Rising Above the Frequency of Fear

In the Arcturian Update I posted last November, I spoke of the increasing use of frequency control in our cities and how the Arcturians were countering it by increasing their transmissions of galactic love and light to our planet.  On the very first evening of my family’s stay in Orange County we had a shocking experience with these mind control technologies.

Almost as soon as we arrived in our new home we experienced a sudden breakdown of emotional harmony.  Everyone’s attachments came up to things being a certain way.  There was an unsettling mood that seemed to sour our arrival and we went to sleep that night feeling confused about why we were arguing when we should have been happy with our new surroundings.

That night I became aware that we had all been dosed with a frequency of fear and chaos that was coming from somewhere in the city.  I honed in on it psychically and discovered some kind of a transmitter that was beaming out this frequency.  It appeared to be on top of a building somewhere. I could not tell if we had been targeted specifically or if we were encountering the general effects of this frequency.

I felt relieved to know that the disharmony we had experienced the evening before was not truly anything personal between us but, rather, the result of being agitated by the frequency.  I told Susan that morning and she felt relieved as well.  We all agreed that we had, temporarily, not felt like ourselves.

“The Frequency” as I call it, can make you feel emotionally agitated. It disrupts harmonious thoughts and feelings and makes you feel emotionally violated.  Not knowing where this violation is coming from, people tend to project their upsets on each other, which is exactly what this frequency is used for.  It is designed to keep us all distracted with arguments, desiring greater control over each other so that we do not discover the ease and flow of the oneness that is bridging our hearts together.

I spent the whole next morning doing forgiveness work in my morning meditation.  I knew that the disharmony that we all experience at times breaks down to a distrust between our masculine and feminine selves, so I began to focus on forgiving the masculine for all the ways it had wounded the feminine, and then forgiving the feminine for all the ways it has wounded the masculine.  I sought to create a bridge to peace between the masculine and the feminine on the planet, right there in my own brain.

When the male and female brain are listening to each other and supporting each other, there is peace.  It is as as simple as that.  By the end of the meditation I felt grateful for how “the frequency” had created the opportunity to overlay it with more of the new peace consciousness of divine union.  This is part of the reason my family and I were called to move here.  We are here to join with all those who seek to rise above the frequency of fear, to light a path into a new paradigm of peace.

There are many peace potentials that can be anchored here that will have a global impact on the world.  Everything we do matters.  The ripple effect of our actions are more far reaching than ever before. In my upcoming series of public lectures I intend to speak about the peace potentials that are ever ready to rush in at the first sign of conflict.  It is getting easier every day to resolve conflicts before they become outbreaks of violence.  There is Power in Peace like never before.


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