Become a Child Prodigy

. . . in your next life.

My angelic guides recently told me about a shift that has taken place in humanity’s multidimensional memory.  They said that, going forward, the skills and abilities that we develop in this life will come back to us more quickly and more fully realized in the next life.  In the past, there was far less bleed-through, except in rare cases.  Now all that has changed.

Lately, I have started to receive more awareness of future lives, and hearing this piece of information made me more excited to develop my talents in the physical.  I probably have more bleed-through knowledge from other lives than most people and yet I wonder why it isn’t easier to learn a language I have spoken before. Despite having access to past life memory, previous skills and abilities do not always imprint all the way into the physical brain map.  I can sometimes understand other languages in dreams, but when I wake up the knowledge is gone.

What the guides are saying is good news for all of us though.  For example, you might have played piano in another life and so you have an affinity for it in this life, but you probably still had to relearn the skill and program your brain map all over again. According to this new information, if you master an instrument in this life, you will be able to gain access to that mastery more effortlessly, picking up where you left off.  This is probably why we have more and more child prodigies and extremely talented young people today. Many of them are picking up where they left off in their last life.

Because this time period is so exciting, some people who are adults today are choosing, after death, to come back and reincarnate into the same time reference during which they were previously alive (I have wondered if Lady Gaga is actually Madonna’s next incarnation). I have already seen this happen for myself.  One of my past lives is still currently alive, which means that after he passes in the future, he came back and incarnated as me.  Because there is no time barrier on the other side, it is possible to live multiple lives in the same century, especially when the population is exploding and there are plenty of bodies to go around.

I am also aware that my next incarnation will be born while I am still alive in this one.  There is an interesting overlap that will be fascinating to study when the time comes.

So if you want to return as a child prodigy in some field, it is worthwhile to put in the hours of practicing your favorite skill in this life.  Even if it takes you the rest of your life to get really good at something, it will be worth it to come back as a baby genius.  There is no reason to think that it is pointless to work on developing a talent once you have reached a certain stage of life.  We are always in a process of becoming a better version of ourselves.

On that note, it is important to realize that how we take care of ourselves in this life does have an impact on future lives.  It is very worthwhile to develop good habits and to defeat bad ones so that you can come back as a more refined person.  Make it easy on yourself the next go around by doing that extra bit of refinement work.  The effort that you put forth now to change will make change more effortless in the future.

Personally, I would like to master a few instruments, learn a few languages, and become an expert at Kung Fu.  I wouldn’t mind coming back in my next life with a high aptitude in artistic skills and dance technique as well.  Even though I don’t have time to go back to college at this stage of my life, I know now that if I keep chipping away at these forms of self development over time, it will all add up.


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