Keys for Contact

In the last post I stated that I was not expecting a major opening of galactic contact for another 3 to 5 years.  We will likely see 2012, 2013, and even 2014 go by without the kind of global, paradigm shifting visual show of the ET presence that some are predicting. There will, however, continue to be a crescendo of awakening that will build towards a more global opening to ET contact, and this will prompt more people to form an assault on the official secrecy of the ET subject.

There may be high level forms of group contact that will take place in this window – bursting open part of the bubble of denial – but not the sort of events that will flood the whole world with truth.  I promise you, the flood of truth is coming, but such events can be like a mirage.  The ripple effects of future mass contact events are echoing backward in time, but they may be further away than they appear.

One key to remember is that the Arcturians, and many others involved in the program of contact, are not interested in enabling humanity to be distracted by outer appearances. The Arcturians will usually only appear visually to those who have made the connection with them inwardly, and who are able to meet them as equals.

There are other forces, however, that may make appearances to distract us, entice us, and keep us focused on something outside of ourselves.  We must not be distracted by visual displays designed to mesmerize people and keep them focused away from the emerging center of power that is arising within our hearts.

I have heard predictions that President Obama will be the one to announce that we are being visited and that this could happen any day.  Personally, I don’t see it.  There would have to be a real revolution that ends the secrecy on many institutional levels for this to happen.  We simply cannot wait for some announcement to carry us into the new paradigm of open contact, but it is unlikely that people will become focused enough on this issue to make such meaningful change, especially when the economy keeps people Earth-bound in their thoughts.

So, what can we do to further open the door to the galaxy?  The answer lies in supporting an inner shift in collective awareness through our focus of attention.  Spiritually, it is a matter of receiving the love and light that is being beamed to us from ancient star systems — energy that is designed to facilitate the building of our galactic energy bodies.  We are opening the doorway to contact by first finding it in our DNA.

Psychologically, it is a matter of looking inward as opposed to outward for our connection to the Galactic Spectrum of Consciousness.  After all, a part of humanity’s DNA is ExtraTerrestrial.  We need only look within to find the resonance of our galactic family.  We have never needed to go to special locations or have any special equipment to make contact.  The two biggest keys I can share with you for making contact are: meditation, and clarity of intent.

Just last night I had one of the most extraordinary experiences of ET contact I have had in a while.  This occurred while the brain was in a deeply relaxed state after several sleep cycles.

I was lying in bed when I successfully projected onto the inner plane, following the psychic signal of an ET ship that I sensed nearby.  I found myself standing near a cliff overlooking the ocean, and a beautiful ball of light was hovering over the water about 150 yards away.

I sensed that this ball of light was a vehicle of light that housed several ET beings of light. It is worth mentioning that a large percentage of the ETs visiting Earth are not coming here in mechanical ships made of physical technology.  Many starships are literally giant thoughtform/vehicles, formed through the collective focused intent of large families of souls that travel together through the galaxy and beyond.

I instantly sensed that this ball of light was part of a larger mothership, so I signaled to its occupants that I was interested in meeting their people.  Within seconds I felt the arrival of a massive vehicle housing a vast number of ET souls who, despite having humanoid forms, exist at a vibration of reality much faster than our physical senses are use to registering.

I went into a state of telepathic contact with the ship.  I did not receive a name for these people but they felt familiar and I realized that my soul had visited their system at some point before incarnating in this life.  I felt a warm vibration of love and friendliness coming from these beings that was inviting.

I could not help asking if they were interested in taking me for a visit to their home world so that I could learn/remember more about them.  Sometimes in the out-of-body state I forget that I have a body that I have to come back to and so I do not consider that the body itself might not be prepared to make such a quantum leap.

Their reply to me was quite interesting.  They said that such a trip would not be advisable because of Einstein’s relativity.  They explained that if they took me to visit their home world, by the time they returned me it would be some ten years later in Earth time. Apparently, even though they had achieved faster than light travel, they were not completely free from the time stream.  It is unfortunate that I did not get a more detailed explanation of how this galactic culture relates to the physics of the universe, but the fact that they spoke of Einstein was very interesting.

The point of this story is that you can make contact without ever leaving your own house. It doesn’t matter what other’s believe about what is possible, and it doesn’t matter where you are.  If you have a clear intent to meet our galactic friends as equals, this will form a powerful invitation that can be felt in the field around the Earth.

The most important key after that is meditation.  Contact happens when the mind is in a quiet state, able to walk across the bridge of galactic peace into a state of communion with the Greater Reality.  If you want to make contact with enlightened ETs, learn how to quiet your mind and access peace as a frequency of universal mind.

I welcome comments from people who have also had inner experiences of contact.


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  1. Dear Michael, I am so happy to see you communicating with us again. I was one of the first people to donate to the printing of your first book years ago now. I wondered where you have been. I totally agree with this post. I think Obama will announce contact in his second term in office. Someone I channel told me this years ago.

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