We Made It!!!

After four long months of working at Goodwill, GOD began removing the obstacles to my family’s relocation.  When I wrote, Getting Grounded, I was just beginning to face that I would need to work a minimum wage job for a while in order to make the move happen. Thankfully, I am on the other side of that test.

I had to laugh about the whole ordeal in hindsight.  I had literally grabbed the first full time job that came up in Lincoln City, Oregon at the time.  Uncertain about whether this was the right move, I drove off to the interview and witnessed a beautiful double rainbow that seemed to end right near the location of the store.  I also could not help noticing that the word “Goodwill” contains GOD WILL.  Along the way, I healed a lot of my resistance to surrendering to GOD’s will in the physical.

When it came time to give my notice I hesitated because I did not want to initiate the move prematurely.  I needed a sign, and fortunately, I got one.  Even so, the last two weeks of work contained a lot of uncertainty about the timing of things.  There were a lot of financial issues and we were constantly being tested with things not working out as planned, but still, we trusted in the rightness of what we were doing and were determined not to get discouraged.  I had to finish my last day without knowing whether or not we had a new place to live.

At the end of my last day at Goodwill, while waiting for my last paycheck, I began to ponder again the decision to leave.  Was it really time, or was my ego fooling me because I just wanted to get moving?  I asked the angels if it was really time and as I opened my last check, the amount was $444 — (another confirmation from the angels).  Then I heard the angels say that things were going to open up very rapidly for us in Orange County.

A few days later, by a miracle, we manifested a nice town home right in the small community we had been praying about, a testament to our trust in the divine.  It was a very special occurrence that a place opened up in this community that we could afford, and that was available in the timing that we needed.  We had our heart set on getting in for months so that our daughter to could attend a top rated middle school there.

As it turns out, we were able to move on my 36th Bday, on 3-6-12. The date contains a doubling code that spoke to me of the exponential acceleration we are moving into.  My family and I are now happy residents of Orange County California and it is finally time to start sharing the work we have been channeling privately for many years.

Previously we only shared parts of this with a select group some years ago through a series of conference calls.  Now it is time to begin a wider release of the information Susan and I have been stewarding.  In the upcoming series of posts I will begin to outline some of the themes for a public lecture series that we are launching here in Orange County.


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  1. yay you made it . congrats it going to be a good year . i am so happy for you guys . welcome to sunny so cal.

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