Egyptian Clearing Meditation

With this link you can download the MP3 of the first conference call I was inspired to host last Friday/Saturday. The presentation starts about 4 minutes in.

Egyptian Clearing Meditation  (conference recording)

In this call, I share some of the things I remember about the downfall of the Egyptian Mystery School and the clearing process we are in to restore the resource of galactic healing energy we came together to birth through Egypt. This is primarily a meditation/clearing activation. My partner Susan and I listened to it again the next day and both felt an even deeper clearing.

The main presentation/meditation is about an hour long, and there are about 20 minutes or so of conversation after. There are some long pauses in the second half, but if you are in the zone by then, you won’t mind.


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2 replies

  1. Wow Mike, that is excellent. I liked the weaving of crystal energy. I was seeing Egyptian depictions leading into Roman, it was cool. Sort of like the Divine Masculine and feminine as depicted by the Egyptian, turned into the planets Mars and Venus, when you described the separation, they were faced away from each other and then and the last, they were turned back towards one another and all was well. – Love and light.

  2. Dear Mike,

    thank you so much for this Meditation. It reminded me to my time living there with the group of priest. I knew have been one of them by my dreams I had. But I still was insecure about this time. Now i am very clear about it. Even to get confirmed the connection to Atlantis.

    My english is not good enough to explaine all my insides I got throu your Recordings about this Agypt time…

    Thank you so much ❤

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