Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street?

Absolutely! — and so would Moses and Muhammad.

A friend recently asked me to comment on the Occupy Wall Street movement, so I tuned in psychically to check it out.  What I felt (in New York at least) was a congregation of protesters longing for community and seeking to step outside the old paradigm structures that get in the way.  The desire for a more heart-centered approach to how we resource humanity is a common ideal, though I did not discern the extent to which this is being articulated in the conversation on the ground.

There is an undercurrent of change moving through many of these protests that is not new but, rather, something ancient that we are only now beginning to align with.  When Jesus drove the money changers and traders out of the temple in Jerusalem he was sowing the seeds of a revolution that is just beginning to arise.

When Jesus said “Do not make my Father’s house a house of trade,” he was not merely talking about the sanctity of the temple; he was speaking prophetically about the whole planet, and for good reason. He could not deny that placing capitalism before charity would destroy us, but we had to get to the brink of destruction before discerning the pattern that Jesus was looking at prophetically 2000 years ago.

We are being herded like cattle.  We are being processed and numbered — valued according to our worth to the corporate machine and not according to our sacred nature as vessels for the Spirit of God.  We were created to serve the ONE, by uplifting humanity and being stewards of all life on Earth, but the system we have is not based on honoring this potential.

We are the Israelites who — in the absence of our teacher, who was away on the mountain communing with GOD — built an idol from gold and began to worship it.  It is probably no coincidence that the form of the idol was a calf.

Now the teacher has returned in the form of a moral spirit that is arising within our collective DNA.  We are choosing to reject any system that is unfair; just as Jesus did; just as Moses did before him; and just as Muhammad did after him.  There is a simple code of oneness behind the actions of history’s luminaries that says: treat others as your equals, reject unfairness.  We are simply claiming the potential of a balanced world that has a future, before it is too late.  To Be Continued . . .


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