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More than 10 years ago, the Arcturians introduced themselves to me during an out-of-body experience by taking me to see one of their projects. I was shown an impressive Earth healing project that involved laying down a gridwork of crystals around the portals in Sedona, Arizona. These crystals are too high in vibration to be perceived by our physical senses, but they are there — anchoring the healing energy of the Arcturian home worlds on Earth.  And you can be certain that there are many other locations like this one that have been receiving such sacred objects to help change the resonance of our world.

This experience was the beginning of a long series of interactions with the Arcturian ETs that involved physical sightings, contact experiences, visitations at my home, channelings, healings, and out-of-body visits aboard the Arcturian starships.   These have all been joyous experiences as the Arcturians model a blissful integration of love, light, and angelic energy. They are here to demonstrate part of our evolutionary potential — one aspect of which involves becoming seamlessly infused with our own angelic counterparts.

Over the last few months, after a long quiet period, my main Arcturian guide began to speak with me again to deliver some information that feels highly relevant to our times. The first subject of these transmissions is that of galactic contact for humanity.

Over the years, there have been, on occasion, flare ups of interest around predictions being made about “First Contact” — “First Contact” being some kind of mass contact event that opens the doorway for ET contact on a larger scale, thus ending the old paradigm of denial that says “we are alone in the universe”.

When I hear people predicting first contact, I always ask, “First contact for whom?”  Lots of us have experienced first contact long ago.  In fact, it is because so many of us are waiting for the world to wake up in this regard that it seems attractive to believe that there could be some event that would suddenly end the denial, making us contactees seem instantly less crazy, but there is a lot of ungroundedness in these “First Contact” predictions.

For one, it seems apparent to those of us who have been studying the phenomenon of ET contact that there is a gradual program of contact in place, designed to nurture our awakening without intervening in any way that would cause panic or evoke fear.  There is also the fact that a part of the ET presence visiting Earth has wanted to remain secret and has had human organizational support, something that has affected collective perception, and which we are responsible for.

In other words, when contact happens is not so much up to the ETs as it is up to us.  It is up humanity to start being honest with itself about why and how it has enabled secrecy and how it is hurting us.  This is a complex issue but not irresolvable.

What the Arcturians shared with me recently about frequency control contained an interesting picture of how they view the opening of large scale galactic contact.

During a telepathic transmission I received from my Arcturian guide, I was shown that the use of mind control frequencies in our cities is increasing greatly.  I have been warned of this for years through visions that showed a time when such frequency control experimentation would be rolled out on a larger scale.

These frequencies are designed to affect the nervous system and the mental body. They can unground the mental body from the Earth frequency and the emotional body; pulling the mind into a more mental environment.  They want to make us less emotional, less passionate, less willing to act on feelings and intuition, and more easily influenced by the psychic presence of the mental controllers. This is part of a plan to create a sort of mental hierarchy of control, run psychically, but augmented by implantable frequency control technology.  Scary stuff.

Now I am not the kind of person who reads a lot of articles and material channeled by other people about such things.  I get this straight from trusted multidimensional guides and from my own out-of-body exploration of the time stream.  I am also not worried about this frequency control scenario.

Humanity is taking on a certain amount of this control so that we can teach the galaxy a lesson by throwing it off during our planetary ascension process.  For me, experiencing such attempts to change my frequency are merely an annoyance, but for an unsuspecting population, there is a need to become more aware and more psychologically vigilant in the face of such manipulation.

The Arcturians showed me how the technologies for rolling out such frequency control on a large scale has reached the point where a new phase of this project is beginning. Our secret government is starting to turn up the juice to see what happens, modulating and adapting as they go to create the desired effect.  They are experimenting with ways of programming us through these frequencies.

The primary intention is to artificially maintain the bubble of egoic denial that is naturally waning — to hold back our spiritual evolution so that we do not become a sovereign collective entity through the heart.  The controllers behind this are seeking to mold humanity into a very different kind of collective.  They know we are awakening. They know we are becoming one.  They cannot stop our unification, but they are attempting to corral it into a frequency fence that conforms to the conditions of their controllers.

It is all a question of what part of the galactic spectrum we awaken into.  Will we awaken into a part of the spectrum that is natural to us, or will we become adapted to the frequency and influence of beings that live within a specific part of the spectrum who want to deny us knowledge of the whole spectrum?

Here is where our galactic friends come in.  Just as our secret government is starting to turn up the juice, so are the Arcturians!

In order to counter the effects of the frequency control, the Arcturians are increasing the infusions of love and light into our world, in accordance with Divine Will.  They are assisting us to raise our vibrations so that our bodies resonate with a vibration that is untouched by the effects of the mind control frequencies.

I was shown in a vision how, in the course of the coming years, the frequency control is going to get worse, and yet the Arcturian energy being sent to counter it will always be greater.  SO, it all comes down to a matter of choice.  Which reality will people choose?  It is not even a matter of there being a struggle between the two.  The Arcturians win!  Humanity wins!  GOD and Jesus Christ, whom the Arcturians work in service to, WIN!

It is only a question of how long certain groupings of people will want to remain in the bubble of denial before awakening. Personally, I am choosing to joyously surf the waves of love and light that are coming in stronger every day.

Of course, as we move into the coming years, it may start to look very strange to those of us who are choosing the light of oneness. The presence of this new light is going to trigger what remains of humanity’s denial pattern to rear its ugly head. There will be more and more of us walking around with light increasing in our bodies while others will seem more and more like frequency controlled mental zombies.

There are definitely going to be areas where there is a mix and others were people of the same vibrations will pool together into various forms of collective expression. Some cities will become lighter, and others will be places where what remains of our duality will be played out.

So how does this relate to contact?

I am sorry to disappoint anyone who was thinking that the big show was coming in 2012 because I do not see this happening. There will be sightings, yes, but the peak of humanity’s transformation is still some years away. It is not good to be distracted by speculation, but in terms of large scale galactic contact, I am not expecting anything major to happen for three to five years.

I empathize with those who have gotten momentarily caught up in the urgency for things to shift, which, combined with ungrounded speculation can lead to these wild predictions about First Contact.  I felt this way once back in 1995 after my first series of contact experiences.  It felt like a big opening for humanity was just around the corner and I had no idea how much of a collective process it would take for us to get there.

What I do know is that the opening of galactic contact on a large scale is very much related to the opening of our galactic DNA. This will happen in groups, or pods, where many will gather to establish a new paradigm of human resonance through trust in a greater reality — and this is what will be met by the Arcturian ships — when it is time.

Nowadays, when I read some of the “channelings” that people say are coming from the “Galactic Federation”, I cannot help but notice certain egoic lenses of perception that are apparent in the messages. There are so many filters present in much of this kind of material that it does not feel like channeling to me.

I am simply saying: “Use your discernment”.  Don’t get distracted by predictions about First Contact or 2012. You can live in a state of communion with the galaxy whether you are getting telepathic transmission from ETs or not.  It begins by being in harmony with the Earth and humanity.  The best way to connect with the peace of other galactic civilizations is to remain focused on building peace from within — and trust me, the galactic contacts WILL come, but until then, we must be about the Father’s business.


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