Reawakening the Ancient Mystery Schools

For those of you who have stumbled onto my conference recordings related to the Egyptian Mystery School, I thought I would share a little more about my knowledge of this subject and how this knowledge came to me.

One of the earliest past life memories I had connected me with an incarnation that lived in Ancient Egypt, just after the fall of Atlantis. This incarnation was a keeper of records and a steward of knowledge from the lost civilization and was involved in planning future incarnations of the Mystery School. I knew through this vision that there was a wealth of soul knowledge that would one day returned to me from Egypt.

During my first Out-of-Body experience at age 18, I remember looking at my shoulder as I was coming back into the body and I saw the etheric image of a tattoo of the right Eye of Horus. This was one of many hints about what would one day awakening within me.

In 1999, I was called to visit Egypt and began to access the Hall of Records psychically. The Ascended Master Kuthumi foretold that I would visit the land of Egypt with a man that I would meet who had also been part of the Mystery School. I could hardly believe it at the time, and Kuthumi said that I would not believe it until I was actually there. The prophecy was miraculously fulfilled later that year.

Visiting there helped jump-start  an initiation process that has continued to unfold to this day. At one point, I remember placing my hands on a statue in the Temple of Karnac in Luxor and, after feeling a spiritual vibration coming into my hands, I heard a voice say, “You are here to reawaken the Mystery School”.  Of course this is not my mission alone, but I have come to understand that the position I held as a priest in the Mystery School at the time of its demise was specially orchestrated so that I could play a significant role in its reawakening in modern times.  The message I received in Egypt directly led to a series of events that I hosted to bring together those who were seeking to remember their connection to Spirit and the ancient teachings of the Masters, though that was merely the beginning.

This unfolding journey eventually led to meeting a woman who I partnered with for many years, that had trained with me in the Mystery Schools of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt, though it was not until we met a spiritual teacher named Qala that our awareness of the Ancient Mystery Schools began to significantly increase.  Qala’s guided meditations that were part of a one year Mystery School training were very activating. I did some of them over and over again, reclaiming as much as I could, and it was not long before more people began to enter my life that I had known in the Mystery Schools.

As I began to meet those whom I had practiced the art of tantra with in Egypt, extraordinarily clear remembrances flooded my channel and I often felt like I was both here and in my priest body in Egypt at the same time — my awareness flashing back and forth between bodies and times.

The woman I had partnered with for some years had been my partner in a death initiation that I described in the last conference call recording. In one of our Egyptian incarnations, we had been buried alive together, each in a separate sarcophagus.  The completion of this initiation in this life led to a clearing and karmic balancing between us that completed lifetimes of work. I actually felt our death’s occurring in simultaneous time.

It was then that my partner Susan appeared in my life and we began to remember a series of powerful tantric activations that bonded us together in the Egyptian Mystery School.  In the time just before the Mystery School dissolved, the field of the Mystery School sparked a connection between us that opened a connection right into the journey we are on together now.  All that we have created together in this life as a gift to the world was seeded through the tantric practice between our Egyptian selves, just  before the Mystery School came to an end.

I have so much to share about what actually happened in all of these incarnations of the Mystery Schools.  I am one who is able to remember those who were there, so if you were there, I would likely be able to tap into the records of your experiences and tell you something about them.  This often comes up in the readings I do for people. Many initiates have come to me to help retrieve more memory of their training, since we are picking up where we left on in modern times.

Sometimes I pick up on the reflectivity between one’s current initiations and how they parallel what is happening in simultaneous time in Egypt or some other version of the Mystery School. Sometimes I just get an awareness of the light encodements or soul’s gifts that one may hold from their Mystery School training.  All of the energy work done through me is part of a reconnection/restoration of the field of oneness and divine union that we held together in the Mystery Schools. There are many aspects of this field that are being restored, and each of you who carry an attunement to this are stewarding some unique part of it for the world.

In time, I hope to offer many opportunities to meet and share our gifts of energy and soul knowledge, either online or in person, but for now, I am just beginning to write about this aspect of my journey. Please help me network and connect people to my blog that are ready to link with the reawakening of the Mystery Schools. I am going to be adding a lot to the growing library of spiritual knowledge that is flooding the world as we enter into a new Golden Age.


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  1. Can you contact me in any way? I am interested in a reading.. I have been coming into awareness of a few of my past lives and the mystery school in egypt was a very pronounced one that I regressed with myself recently and was randomly asked about it by someone who could have had no clue about it and said they felt as if they were very close to me then as they are now. I am rather anxious to explore deeper into this myself and help from some sort of guide would be amazing

    • Absolutely! I have expected for some time that people from the Mystery School would find me and the readings I do are part of the way in which we are reawakening the Mystery School. Will be in touch.

  2. Dear Michael,
    I know I am connected to the ancient Mystery Schools, as I have such an interest, a curiosity, and a strong compulsion toward all things sacred, especially from the Divine Mother’s perspective. I also feel you have been my brother in a past incarnation- and still, possibly- in this one! I wholeheartedly support your work and your incredible sharing, both powerful and humbly blended! Thank you for your BEING and your boldness that is needed for these times.
    Mary Angelico

    • Thankyou dear spiritual sister. We are always connected through Divine Mother’s love. I look forward to being able to offer you a lot more in the future regarding the memories of the Ancient Mystery Schools when it is time to publish in book form.

  3. Is there a way that we can connect? I know I had a past live in Egypt, and if my memory is correct, I was there as a Priestess… Before this life, however, I remember many lives in Lemuria… Anyway, as for Egypt, I remember an initiation that I was apart of, and then drama/trouble amongst some of the Priestess’s… My whole life, just like I’ve been connected to Machu Picchu, I have always wanted to visit Egypt, however, everytime I began planning my trip there something happened- the first two times I planned the trip there were two terrorist attacks on Karnac and Luxor, and then the third time I began planning- the revolution broke out… there was always something outside of myself, stopping me… I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, you’ve given such beautifully, incredible insight, I cant describe to you how much your writtings have helped me. Thank you 🙂

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