. But over and over my guides kept telling me to trust Spirit, that I’ve always been ok. Somehow I’ve squeaked by through every crisis. Just a few nights ago I had a powerful experience in which I merged with this huge energy. The words spoken through me were “I Am the I Am Presence. I AM!!” It was so intense. I am still buzzing from that. I googled I Am Presence and eventually found your site. Now it all makes sense. Thank you!

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