A Four-Fold Increase in Intuition

Last year, I channeled an exciting piece of information about intuition that has been proving itself true ever since.  My guides told me that, in the coming years, humanity will experience a four-fold increase in our intuitive abilities.  For people who are not very intuitive, they will begin to discover their intuitive side.  For those of us who are aware of our intuitive potential, we will get a major upgrade!

The guides didn’t say how long it will take for this increase to occur but my sense is that, starting in 2012, we will notice a change from year to year.  It may take the rest of the decade for this global process to unfold, but for some of us it is happening faster than for others.  Choosing this potential consciously will quicken the effect of the shift.  I have already begun to notice a difference this year.  Have you?

So what will this increase in intuition be like?  Imagine you are in your car and you are at a stoplight.  Your linear mind is telling you that you are going to turn right to go to the grocery store to get something to prepare for dinner, but intuition takes over and you find yourself turning left.  “Where are you taking me?” the linear mind says to the intuitive side of the brain, and suddenly you have an awareness that you are meant to go to a friend’s house.

Once you get there, you find that your friend was just thinking about you while preparing some food (more than enough for both of you), and the meeting turns out to be perfect for both of you in many ways. That is what happens when you allow your intuitive self more control. Generally, people allow the linear mind to do the driving, but this change is about putting the linear mind on the passenger side.  It will still have its role, and will need to have command of things at times, but ultimately humanity will become less dominated by the linear mind.

(More about putting your linear mind in the passenger seat in the next article.)

Having a society that was run by the linear mind was great for creating and building all of the necessary infrastructure to link us together as a global civilization but, without more intuition and creative freedom we have suffered.  Now that the purpose of linear mind dominance has been fulfilled, it is time for intuition to play a leading role.  We have built a platform for human, global cocreation, and now it is time for our creative passions to steal the show.

What this means on a large scale is a massive change in the way we operate.  The fact that many of the old structures are collapsing serves this inner opening because our intuitive self has felt trapped in these old paradigm structures.  We will be able to build new paradigm structures that are more complementary to an intuitive approach to life.  I am especially excited about what a more intuitive approach to education will look like.

In terms of business, imagine if more people were investing in humanity’s creative potential instead of just strategically betting on where they can make money.  There is a whole new way in which intuition will guide our business acumen, and this will lead to a better and more abundant world for all.  When people begin to recognize the dormant capability of all human beings to generate manifestation energy that can move mountains, we will begin to invest in ways of unleashing this potential so that big changes that benefit everyone become effortless.

Remember the Celestine Prophesy?  The release of the first nine insights in the early 90s complemented the arrival of many waves of awareness from the future that were lapping at the edges of human consciousness, awakening a vision of our potential.  These insights were ahead of their time, but not by much.  They contained part of the coding of humanity’s future intuitive/energetic awareness, but as of this year we are NOW entering the future of energetic awareness the insights were created to describe.  The future of new energy awareness is becoming our present and a doorway to our infinite potential is opening within us.

At the time, James Redfield predicted that humanity would begin to grasp the insights around the turn of the century, and though a great many people were experiencing an activation of the insights in their awareness from reading the books, it feels more like this is the year that the codes of that awareness are being accelerated in human consciousness.  This is an example of how humanity’s spiritual evolution is programmed.  Codes from the future are seeded into the past and then activated when we reach a specific time reference.  For the past six years I have been studying this phenomenon and have learned some surprising things that I will be sharing in future writings.

We have reached a time when a great many hidden resources are being unveiled, and the codes that have been seeded over the millennia are being activated.  There are codes hidden in the world’s sacred scriptures.  There are codes hidden in the world’s ancient monuments, and even in the language systems we use.  The most exciting codes of all though, are hidden in our DNA.

Your DNA literally contains the answer to all of life’s questions because it was designed that way.  The increase of our intuition is doing much more than just sharpening our sense of direction.  It means that we are being given access the the cognitive gifts needed to read the records of the body.

There is so much more I want to tell you about all of this . . . and I will. I am going to pour my heart into empowering the shift for my readers this year, and so will my guides.  We want you to have the same edge on the new awareness that I am enjoying.  Many thanks to those of you who signed up and/or let your friends know about this blog.  It is going to be an enlightening ride.

Also, my intuition is telling me that some of you would really benefit from having a reading with me.  Check out some of my recent testimonials on Facebook to see how my readings can accelerate your spiritual progress.  I am here to serve!


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