2012 Spiritual Discernment: Future Lives on the Ascension Timeline

This video talks more about the four global shifts in consciousness that humanity will experience before we collectively journey to the stars.


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2 replies

  1. Reminded and inspired to serve in all the ways I can! Thanks Michael, love. Rxxx

  2. The real issue for the general populace who are not channelers, is that they do need very good intuition:) the information is now becoming very contradictory, with many thinking that the process called Ascension will complete by the 20th December 2012, ie the great separation , and with Michael’s information here, he is relaying that the changes will take many many decades, this to me is far more logical, its is like an evolutionary process? So why so many differing slants, and it does not really help the masses to have no clear direction. I guess the MANTRA GO WITHIN comes to mine:)

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