“What Happens After We Die?”

A friend of mine who is going through a bit of an existential crisis recently asked me this question.  I could easily fill a book with what I have learned about this subject but I will try to make this short and sweet.

When I first started having out-of-body experiences there were many times when I found myself floating above my sleeping body — back before I learned to just rocket off to the inner plane.

I quickly learned that the physical body is merely the container for a second body made of  light and pure consciousness — that part of us that animates the physical body.  Even the second body, or incarnated personality, is just one incarnation of many thoughtform/expressions of the soul, which is a much vaster aspect of who we are.

The soul is eternal and exists independently of the body.  It dwells outside of time and space as we know it, and can move forward and backward in time, even while parts of it are incarnated within the time-stream.  The soul is much vaster than the incarnated personality.  It is our guide — the dreamer that is dreaming the life that we are living, and yet the incarnated personality is cocreating life with the soul in a similar way to how the universe as a whole is cocreating with GOD.

So, the second body survives death and transits to other planes of reality that are mostly invisible to the living.  In essence, you return to where you came from before you incarnated and will exist there for a time before moving on. I have visited this plane of reality countless times and it is a densely populated and exciting place, full of nature and beautiful human constructs.

In my case, I gained the etherial freedom of death while still being physically alive and, not long after this occurred, a very dear friend of mine crossed over unexpectedly.  I found that I was able to visit him out-of-body and often he would come to visit me.  This is how I became so acquainted with the Afterlife.

His Afterlife experience was one of becoming re-educated or re-oriented at first to the bigger picture of existence. He had not been a religious person during life, but he did tell me once that he had met Jesus on the other side and was profoundly touched by his love. Clearly, religious affiliation has little bearing in one’s afterlife experience.

I sometimes found him, on the inner plane, in an environment that resembled his childhood home — a memory construct.  He told me this made him feel comfortable, and yet he was learning that he could change his surroundings by thought alone. He explained he was still getting used to the idea of traveling by thought alone and that if he wanted to get from place to place he could only do it by imagining that he was running really fast.

Eventually he mastered teleportation and came to me once to show off his new mastery.  He would disappear and reappear at some distance away and then come back again in a flash.  He also mentioned attending school in the Afterlife and learning all of the things he has forgotten about existence during life.

After many years of meeting him when I would go to sleep at night, he came to me and told me that he was going to reincarnate.  He showed me a vision of his new body as it was growing in the womb of his new earthly mother and how the body was being encoded with a new life vision and plan.  This was the last time I saw him as the person that he was, but I am still in touch with his soul who appears to me in the form that is most familiar to me.

I have been shown by angels how they will often pull people from the body just before the instant of death to prevent the personality from experiencing unnecessary pain and trauma.  This is often done when there are sudden deaths, like car accidents.

I have had several visitations from people I was close to during which they shared with me telepathically the actual memory of their death experience.  I got to feel what it was like to die and feel their last heart beats and last breath.  In all cases it was an experience of peace.

My grandmother still visits me on occasion and we have talked about how her dimension and our dimension is growing closer together. There is a great deal of excitement right now on the other side about breakthroughs in communication that are currently in the works. One day we will be able to talk with our friends and relatives there and the world will become flooded with knowledge from the angelic realms.

I am hoping this entry will prompt people to ask more questions because I have lots more to share on this subject.


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  1. This is something that interests me greatly, having lost a lovely person in MARCH 2011, they were one of the rare people that I felt vibrationally compatible with. I would so love to be able to talk with them again, and find out what happened after they passed, why we met, I am pretty sure we have known each other in other lives, and just so many questions. Its great to find this topic covered, because I have just not seen anyone asking this question, about in the hopefully very near future, if we could be able to actually talk with out loved ones in spirit, how amazing would that be, I would not feel lonely anymore, as I could know I could talk with my friend in spirit.

    How amazing to have the experiences you have had, I believe as a sensitive empath I should have had more in the way of these experiences ..but my energy system has been very messed up in this life, sadly I have not yet managed to sort it.

    I do ask my friend questions, and can get a yes and a no, as my body moves in a certain way , but that is not like being able to have a proper conversation:( you are so lucky:)

    • Hi Jane,

      You should definitely read “Miracles in the Storm” by Mark Macy. He is a leading expert in the field of Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), which is the technology of spiritual contact. I had him at a conference once as a guest speaker and he played some of the most amazing recordings of Spirit communication. It is a must read. Hard to find though because I think it is out of print.

      I believe that you will find your way around to some kind of practice that will strengthen your sensitivity as a channel and plus, the veils are getting thinner all the time. Even without advances in technology and the shift in consciousness that is taking place, the dimensions are merging together, making it easier to be in touch with the other side. Still, all of this put together means that the barriers will one day fall and we will have easy, clear communication with the other side. I also recommend “The Key” by Whitley Strieber, a great companion book to go with “Miracles in the Storm”.

      As angels are usually the bridge for our communications with the other side, cultivating a more conscious relationship with your angelic guides can also help strengthen the connection.

      Thanks for writing,

      • ~Thank you very much, I only just found your reply so that is great , will try to find these publications. It would be amazing to see what my friend is actually up to in spirit, he had such a lovely sense of humour which I really miss, so any contact would be so amazing:) many thanks again!

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