Testimonial from Jillian Auberger, PhD.

Hello Beloved Friends,

I AM being guided to share an incredible resource with you. I’ve have been blessed to be connected to Michael White and his work for 12 years now. Over the years I have experienced his personal and spiritual growth first hand and resonated with his Truth of information that has come forth in his writings and sharings and channelings. I have not only been following his writings but had the pleasure of being at 2 events with him over the years. He has been doing channeled readings/healings for people and at times stepped away from the channeling work for the public when there were other things to focus on that took precedence.

I am very happy that he is recently back on the market so to speak as I know it is a gift to humanity that comes rarely when someone is so tuned into the higher realms, but also so very humble and completely out of ego in his work. I highly recommend his sessions for anyone at any level as he is definitely able to meet you where you are at on the “path”. You will be validated and amazed at the information that will come forth for you.

For more information about Michael and to view his video blogs please see  www.peacekeyper.com

In particular you may wish to view this testimonial from June 25 – Susan’s Testimonial of Michael’s Spiritual Readings and Energy Work. 
and also Michael himself speaking about his sessions so you can feel his energy for yourself –  June 19th Readings by a California Spiritual Healer

And this is a testimonial I wrote for him as well.

“Michael, Thank you for bringing such clarity and Truth to your readings. Having been a seeker to spiritual pursuits for 22 years and being exposed to so many things. . . I recognize your level of ability as being far far above most people out there. You have a great gift to not only access information from the realms of illumined truth but to bring it forth in such an easy going manner which the heart resonates with. I find your work both informative for the mind and healing to the body, soul, heart. What has come forth for me through your gift is still working me on many levels. Anyone who has been guided to you and your work is in for a very special treat.” Jillian Auberger, PhD.

Please pass this information about his sessions onto anyone you feel called to as good resources are hard to come by. He is currently only charging $100 for his hour plus sessions and that is a DEAL. He works with people all over the world – so time differences are no problem (and no excuse!!)
Hope this email finds everyone happy and healthy!
Much love and Blessings,

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