The Venus Transit and the Arcturians

A Shift into Greater Harmony

On June 6th of this year we will experience the second of a pair of Venus Transits (when Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun); likely the last one we will witness in this lifetime for those of us alive today.

I remember the first of the pair in 2004 very vividly.  I shifted out-of-body to get an angel’s eye view of how this astrological event was affecting the planet and I witnessed incoming waves of Venus energy at work on the mass consciousness.  There was an infusion of love and harmony that connected me with the incoming waves of creative energy that were pouring into our planet during the 1960s.  It felt like Venus was reawakening a creative matrix that was seeded back then, but which was seeking to rebirth in a more refined form.

The energy of Venus accentuates awareness of love and beauty; however, with this Venus Transit there is an added kick to what we are receiving.  We are more ready now to assimilate what Venus has to offer, and this particular astrological event has attracted the attention of many highly evolved multidimensional beings that are able to work with humanity through the resonance of such astrological alignments.

One such group is the Arcturians.  Several months ago, the Arcturians took me on a journey out-of-body to view some of the work they were doing on and around the planet Venus.  I was shown a great gathering of Arcturian starships and they were busy anchoring the energy of the Arcturian temples from the Arcturian home worlds into the planet.  They spoke of a coming alignment between Earth and Venus and how they were working through the energy of Venus to help link human consciousness with the healing energy of the Arcturian temples.

At the time I had forgotten about the upcoming Venus Transit and only made the connection several weeks ago.  The Arcturians often anchor their healing energy through the use of etheric crystals, which are placed in the ground or even in the atmosphere of a planet to help shift the frequency of everything around them.  In this way, they are assisting humanity and the Earth to birth into greater love, and it looks like we are about to get a boost in that process.

During the Venus alignment, there will be a strengthening of certain qualities of consciousness on the planet that will assist with our process of achieving greater balance.  The rise of the divine feminine, which is helping to bring the masculine energy on the planet back into alignment with Source, is currently building towards a tsunami love that will overwhelm the structures that have been created out of an environment of competition for resources.

Humanity has built many structures; earthly structures like economies and governments, and also psychological structures that are not founded in love.  For many decades, there has been a gradual waning of the patriarchal energy that dominated the previous age, and now the energy of the Venus Transit is going to help loosen up some of these old structures that the Earth and humanity are seeking to release.  The release of the old psychological structures will lead to the collapse of the old paradigm systems.  I am not saying that the Venus Transit alone is heralding this shift, but it is complementing the unfolding process in a way that is noticeable.

Personally, I feel this shift within my own masculine/feminine balance.  I have carried a strong mental focus on the masculine side that formed as a way of protecting the sensitive feminine emotional side during times when the feminine was not honored.  Just as there has been male energy that played out a drama of superior advantage over the feminine through the energy of the patriarchal age, there is also a lot of male energy that sought to be strong within that patriarchal field so as to protect the feminine.  Now the need for this form of protection is waning.

The feminine is growing stronger and the masculine is becoming more balanced so that both sides are able to move toward a greater wholeness that is seeking to emerge.  I can feel my own mental body relaxing into the Venus energy and I am starting to let the masculine side of me know that it does not have to stand alone as the protector of the heart.  “Relax, the heart has an emerging new support system of collective resonance in the world, and men are being challenged to be their feeling selves again.”   Ahhh, my heart is opening like the V in Venus to be a chalice for the incoming energy of Arcturus, and the mind is relaxing into the energy of this chalice.

“Many Thanks” to all of you who have signed up to follow this blog.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this kind of information again after many years of silence.

Also, check out the global meditation for the Venus Transit my friends are organizing at

In my own experience, the effects of a Venus Transit can resonate for days afterwards. so anytime the day of or in the days just after would a be a great time for meditating on the incoming energies.


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